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  1. Apr 2024
    1. But according to Parker and other abortion foes, that’s because black women are being “preyed upon” to believe that abortion is a good solution to the tough problem of unintended pregnancy. “It’s a very vulnerable community,” she said.

      Well that's condescending

    1. Sonmez was briefly placed on administrative leave in January 2020 after tweeting in the hours after NBA star Kobe Bryant’s death about the criminal charges of rape, later dropped, he had faced years earlier.


  2. Mar 2024
    1. “The federal government has abdicated its responsibilities and states can and must act,” Republican Iowa state Rep. Steven Holt said.

      oh come one, Iowa

    1. (The same-sex-wedding website request she claimed to have received, as The New Republic reported last June, came from a same-sex couple who do not exist.)

      This was such a good article

    1. According to Bannon, what’s coming up next for the airport is a major plan to expand its TSA checkpoint from one lane to two.


    2. The introduction of this new route has been delayed due to obstacles such as the nationwide shortage of pilots and difficulty finding a slot but is hoped to be added next.

      Finding a slot with what?

  3. Feb 2024
    1. substitutes for standardized tests are relatively easy to find: Transcripts brim with advanced courses, teachers are accustomed to praising students’ unique classroom contributions, and activities lists are full of enrichment opportunities,” he said in the statement. “Increased emphasis on these elements, we found, has the effect of advantaging the advantaged.”

      I'm skeptical

    1. ironically, the freedoms that we enjoy.

      this piece explained a lot about conveniences but didn't touch much on how giving up privacy gives us the "freedoms that we enjoy".

    1. Skop assured Zurawski that her doctor could and should have provided her a legal abortion, given the condition to which she had degenerated, and that her physician simply misunderstood the relevant Texas law. Then, Skop filed a declaration in Cox’s case attesting that her doctor could not provide a legal abortion under Texas law.


  4. Dec 2023
    1. High capital costs, clunky design and maintenance challenges were obstacles for widespread adoption, experts say.

      The more widely it's used, the more efficient the technology will become

    1. Paxton’s office also said none of the physicians who have treated Cox in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have recommended an abortion.

      That's cute that they specified DFW physicians as if Houston didn't have one of the best medical centers in the country.

    2. The high court also released an opinion, saying Cox’s doctor did not establish or attest that Cox’s symptoms were life-threatening and noting it should be up to doctors – not judges – to decide whether to provide an abortion.

      So,while ruling against her doctor's recommendations, the judges are saying that they shouldn't be making medical decisions, doctors should????

    1. DogsBite.org is a public education website about dangerous dog breeds, chiefly pit bulls

      Okay, so you have an agenda, good to know. It also provides a lens with which to evaluate all your research reports.

    1. criminal charges. P

      criminal charges to whom? The owners?

    2. 16% (68) of all dog bite fatalities involved a babysitter, grandparent or relative watching a child, or the dog being "watched" by a person other than its owner when the canine inflicted a deadly attack.

      So, generally they're fine when the owner is there?

    3. 5% (6) included both statuses

      is this for incidents with multiple dogs?

    1. Whatever the reason, the numbers don’t lie – Rottweilers are still one of the most dangerous dog breeds.

      the numbers don't lie but framing them as dangerous for doing their job is irresponsible

    2. For example: the city of Los Angeles has more criminal cases than the suburb of Pasadena, CA. Well, of course. If you’re comparing a city of 4 million people to a suburb of 150,000 people, the larger city is bound to have a lot more cases despite being considered “safer.”

      ...why not apply this logic to the pit bull and rottweiler stats in the intro?

    3. ighlights: Courageous, Proud, Loyal

      Pretty certain that's a picture of a shiba inu...

    4. The story is in the data.

      The story is incomplete. They may have the most fatal bites because of their size and strength. What does the data say about the total number of bites attributed to pit bulls?

  5. Oct 2023
    1. Along with the daily active user metrics, Yaccarino also shared that X now has a record 550 million monthly active users. This would be up from the 541 million "monthly users" metric that Musk shared in a post in July.

      So less people are on Twitter every day but more people are on monthly. So, their daily users are going to other services on a daily basis but still checking twitter every so often.

