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  1. Jul 2020
    1. Why? In addition to inviting legal challenges, a rule also risks pushing the issue to state legal systems. Herbert noted that New York State, for instance, recently changed its laws to allow farm workers to unionize, even though these agricultural workers are exempt from collective bargaining under the national labor act.

      interesting, why are agricultural workers exempt?

    2. The board’s basis for the proposed rule is its preliminary position that the relationship between students and institutions is predominantly educational, not economic.


    3. graduate students at private institutions can’t form unions.

      wouldn't that be outside of their juristiction?

    1. As many as 52,000 students could return to the campus because the university is not limiting the number of students allowed to live in its residence halls

      UHHH WHAT? I suppose that could present a burden on lower-income students

    2. “We can’t say categorically, ‘Sign here, this is absolutely required.' But the expectation is that every member of our community will take it,” Killeen said, standing outside the tent after submitting his own sample. “It’s very noninvasive. You walk in. ... It’s simple.”

      why can't we require it?

    1. The highly regarded end-to-end encrypted chat app Signal announced at the beginning of April that it would be forced to exit the US market if the EARN IT Act becomes law.

      UM WHAT

    2. The spyware/ransomware combo is being distributed through pirated software, so stick to legitimate app purveyors and you'll avoid it.

      what about FOSS software?

    1. What aren’t all that common in idol groups, though, are non-Japanese performers. While it is true that some groups include members from foreign countries (Canadian Tia Ell from P.IDL, for example), it is still far from common in Japan. In contrast, a number of K-pop groups have non-Korean members in their lineup.

      interesting, I didn't realize that re: K-Pop

    1. The middle character, Ze, is a generational name, and is common to all his siblings (such as his brothers and sister, 毛泽民 (Mao Ze Min), 毛泽覃 (Mao Ze Tan), and 毛泽紅 (Mao Ze Hong)).

      interesting, did not know that. How are these generational characters determined?

  2. Jun 2020
    1. The chief justice explained that he continues to think the Texas case was wrongly decided, but believes it’s important for the court to stand by its prior decisions.


    1. Certain fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peaches and pears can diminish the thyroid’s production of thyroxin.

      I can't win

    2. The majority of people who have an underactive thyroid

      huh, really?

    1. she also a "Sho Kannon" due to the lotus bud in one hand and her other hand empty and outstretched?

    1. scientific research showing that other non-live vaccines—such as the diphtheria, tetanus, and whole-cell pertussis (DTP) vaccine—are associated with an increased rate of childhood mortality. The WHO, however, has dismissed this evidence and continues to recommend the DTP vaccine for routine use in children in developing countries.

      what about in developed countries?

    1. Stephens died last month.

      this is so sad. I hope she knows that she received justice for her firing.

    2. adversarial testing about the meaning of their terms

      what is this?

    3. Justices Samuel Alito, Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas dissented.

      shocking no one

  3. May 2020
    1. corporatist

      From Google: relating to or characterized by advocacy for the control of a state or organization by large interest groups

    1. Trump’s judgments are highly transmissible, infecting the thinking and behavior of nearly every official or advisor who comes in contact with the initial carrier

      interesting phrasing

    2. “A highly contagious virus that begins somewhere in China and spreads rapidly.”

      why Asia specifically?

    1. The wine company is named after the 19 crimes that got people in Britain sent to Australia, which began its history as a penal colony.

      which began its European-based history as a penal colony.

  4. Apr 2020
    1. Public Information Officer Lindsey Hess says the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) cannot give directives to county jail facilities, even during a pandemic

      this is absurd

    1. ecent investigations into other shark species have revealed astounding life-spans: The Greenland shark, for example, can live nearly 300 years

      uh, wtf

    1. Imagine coming to a library, knowing a particular work exists, but you do not know the title, who created the work, or the subject matter

      I know public librarians who deal with this all the time and still manage to find what the patron is looking for. They're magic

    1. like most of my 20-something friends, I don’t own a thermometer.

