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  1. Apr 2024
    1. the one thing I can't teach is taste, and the one predictor I have of the people who will never develop it are

      for - quote - taste - who can't develop it - perfectionists - key insight - finding our own unique voice - adjacency - creativity - learning from others - synthesis

      quote - taste - who can't develop it - (see below)

      • the one thing I can't teach is taste,
        • and the one predictor I have of the people who will never develop it are
          • the ones who are perfectionists.
      • Because they're filtering their-- perfectionists that filter their perfection through the feedback of others.

      comment - We we are overly dependent on others - it becomes difficult to develop our own - taste or - style - To develop our own unique taste is a balancing act - we are influenced by others by digesting the work of others - but then we must synthesize our own unique expression out of that - A useful metaphor is tuning a string - too loose and it can't work - neither if it is too tight - it snaps

      adjacency - between - creativity - learning from others - synthesis - adjacency statement - our creativity depends on a balance of - learning from others - synthesizing what we've learned into something uniquely ours

    1. Forrester: No thinking - that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is... to write, not to think!


      In this quote from Finding Forrester (Columbia Pictures, 2000) Forrester (portrayed by Sean Connery) turns the idea that writing is thinking on its head.

  2. Nov 2023
  3. Oct 2023
    1. Plex is my very life - and has been all along, I suspect. From a creative and in-quisitive childhood, sampling all the arts, crafts, and sciences, through a strongliberal-arts background, to pure mathematics and electrical engineering - I foundmyself swept into the very exciting dawn of the computer age in my first graduate-student summer job, in 1952. Just as my marriage to Pat in the January breakof my senior year at Oberlin had been the perfect choice, my change to part-timeSpecial Student status, while embarking on my full-time professional career atMIT, can be seen as inevitable, when viewed from today's vantage point. Thereis an exquisite economy in the doings of nature, and for a long time, now, I havebeen firmly convinced that, whoever I may really be, my role in the scheme ofthings has been to initiate the discovery of Plex, not by chance, but as what Ido, simply because I'm me

      I can see him struggling with this concept at this point I dont think we had greb the concept of arts as not something you do but a part of expressing what you have to say

      There are many techinical people that are into arts and we think of that as an oddity but art is technology

  4. Aug 2023
    1. In AET, this process results in a species that is prone to niche construction and ecosystem engineering, and the scale of these processes continues to increase as the population rises. This increasing scale coupled with human propensity for niche construction leads to human unsustainability
      • for: for: ecological collapse, overshoot, progress trap, progress trap - cultural evolution, ultra-sociality, Lotka's maximum power, gene culture coevolution
      • key finding
        • paraphrase
          • In AET,
            • multi-level selection acting on the genome and
            • occurring in concert with selective and non-selective mechanisms acting on culture and technology
          • results in a species that is prone to
            • niche construction and
            • ecosystem engineering,
          • and the scale of these processes continues to increase as the population rises.
          • This increasing scale
            • coupled with human propensity for niche construction
          • leads to human unsustainability
  5. Apr 2023
    1. help with shadowed lettering

      In using a typewriter, "shadowed" letters can be remedied by using quicker, short keystrokes. Or as William Forrester said, "Punch the keys for God's sake!"

      Of course it also goes without saying that one should also use a backing sheet which will also help the longevity of the platen.

  6. Mar 2023
    1. Our findings raise the issue of global policy choices, with this research confirming that targeting the high emitters will be key. Staying within temperature limits of 1.5 °C or 2.0 °C is difficult without addressing the consequences of wealth growth.

      key finding - staying within 1.5 or even 2 deg C will be difficult without addressing wealth growth - a significant share of the remaining carbon budget risks being depleted by a very small group of human beings

    2. In this estimate, US$2020 millionaires will deplete 72% of the 1.5 °C carbon budget (400 Gt CO2, 67% chance of staying within temperature range), or 25% of the 2 °C budget (1150 Gt CO2, 67% chance) over the next 30 years.

      key finding - Elite consumption has the potential to make 1.5 Deg C target unreachable - US$2020 millionaires will deplete 72% of the 1.5 °C carbon budget (400 Gt CO2, 67% chance of staying within temperature range), - or 25% of the 2 °C budget (1150 Gt CO2, 67% chance) - over the next 30 years.