  6. Sep 2023
    1. ow to protect ourselves, and how to protect our students.

      Except its now illegal most places to require these protections

  7. Aug 2023
    1. “The ALA has allowed this political point of view to infiltrate every aspect of their training,” Bear said in an interview

      Literally no one said anything about Marxism in any of my grad school classes

    2. Tom Burnett said that their oath of office forbade them from being associated with a group led by a Marxist

      Does it? Where is the text of the oath of office?

    3. that the government investigate the organization for allegedly advising librarians to discriminate against a Christian book publisher

      uh huh

    4. Right-wing activists have asserted that librarians following the ALA’s lead have been captured by a “woke” ideology, have labeled the organization “radical” and accused it of pushing a sexual agenda on children


    1. First, the number of U.S. citizens moving from Puerto Rico to Florida has been huge. "The migration of hundreds of thousands of Latinos from Puerto Rico to Central Florida is reshaping the contours of Latino life in the state," reports the Hispanic Federation, "creating the most important demographic development since the arrival of Cubans in the 1960s."

      you're really not going to go into more depth about this, in that a major cause of this is worstening infastructure due to increasingly major weather events?

    1. Following a takeover of underperforming Houston schools by the state of Texas, Superintendent Mike Miles described the repurposing of the libraries as part of a “new education system” that will improve reading levels and test scores.


    1. Meta executive Adam Mosseri was surprisingly transparent about the company's distaste for the news media: Meta will not be doing anything to encourage hard news and politics on the platform, he wrote.

      this is part of what people like about twitter, so why wouldn't a twitter "alternative" support this?

  8. Jul 2023
    1. “It's unconscionable and, you know, it really needs to be evaluated, said Deitch. “Even if the vendor is demanding more, why isn't that an expense that the agency can bear?

      why do vendors get to change the prices before their contract is over?

    1. RKs are cheaper, more flexible, and less centralized, letting you

      than what? Handles are free

    1. "the most egregious violations of the First Amendment in the history of the United States of America

      oh come on

    2. The decision in an ongoing lawsuit from Republican attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri, who allege the Biden administration's efforts to encourage social media companies to crack down on COVID disinformation and other matters is "sprawling federal 'Censorship Enterprise,'" could have major First Amendment implications.

      Of course

  9. Jun 2023
    1. Most days, he would get up before dawn, go to class, and study until he fell asleep. He also worked 15 hours a week at a legal clinic. But no matter how hard he tried, it didn’t feel like it would ever be good enough

      that's not the fault of affirmative action. That's white supremacy.

  10. May 2023
    1. Facebook, who had already shown it was possible to build AIs that could detect toxic language like hate speech to help remove it from their platforms

      This is not a good comparison. Facebook's automated detection tools regularly sanction people who are calling out racism and discrimination.

  11. Apr 2023
    1. by obtaining a “digitized identification card, including a digital copy of a driver's license…Government-issued identification; or any commercially reasonable age verification method.”

      This isn't a potential security or privacy risk at all

  12. Mar 2023
    1. Despite Drazkowski’s opposition, the measure passed by a vote of 38-26 and is expected to be signed into law by Democratic Gov. Tim Walz. Once signed, Minnesota will join other states, including California and Colorado, in giving free meals to kids.

      How do 26 people vote AGAINST feeding children?

    1. The same divergence was also found in the use of content-free words, that is words which carry little or no meaning on their own, such as conjunctions ('and', 'but') and articles ('the').

      which one uses more content-free words, American or British English?

    1. “If I am saying, and our community is saying, that we will be a leader in access, opportunity, and social mobility, then we could not continue to be a part of the U.S. News & World Report ‘Best Colleges’ ranking,” she added. “It’s just inconsistent.”

      why? I'm not sure I understand the connection

  13. Feb 2023
    1. A DSP is a way of describing structural constraints on a description set. It constrains the resources that may be described by descriptions in the description set,

      why does every Dublin Core resource, when defining a concept or term, use the term they're trying to define in the definition?! It's really confusing.

    1. A handful of Biden states have as well, but not to the same degree as Trump states. Maryland has been among the top 10 for 20 out of 21 years, New Mexico for 16 years, and Georgia for 10 years

      I wonder how much these numbers might change when accounting for swing states?