      Difference between 20s and 30s: I know I have a thermometer but I don't know where it is. It's not where it's supposed to be!

  5. Mar 2020
    1. Upon dropping out of the race, Gabbard also endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden, despite the fact that her 2016 pick, Sanders, is still in the race


    1. People who are in the final three months of their jail sentences, low-offense pretrial detainees who are in jail primarily because they can’t afford bail, “medically fragile” inmates who are at elevated risk for contracting and spreading COVID-19, and people who are supposed to report to jail to serve sentences typically of less than one year.

      peole who can't afford bail shouldn't be in jail in the first place!!

  6. Feb 2020
    1. We also wanted to avoid accusations of partisanship or complaints that we displayed inappropriate language in a family-friendly Federal museum. 


    1. Some supporters professed a my-guy-or-bust attitude — nearly half of the Yang Gang said they wouldn’t vote for another Democrat. But Warren’s supporters, more than anyone else, said they’d vote for whomever they needed to vote for.


    2. “Of course, I’m not voting for her because she’s a woman; I don’t even think of her as a woman,”

      Oh this

  7. Jan 2020
    1. The Eliot letters are under copyright until 2035 and will not be available for access online. Researchers can access the collection on a first-come, first-served basis in Firestone Library’s Special Collections, located on C floor. 


    2. “Eliot burned Hale’s letters, so we will not know her own views beyond his responses to them.

      I wonder why he did that?

    1. “perhaps you’ve had the experience of asking somebody to come in and they’ve not been willing or able to do it.”


  8. Dec 2019
    1. a large warehouse off campus, you can find a collection of artifacts that tell the story of Illinois State’s 162-year history.

      ugh, an archive is not a warehouse

    1. The second development is the use of the category cisgender to describe broad swaths of people without knowledge of their self-identification


    2. social constructionist

      "social constructionism examines the development of jointly constructed understandings of the world that form the basis for shared assumptions about reality. The theory centers on the notion that meanings are developed in coordination with others rather than separately within each individual" - wikipedia

    3. The practicality of the gesture of compulsory pronoun reporting has run its course


    1. After a few days, the cats with a box recorded a lower stress level than a non-boxed group of cats. A few weeks later, both groups recorded the same CSS.


    1. It usually includes different steps, such as a welcome, remembrance, rejoicing and a farewell.

      sounds like a seder

    1. a reading of the African Pledge and the Principles of Blackness.

      what are these readings??

    1. Many of the victims were passengers from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Royal Caribbean told CBS News it is now suspending tours of active volcanoes.

      seems prudent

    1. Archivists, however, will still be prohibited from using third-party tools to scrape any content from groups, and any who do will be blocked.


    2. "However, the resources needed to maintain historical content from Yahoo Groups pages is cost-prohibitive, as they’re largely unused."

      But Verizon wouldn't be maintaining the content???????? WTF?

    1. surfaced that a Florida detective had obtained a warrant to search the site’s full database, including individuals who had opted out of cooperating with law enforcement.

      uh HOW?

    2. (Additional options included deciding later and permanently deleting all her data from the GEDmatch servers.) According to a Verogen spokesperson, whatever settings users had earlier selected for their GEDmatch profiles—opting in or out of police searches—will remain under the new terms.

      uh huh

    3. On Monday GEDmatch updated its terms of service to reflect the new ownership, but it did not alert users via emai

      yeah that's really shitty

    1. Now that it's summer, Graves has made good on his word, putting it on the menu at Red Door, 2118 N. Damen Ave. in Bucktown. It's $5, a buck more than what Graves said he paid on that memorable winter day. He also plans to sell Dorielotes at his booth at the Roscoe Village Burger Fest in July.

      you gonna give any of those proceeds to the dude you bought it from or nah?

