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  1. Jul 2023
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    1. The Napster case highlights an important issue that arose with the spread of the internet. Protecting the rights of creators helps to incentivise more individuals to create and sell goods and services on the internet however doing so could hurt the overall happiness of society (a fundamental concept in utilitarianism).

    2. Even during Phase 1 of computing technology developments, individuals were already concerned about the possible downsides of creating a "smart" machine. Many of these same concerns exists today regarding AI. While computers contribute greatly to human productivity they can also be used to cause harm. Balancing these positives and negatives while also considering any potential harm down the line is why cyber ethics is such an important field of study.

    3. Jessica Cutlers situation is unique in that it addresses the duties certain internet users inherit. Because of the real world position Jessica Cutler was in, the contents of her digital diary could be incredibly damaging. Her diary could be used for espionage, blackmail and many other types of attacks. Jessica could argue that her diary contents were not legitimate or that she should have the ability to post whatever she chooses like many other internet users.

  3. Mar 2022
    1. Because of the invasion in Ukraine, “people are reminded of the problem, but then they resort to sort of quick fixes, which are not really for the long term,” says Rolf Wüestenhagen, director of the Institute for Economy and the Environment at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

      Tradeoff higher gas prices with accelerated climate change and sanctioning Putin.

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