  14. Jan 2023
    1. Instead, DOC Commissioner Louis Molina says, letters from relatives and drawings from children should be scanned by a third-party vendor paid by the City, and then viewed by their recipients on a tablet issued by the vendor.


    1. the presidents claimed that “some initiatives and instruction in higher education” under the label of diversity, equity, and inclusion have begun to betray the true purpose of DEI by seeking to “push ideologies such as critical race theory and its related tenets.”

      what the actual fuck

    1. Appositives almost always follow the noun they modify, and are set off by commas; the kind I don’t like come first. I

      What does this mean?

  15. Nov 2022
    1. Though the sleeves of the kimono could be used to store small items, the men who wore kimono needed a larger and stronger container in which to store personal belongings, such as pipes, tobacco, money and seals,

      Not the women?

    1. Amid growing calls to eliminate subminimum wages at the federal level, Missouri instead deepened its commitment to sheltered workshops last year.

      Oh FFS

    1. Aneil Saraf, parent of a child with autism

      How do people with autism feel about this publication?

  16. Aug 2022
    1. If that collection is part of a consortium or system of libraries, it becomes pretty much impossible.

      this isn't necessarily true. A lot of public libraries have been switching over to the LCC system. It has its own problems with inherent racism/discrimination/etc. but it's absolutely step up from Dewey

    2. In Illinois, there’s not a mechanism for communities to uninstall local officials.

      we can't impeach or recall them? Yikes

    3. instead, it would remain at 54 hours a week because, according to Makula, “People use Amazon now — they aren’t coming back.”

      this is not the case

    4. (Makula reportedly said “they only get about [three] questions a day anyway”)


    5. clear these changes are tied politically to the ruling Congress

      I don't believe this is actually the case. The 2016 incident was the first of its kind from what I've read. I should probably look more into that though.

    1. such as LatCrit, DisCrit, QueerCrit and AsianCrit—though these offshoots are rarely mentioned in the mainstream media.

      that's because they're almost exclusively called this is higher ed

    2. hen it notes that CRT explores how institutions maintain the dominance of white people

      These are actually separate things

    3. (and in so-called equity and anti-bias trainings for teachers) are not even related to CRT; that only conservatives think CRT tenets are taught in such trainings; and that it is a “caricature” of CRT to say that its tenets include “teaching Black children to internalise victimhood and white children to self-identify as oppressors.

      that's because it is. The Guardian is a much more reliable resource than someone who writes under a pseudonym.

    4. while others are using it as shorthand for the elements of that theory that are being taught to children as facts.

      No, they're using it as shorthand for any kind of diversity or inclusion

    5. and that pervasive racism is a permanent, ineradicable characteristic of American society

      this is a gross characterization of CRT

    6. (including white children) are inherently and irredeemably oppressors of black people, that all black people should recognize that they are fundamentally victims

      that is not what CRT is nor is it a "core tenet" of CRT

    1. He also recommended pouring a mixture of dried pomegranates and water into the ear, to treat earaches.

      probably not a good idea

    1. a full-page aside about the “Marxist ideology” of the American Library Association.


    2. “and accordingly have no serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value to minors.”


    3. Page 135—Illustrates minors providing stimulation of genitals with hands.

      ....have you met adolescents

    4. As for the Sarah Maas novel, “it’s not as extreme as other books,” but he found it in a middle school library in Virginia Beach. “So this was being recommended by school librarians to children that were as young as sixth grade.”

      ....that's not actually what that means

    5. when all the local circuit court judges recused themselves

      why did they?

    6. using an obscure Virginia law that would allow the judge, if she found the books obscene, to ban bookstores, libraries, and even private citizens from selling or sharing them, everywhere in Virginia.

      how is this not a 1a violation?

  17. Jul 2022
    1. These days, peccable is used only facetiously, as in this 1992 quote from the New York Times: “Its credentials are about as impeccable as you can find in the peccable atmosphere of Hollywood.”

      that's pretty good

    1. but May’s unprecedented leak of a draft opinion reversing Roe v. Wade made the effort all but impossible, multiple sources familiar with negotiations told CNN

      It's not like Ginny Thomas has a history of doing this or anything

    1. when Shemini Atzeret coincides with Shabbat, be sure not to light on Shabbat).