    1. In addition, modeling the relationship between serial issues, serial titles, and a collection title when the collection is of curatorial or archival interest will be a future undertaking


    2. The title of the parent serial is also mapped to a related work element with the intention to link to the serial title’s full descriptive metadata.

      I think I need to see the MODS record examples for me to fully follow this

    3. a brief but adequate description for the items in the SDR content management system and on PURL pages associated with the items

      are these the splash pages? What are these PURL pages?

    1. represents a data service. A data service is a collection of operations accessible through an interface (API) that provide access to one or more datasets or data processing functions.

      does it have to be an API or can OAI-PMH be considered a service?

  9. Nov 2019
    1. it’s only fair to note that while the “Save the Paseo” movement accrued thousands of signatures for its cause and garnered support from black residents, it is helmed by a pair of white women—and its membership is not only predominantly white, but most of them don’t even live on that street.


    2. New York Times reports that on Tuesday, the community voted in favor of removing King’s name from a historic boulevard that runs through the city’s predominantly black eastside, making Kansas City one of the largest cities in the country without a street honoring the late minister and civil rights activist.

      Wow. WTF

    1. “StrongArm says that most of its clients are already gathering productivity data through other products, and so the use of its technology should raise no new concerns about surveillance,” Bloomberg reports.


    1. it doesn’t match up with other measurements taken by the ESA Gaia satellite or the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, which measure a Hubble constant of 73.5 km/s/Mph

      both the Gaia satellite and the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope return the same measurement?

    2. polarization data, or data about the direction the light wave pointed perpendicular to its direction of travel


    1. After all, aside from the Planck data, the lambda-CDM model, which is the standard model of the universe, seems to work really well. Using just six parameters, it seems to fit our observations of the universe, albeit a flat universe, nearly perfectly.

      I'm not sure what the difference is between a flat or an open universe

    2. Experiments measuring the cosmic microwave background can’t seem to agree with experiments measuring closer objects when it comes to how fast the universe is expanding.


    3. Scientists already knew from Planck satellite data that mass in the universe was warping the the cosmic microwave background radiation, the farthest radiation our telescopes can see, more than the standard theory of cosmology predicted

      warping how?

    4. the universe is closed,” or round

      what's the difference between closed and round here? What makes a universe "flat"?

    1. She asked Stewart for a positive recommendation, but she says that a principal investigator at another institution she applied to tipped her off to his negative recommendation. Nissenbaum did not have a copy of the reference letter but included in her appeal to Clark an email from the unnamed PI. It recommends, delicately, given the confidentiality surrounding letter writing, that she seek another letter writer.


  10. Oct 2019
    1. "To put the argument at its most basic: a man can decide to be female, take hormones if required by whatever sporting organization is concerned, win everything in sight and perhaps earn a small fortune, and then reverse his decision and go back to making babies if he so desires," she wrote.

      um, what??

    1. ormed into an association and endowed by law with the rights and liabilities of an individual

      thanks citizens united

    1. Dogs are pretty flexible creatures, and they can often impart enough leverage to “back out” of a traditional harness. This typically involves pulling backwards against the leash, while trying to slip their elbows through the straps.

      this is what Tundra does

    1. WikiJournals publishes a set of open-access, peer-reviewed academic journals with no publishing costs to authors. Its goal is to provide free, quality-assured knowledge

      I'm not sure that WikiJournals are highly regarded...

    1. foregoing

      "the term the foregoing is used to refer to what has just been mentioned or stated." - Translegal https://www.translegal.com

    1. The gunman, who has been arrested, live-streamed the attack in a 35-minute video that was posted on the gaming platform Twitch and then removed.


    1. The Jacksonville, Fla. native known for “No Problems” is reportedly pregnant with her first child.

      I don't understand what that has to do with anything?

    1. Rights statement No Copyright - United States License Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States

      I think these are contradictory

    1. Update handle records and metadata when moving from one Handle prefix to another

      you can do that? Will the handles floating out on the web break?