  7. Feb 2023
    1. About this time I met with an odd volume of the Spectator.[18] It was the third. I had never before seen any of them. I bought it, read it over and over, and was much delighted with it. I thought the writing excellent, and wished, if possible, to imitate it. With this view I took some of the papers, and, making short hints of the sentiment in each sentence, laid them by a few days, and then, without looking at the book, try'd to compleat the papers again, by expressing each hinted sentiment at length, and as fully as it had been expressed before, in any suitable words that should come to hand. Then I compared my Spectator with the original, discovered some of my faults, and corrected them. But I found I wanted a stock of words, or a readiness in recollecting and using them, which I thought I should have acquired before that time if I had gone on making verses; since the continual occasion for words of the same import, but of different length, to suit the measure, or of different sound for the rhyme, would have laid me under a constant necessity of searching for variety, and also have tended to fix that variety in my mind, and make me master of it. Therefore I took some of the tales and turned them into verse; and, after a time, when I had pretty well forgotten the prose, turned them back again. I also sometimes jumbled my collections of hints into confusion, and after some weeks endeavored to reduce them into the best order, before I began to form the full sentences and compleat the paper. This was to teach me method in the arrangement of thoughts. By comparing my work afterwards with the original, I discovered many faults and amended them; but I sometimes had the pleasure of fancying that, in certain particulars of small import, I had been lucky enough to improve the method of the language, and this encouraged me to think I might possibly in time come to be a tolerable English writer, of which I was extremely ambitious. My time for these exercises and for reading was at night, after work or before it began in the morning, or on Sundays, when I contrived to be in the printing-house alone, evading as much as I could the common attendance on public worship which my father used to exact of me when I was under his care, and which indeed I still thought a duty, thought I could not, as it seemed to me, afford time to practise it.

      Even the greats copied or loosely plagiarized the "masters" to learn how to write.The key is to continually work at it until you get to the point where it's yours and it is no longer plagiarism.

      This was also the general premise behind the plotline of the movie Finding Forrester.

  8. Dec 2022
  9. Aug 2022
    1. There are two main families of quantum algo-rithms that are relevant to the current discussion:subgroup-finding algorithms, and amplitude ampli-fication

      subgroup-finding alg amplitud alg



    1. We can use the readlink command to resolve relative paths, including symlinks. It uses the -f flag to print the full path:
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  11. May 2022
    1. Sponsorship allows me to focus my efforts on open source software. I also provide professional consulting services.
    1. As for publishing this as an actual gem on rubygems.org...I have enough open source I'm involved in all ready (or too much, as my wife would probably say) and I'm not really interested in maintaining another gem.
  12. Mar 2022
    1. projet européen X5-GON (Global Open Education Network) qui collecte les informations sur les ressources éducatives libres et qui marche bien avec un gros apport d’intelligence artificielle pour analyser en profondeur les documents
    2. Existe-t-il un annuaire qui permet de trouver les ressources éducatives libres ? Non, il n’existe pas d’annuaire, ou plutôt il en existe beaucoup et ils sont peu utilisables.
  13. Feb 2022
    1. You need to balance several factors: the need for new features, the increasing difficulty of finding support for old code, and your available time and skills, to name a few.
  14. Aug 2021
    1. Changing every built-in function to accept anys would also "break" no one, but that doesn't make it a good idea. Part of TypeScript's value proposition is to catch errors; failing to catch an error is a reduction in that value and is something we have to weigh carefully against "Well maybe I meant that" cases.
    1. The Echo & Narcissus Writing Club is all about mimicking the work of exceptional writers in order to learn from them.

