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    1. Using chemicals to improve our economy of attention and become emotionally "fitter" is an option that penetrated public consciousness some time ago.

      Same is true of reinforcement learning algorithms.

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    1. We present MILABOT: a deep reinforcement learning chatbot developed by theMontreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA) for the Amazon Alexa Prizecompetition. MILABOT is capable of conversing with humans on popular smalltalk topics through both speech and text. The system consists of an ensemble ofnatural language generation and retrieval models, including template-based models,bag-of-words models, sequence-to-sequence neural network and latent variableneural network models. By applying reinforcement learning to crowdsourced dataand real-world user interactions, the system has been trained to select an appropriateresponse from the models in its ensemble. The system has been evaluated throughA/B testing with real-world users, where it performed significantly better thanmany competing systems. Due to its machine learning architecture, the system islikely to improve with additional data