    2. he Bible describes it as a one-day holiday, beginning at sundown and ending the following night. Like most other holidays, outside of Israel it has expanded into two days, celebrated on 22-23 Tishrei.

      why is that?

    1. The spokesperson also claimed that Democrats “don’t want solutions or bipartisanship, they want the campaign issue” because they opted for their own bill over a Republican-sponsored measure that would allow oral contraceptives approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be acquired over the counter.

      It doesn't go far enough

    2. A state House panel on Tuesday said it will not recommend the exceptions in its draft abortion legislation.

      what the fuck

    3. arguing that it would “trample on freedoms of conscience for health care providers” and labeling its definition of contraceptives as “overbroad.”

      then they shouldn't be in health care or should advertise that they don't prescribe birth control

    1. Davis had pledged to use the panel to launch an investigation into the select committee currently probing the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

      Good thing he lost

    1. Miller-Meeks made the case for her bill on the House floor during debate on Thursday, arguing that over-the-counter contraceptives can help prevent abortions.

      Wow, that's actually correct

    2. In no way, shape or form is access to contraception limited or at risk of being limited,” Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.) said during debate on the House floor.

      Someone isn't paying attention

    3. describe the measure as superfluous.


    1. The state takes large chunks from their paychecks, forcing them to pay room and board, utilities and other expenses. In some cases, prisoners pay upward of $700 a month to live in their own cells. 

      UH WHAT.

    2. or they are leased out to private companies that have trouble finding workers for jobs that few people in the free market would be willing to do.

      You know what that sounds like? Slave labor

    1. The answer may lie in the Southern Baptists’ proclivity for fighting. 

      "The answer may lie in the Southern Baptists' proclivity for perpetuating White Supremacy." - There I fixed it for you

    2. ERLC.

      Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

    3. Its leaders recently published the text of a resolution condemning critical race theory at a website entitled “Southern Baptists Against Racism.”


    4. It has no need, he said, for unbiblical movements such as Black Lives Matter or CRT.

      This is why you're losing members

    1. a national patchwork of marriage laws by requiring states to legally recognize same-sex and interracial marriages if those marriages are valid in the states in which they were performed.

      Don't they already have to do that???

    1. bnAbs. Some people produce these antibodies after years of infection.

      after infection with HIV?

    2. So the virus can look vastly different from person to person across the world.

      holy shit, I did not know that

    1. a Pride display in the children’s section of the library, brought them to librarian Margaret Khan, and demanded they be burned, according to the local Journal Inquirer.

      what the fuck

    1. Not all Griffin’s political bets pay off. A for Illinois governor he supported with tens of millions of dollars went down to defeat in June’s Republican primary.

      And then he moved to Florida

    1. (Alabama accounts for 500 of the 1,200 cases since 2006, making it the state most likely to prosecute women for actions during their pregnancies, followed by South Carolina and Tennessee.)

      I'm shocked

  18. Jun 2022
    1. In addition to the absentee ballots rejected because a person had moved or died before Election Da

      but what if they can't vote in the new jurisdiction because they just moved?

    2. In the 2020 general election, 3,469 absentee ballots were rejected because they were cast by voters who were alive but who “died before Election Day,” according to the department

      Why shouldn't these votes count? The people were ALIVE when they made their voices heard!

    1. A major difference between the DeSantis administration and the experts: whether the pharmaceutical treatments are reversible. The latter says they are, and the former says they’re not and that the evidence isn’t there.

      except the evidence is there

    2. In March, Ladapo recommended against Covid vaccines for children, citing a host of studies

      It's this same guy. Of course.

    3. “There’s a concerted effort in society to push these kids in to do some type of medical intervention,” he told conservative podcaster Lisa Boothe.

      there's not actually

    4. by also seeking to ban what’s called “social gender transition therapy” — prohibiting therapists from encouraging children to change their pronouns, hair and dress in accordance with their gender identities.