      I'm reminded here of a portion of Benjamin Franklin's passage in his Autobiography where he describes his writing process and work to improve.

      Also the main plotline of the movie Finding Forrester.

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  17. Mar 2021
    1. I was pleasantly surprised by Svelte's templating; in the past I've found templating languages overwhelming and inflexible, but Svelte offers just the right amount of templating whilst enabling you to use JavaScript too.
    1. On the “lows” side, I’d say the worst thing was the impact of not being present enough for my family. I was working a full-time job and doing faastRuby on nights and weekends. Here I want to give a big shout out to my wife. She supported me through this and didn’t cut my head off in the process.
  18. Feb 2021
    1. Our mission is to allow people to make money via educational efforts and to dedicate the rest of their time to creating great open source products.

      What does this mean exactly? "Our mission is to allow people to make money via educational efforts"

    1. Finding clientsFinally, we were at the moment of truth. Luckily, from our user interviews we knew that companies were posting on forums like Reddit and Craigslist to find participants. So for 3 weeks we scoured the “Volunteers” and “Gigs” sections of Craigslist and emailed people who were looking for participants saying we could do it for them.Success!We were able to find 4 paying clients! 

      UserInterviews found their first clients by replying to ads on Craigslist and Reddit for user interview volunteers with the pitch that they could help the companies find them.

  19. Jan 2021
    1. Would you work for free? It is a simple but loaded question that requires additional context. Is it working to help a friend do something? Is it work that you would enjoy? Does the act of working for free give you some level of satisfaction? Your gut reaction to the question may have been a hearty, “No,” but many people volunteer for a variety of things all the time, so people will work for free when there is something in it they enjoy.
    2. Open source is fundamentally good with the transparency and flexibility it brings; however, as our reliance on it goes up, the overall investment back into the ecosystem has not. It can be easy to take for granted the time and effort many developers put into open source projects. Yet it is with their time and effort that we often save our own.
    3. These developers are not greedy or selfish for wanting funding for their projects. To the contrary, they want funding to keep the project alive. A person has to eat, after all. Funding the project is a means of changing the maintainer’s timeshare—allowing themselves to put time into the project that otherwise would be used for other employment. There is only so much time in a day that a person can otherwise give.
    4. Funding should not be a struggle for open source projects. We embrace open source into our codebases frequently but have yet to fully embrace the idea that funding it actually helps us too. The bug fixes and feature requests need to be implemented, tested, and reviewed by someone who themselves can only put so much time into the project.
    1. Personally, I think you are perhaps blowing up a fairly medium-sized (and fixable) bug discovered during routine testing into extreme-case hyperbole. Again, engagement and participation will get the bug fixed faster. The entire point of testing is to discover and fix precisely these kinds of pain points before release.
  20. Dec 2020
  21. Nov 2020
    1. Over a 10-month period, background information on the commu-nity structure, governance and use of natural resources was collectedfrom interviews with all relevant groups within the two communities(including decision-makers, men and women, elders and youth).

      gathered about natural resources, community organization, governance.



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    1. If you've found a problem in Ruby on Rails which is not a security risk, do a search on GitHub under Issues in case it has already been reported. If you are unable to find any open GitHub issues addressing the problem you found, your next step will be to open a new one.
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    1. Using questions and keywords to find the information you need

      Learning how to search correctly can help to find more accurate information faster by using keywords and other searching practices.

  29. Sep 2017
    1. These results convincingly demon-strate that pollen tube guidance by an ovule requires a func-tional female gametophyte, and excludes the model presentedin Fig. 1B
  30. Jul 2016
    1. This book argues that in Roadville and Trackton the different ways children learned to use language were dependent on the ways in which each community structured their families, defined the roles that community members could assume, and played out their concepts of childhood that guided child socialization.

      Major finding