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    1. Cold calling, no product to see, contract sent in the post as soon as they said 'Yes' at the appropriate moment.

      Meaning. Capitalism. Money.

    2. There was nothing. I was nobody. I resolved myself to make the box a job.




  8. Feb 2017
    1. Some or the new instruments or science arc, ./ """\ \ themselves, sciences; others arc arts; still others, c\v,W{' . producL'i of either art or nature

      How is his usage of "sciences" and "arts" here different (or not) from "technology"? In other words, to what extent is he saying that instrumental developments in science and art are the result of new technology?

      He explicitly describes technological advances like the microscope, telescope, and mariner's needle, but can the other developments be attributed to technology in more implicit (but nonetheless important) ways?

  9. Jun 2016
    1. easily supported by Slack

      Although, honestly, forums also work fairly well for this. Still, it’s cool to appropriate a teamwork-oriented tool for something different.

    1. Given my background as linux sysadmin and tutor, it only makes sense if the revolution looks to me like an open source software stack for schools.
  10. Feb 2014
    1. Intellectual property is far more egalitarian. Of limited duration and obtainable by anyone, intellectual property can be seen as a reward, an empowering instrument, for the talented upstarts Burke sought to restrain. Intellectual property is often the propertization of what we call "talent." It tends to shift the balance toward the talented newcomers whom Burke mistrusted

      intellectual property is often the propertization of what we call talent.