    5. “The current standards set by numerous professional organizations appear to follow a preferred political ideology instead of the highest level of generally accepted medical science,” he wrote

      way to dismiss the stance of literally every major medical association in the country

    6. “While some professional organizations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Endocrine Society, recommend these treatments for ‘gender affirming’ care, the scientific evidence supporting these complex medical interventions is extraordinarily weak,” Ladapo wrote in his letter.

      uh...that is not true

  19. May 2022
    1. Gun Owners of America is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization whose main goal is to preserve and defend the Second Amendment.

      as they see it

    1. The inflated fees were set in motion during the Trump administration, when attorneys in charge of a little-known anti-fraud program run by the inspector general’s office levied unprecedented fines against Deckman and more than 100 other beneficiaries without due process, according to interviews, documents and sworn testimony before an administrative law judge

      The cruelty is the point

    1. is a program through which a state’s Medicaid agency seeks reimbursement of all long term care costs for which it paid for a Medicaid beneficiary. This includes nursing home care, home and community based services to prevent premature institutionalization, and hospital / prescription drug costs related to long term care. Medicaid’s estate recovery follows the Medicaid recipient’s death, and it is through his / her remaining estate (typically one’s home) that the Medicaid agency attempts repayment.

      what the fuck

  20. Apr 2022
    1. Last month, Robert Regan, a Republican running for a seat in the Michigan legislature, said that he instructs his daughters to “just lie back and enjoy it” if they get raped

      What. The. FUCK?!

    1. But there is a problem: Scandinavian “socialism” does not exist, except in the Marxian imagination of radical progressives. It is a chimera wrapped in an illusion inside a dream.

      It's pretty clear to me that the author doesn't actually engage with progressives because we actually know the Nordic countries are capitalist economies??

    1. rohibit retail marijuana products in the shape of a human, animal, vehicle or fruit.


    2. “All other legalized states have a misdemeanor charge for possession above the legal amount.”

      okay that's not a terrible reason

    3. a Class 2 misdemeanor for personal possession of more than two ounces, and a Class 1 misdemeanor for more than six ounces but under a pound.

      why is this necessary??

    1. You how you press your head against the wall when you feel extremely frustrated? Turns out that cats also have a version of the same behavior where they just randomly press their heads against the walls

      yo, I want the link to this research article

    1. to “persuade employees to exercise or not to exercise, or persuade employees as to the manner of exercising


    2. sustaining repetitive injuries

      like repetitive motion injuries?

    3. which is granted based on a self-reported questionnaire from the company

      that's it? I'd like to see this questionnaire and everything it requires

    1. Those who argue that slavery was fundamental to American prosperity overlook considerable research that cotton was not the main driver of American prosperity before the Civil War, and that after the war, the remnants of slavery slowed growth, particularly in the South.

      Speaking of overlooking a lot of research....

    2. The disapproval of 26 percent of blacks is heartening.


    3. The same poll found that 64 percent of white Americans oppose a government apology for slavery


    1. absolving them of how they provide – or deny — services in line with their religious beliefs, and establishes the right of foster parents to use their own religion to raise children in their care. 


    1. who shepherded Jackson's nomination through the process, shook lots of hands on the floor.

      He did? First I'm hearing of it

    2. He ultimately voted from the cloakroom, not in a suit. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) also voted without a suit on.

      Are they not allowed to not wear suits?

    1. future president to sanction officials abroad who support right-wing policy positions, such as a ban on legal abortion

      So, conservatives are admitting that banning legal abortion is a violation of human rights?

    1. The factual premise of Leatherwood’s point is questionable

      there is one way to fix this and it's to ADD MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENTS TO THE PROPOSED LEGISLATION, FFS

    2. was legally and constitutionally robust

      what does this mean?

    3. which would create a new “record of marital contract at common law”

      what does this even mean?

    4. also to repudiate the existing marriage license model explicitly because it does not discriminate between same-sex and opposite-sex marriages.

      As in it gets rid of the marriage license model? Can they do that??

    1. "But instead of fixing a broken system, this bill aims to control it," he adding, calling the bill a "socialist plan."


    1. I’m just letting you know that I can’t take an opposite approach

      WHY NOT?

    2. He also said “this is not just isolated to libraries, but it is also for those colleagues that are in health that moving to public health or performance studies that may be moving to visual and performing arts.”

      ...they shouldn't lose their faculty status either?????