  11. Sep 2019
    1. These MUA gel eyeliner pencils perform just like the Nuance ones I love. We’ll have to keep watching to see if any other former-Nuance items pop up under CVS’ own cosmetic lines. 

      uhhh isn't this intellectual property theft?

    1. Administrative metadata comprises both technical and preservation metadata,

      huh, apparently Administrative metadata containing technical, preservation, and rights metadata is pretty common

    1. The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) actually breaks administrative metadata down into three sub-types

      Interesting, I've never seen that but maybe I've misread

    1. Another 6% got hung up on a technicality created by Congress: When borrowers apply for help, their most recent payment, as well as the payment they made 12 months before applying, must be equal to or greater than what they would have paid on an income-driven repayment plan


    2. He clearly remembers opening a letter in the summer of 2018 from the company that manages Heather's federal student loans.

      I guess they didn't apply for it then ?

    3. Matthew says their request for TEPSLF was denied, this time on a technicality — "because we had not been denied for PSLF.

      but didn't it just say they had been denied? What?

    1. Based in London, APP works primarily within prisons in Kenya and Uganda. APP offers a formalized sponsorship program enabling prisoners and prison staff to study law through the University of London’s international program.

      which country's law?

    1. Ladies, this is the app you can actually post all those artsy pictures you took of food you’ve gotten at cool restaurants.

      um, dudes do this too

    1. and, sadly, no one seems to be using bedbuggish enough to warrant an entry in our dictionary)

      challenge accepted

  12. Aug 2019
    1. Lewis warned that police departments’ failing to act swiftly creates what she referred to as “gypsy cops” who, like Pantaleo, remain eligible for employment in law enforcement after using excessive and deadly force that critics call police brutality at best and murder at worst.

      that is a terrible term

    1. Agrawal agreed to have any federally funded research supervised for a year beginning on August 8.

      they're still allowed to have federal funding??????

  13. arch.library.northwestern.edu arch.library.northwestern.edu
    1. Persistent Identification: Arch automatically creates Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for all publicly accessible works in Arch.

      what kind of identifiers do restricted works get? Are there any restricted works? What abou embargoed ETDs?

    1. “The marketplace of ideas is now at risk for serious if not irreparable damage because of the unprecedented dominance of a very small number of technology platforms,” the report concluded

      I wonder if this report is available publicly?

    1. More than 25,000 “completely and permanently” disabled veterans will see “every penny” of their student debt forgiven under the order, Trump said.

      ....not quite

    1. “It’s a natural material, and because we are dairy and meat consumers, we have an ethical need to produce these products as well.”

      we don't have to be at this scale

    2. National Beef’s Hochstein called environmental concerns about leather production “a ridiculous mindset.” The idea that turning hides into leather is bad for the environment “is so far from the truth, you have to laugh at it—but then you have to cry,” he said

      of course

    3. athleisure—clothing which contains no leather at all

      is that what athleisure means?

    1. he pouches have been assigned to students at no cost, but losing one will cost the high-schoolers a $25 replacement fee.

      that's bullshit

    2. Devices remain in the student’s possession, but they aren’t able to access them, the school said

      that's better

    3. School administrators unlock them at the end of the day.

      oh HELL no

    4. And while their familiar companions may still be near, the high-schoolers are now required to keep their devices in a magnetically sealed pouch during school hours.


    1. BTW, speaking of bullet trains, we're about to start building a bullet train line between Houston and Dallas.

      that actually got passed?????

    1. “But shortly after they closed, I received a letter from their lawyers stating that the clause was unenforceable.”

      uh wtf, why. So that leaves them orphaned works?

    2. basement archival room

      why was it necessary to include basement?

    3. t stated that publishers could be held criminally liable for knowingly selling explosives instruction manuals to someone who intended to use them for a crime. The law didn’t explicitly ban Paladin’s explosives instruction books, but the law was certainly designed to stop Paladin from producing and selling them, which, in turn, made them incredibly difficult to obtain.

      would the publisher have to know the buyer wanted to use them to commit a crime?