    3. Dr. Scott said he has “had a department from (the college of) liberal arts that is open to ten (librarians)”,

      what does that even mean? Unless they're going to be embedded faculty librarians???

  21. Mar 2022
    1. notably, it suggests saving a bit of dough by fueling up with regular instead of premium if that’s what your car’s manual recommends.

      Who fills up with premium when their car is recommended for regular??

    1. Radical Left Comcast,

      LOLOLOL the company that bankrolled the gutting of Net Neutrality is by no means a leftist, or even liberal, company

    1. the effort to cut off Russia from the Internet overall has generated significant backlash from digital rights advocates. They argue that isolating Russians from online services — and especially social media — deprives them of access to information about the war in Ukraine, leaving government-controlled media as the only source of news.

      Exactly my worry

    2. oversees aspect of Internet functionality

      what aspect?

    1. IGSN stands for International Geo Sample Number.

      If this info is on the IGSN website it is NOT easy to find

    1. open-source group

      Like open source technology group?

    2. kit

      Noun. British English. "a set of articles forming part of a soldier's equipment." - Oxford Languages via Google

    3. ShadowBreak

      Who or what is ShadowBreak?

  22. Feb 2022
    1. Don’t dump Howard Zinn’s leftist “A People’s History of the United States” from the shelf. Add a real alternative, like Wilfred McClay’s “Land of Hope,” instead. Don’t hurl the “The 1619 Project” out the library window. Instead, add Peter Wood’s “1620” to the library’s collection, along with writings from Robert Woodson’s group, 1776 Unites.

      I don't actually disagree with this

    2. In 2020, a Bloomberg News analysis of political donations through two online platforms found that 93 percent of donors who reported being librarians gave to Joe Biden.

      It's weird. It's almost like Republicans like to defund libraries.

    3. I favor state laws that bar promotion of critical race theory ideology. Prohibiting the endorsement of a concept in the classroom, however, leaves room for discussion of the concept.


    4. Challenges to library neutrality occurred amid the radicalism of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and in the early 1990s, as ’60s veterans rose through the library’s ranks.

      Because there is no such thing as neutrality

    1. Another parent in Katy, a Houston suburb, asked the district to remove a children’s biography of Michelle Obama, arguing that it promotes “reverse racism” against white people, according to the records obtained by NBC News


    2. All but a few of the challenges this school year targeted books dealing with racism or sexuality, the majority of them featuring LGBTQ characters and explicit descriptions of sex


    3. revealed 75 formal requests by parents or community members to ban books from libraries during the first four months of this school year. In comparison, only one library book challenge was filed at those districts during the same time period a year earlier, records show. A handful of the districts reported more challenges this year than in the past two decades combined.

      It's this manufactured CRT hysteria

  23. Jan 2022
    1. The overall aim of RDM is to provide researchers with innovative, diverse knowledge discoveries and broad knowledge use and reuse

      I think an article is missing from this sentence

  24. Dec 2021
    1. esearch shows that CBG can also have therapeutic effects.

      what kind of therapeutic effects?

    1. I truly long for the days of schoolyard fistfights,”

      thank "zero tolerance" policies for that

    2. As he did in sentencing another young man for murder last week, Rosenbaum labeled as “ridiculous” the Legislature’s mandate that an extra 25 years to life be tacked on to a murder sentence of 20 to 60 years for someone who personally discharges a gun.

      that's good at least

    3. began using cannabis at the age of 12, the prosecutor said.


    4. Although he will have to serve 100 percent of his sentence, Williams may be considered for parole after serving 20 years

      How does he have to serve 100% of his sentence if he could get out on parole after less than 50% of his sentence?

    5. “I have to send a message to him and the community. We can’t keep committing murder with firearms,” Rosenbaum said.

      Is Rosenbaum up for re-election?

    1. Dr. John Witcher, an emergency room physician, said he was let go from Baptist Memorial Hospital in Yazoo City, Mississippi, for taking three COVID-19 patients off Remdesivir, an antiviral drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat the virus, and instead trying to put them on ivermectin. That violated the hospital's policy on ivermectin, which is not approved by the FDA for COVID-19.

      Sounds like someone should get his medical license revoked.

  25. Nov 2021