    4. bromidic

      "dull and tiresome"

    1. “The Board only learned in the later part of July that it would receive no more contributions as SAGE needs to focus investment on its core business of academic and professional publishing.

      ffs Sage

    2. “I find it upsetting that the staff was not given more lead time,” founding editor John Mecklin said. “It’s just not a good way to treat people.”

      seriously, wtf

    3. His previous employer was Governing magazine, which announced its own shutdown on the same day that Pacific Standard’s fate was made public.


    1. Many claim that cold water is an excellent detoxifier as it successfully remove dirt, debris, and excess oil from your scalp. This is not true

      Can I get a source?

    1. The Quandt family dropped eight places following a poor year for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, which has battled trade tensions and slowing global markets as BMW invests in the disruptive shift to self-driving electric vehicles. The Dassault, Duncan, Lee and Hearst families all fell from the list.


    1. You don’t get something cheap and say you got it “for cheap” do you?


    2. People that say “my bad” after a mistake. I don’t know how anything could be as annoying or lazy as that.

      Lot of disregard for AAVE in this list

    3. The phrase I’ve watched seep into the language (especially with broadcasters) is “two-time” and “three-time.”

      in what context?

    4. bugaboos (American)


    1. The Trump administration says Beijing’s efforts are based on stealing or pressuring companies to hand over technology.

      thaaaat's pretty true

    1. They’re being sold as race- and gender-neutral assessments that allow judges to use science in determining whether someone will behave if released from jail pending trial.

      well that's not possible

  14. Jul 2019
  15. www.cyberdriveillinois.com www.cyberdriveillinois.com
    1. If there are two names on the back of the title, do both parties have to sign title and registration applications? Yes.

      they didn't require that for me

    1. but they’re also “a very dangerous place dependent on who is allowed to be in there on any given day and what the mood of that incarcerated person is.”

      that's literally any place, not just libraries.

    1. “Why are we lending our very rare copy when the borrowing institution or the individual could have gotten an e-version for a few bucks?”

      because libraries are free

  16. Jun 2019
    1. right-wing operative Jacob Wohl, an associate of Alexander, argued on Twitter that Harris was ineligible to be president because her parents weren’t from the United States, even though she was born in California.


    2. “She does not. I corrected Kamala Harris last night because she stole debate time under the premise that she is an African-American when she is in fact a biracial Indian-Jamaican who is a first generation American.”

      Bruh, how do you think Black people got to Jamaica

  17. May 2019
    1. Like National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System

      lmao NCSNews.com is nothing like NPR or PBS!!

    2. CNSNews.com endeavors to fairly present all legitimate sides of a story and debunk popular, albeit incorrect, myths about cultural and policy issues.

      uh huh

    3. the parent organization of CNSNews.com, clearly demonstrate a liberal bias in many news outlets – bias by commission and bias by omission – that results in a frequent double-standard in editorial decisions on what constitutes "news."


    1. ERS employees are planning to vote on unionization on Thursday.


    2. eliminating “low priority research” into such politically sensitive areas as food stamps and environmental issues.


    3. What I see unfortunately happening many times is that we tried to make policy decisions based on political science rather than on sound science.”

      the fact that he can say this with a straight face

    4. the move as a common-sense, cost-cutting measure.

      except how much more is the agency going to have to pay in travel costs?

    5. Perdue has said the relocation was motivated by his desire to save taxpayer dollars, bring the research service closer to major farming regions, and help attract economists who could be deterred by Washington’s high cost of living.


    6. The move to uproot the agency has led to a brain-drain of experienced researchers.

      I'm sure that's the point

    7. announcing plans to bring ERS under the control of USDA’s chief economist, who reports more directly to the secretary. Equally significant, he said the USDA would move the agency out of Washington to a location closer to the U.S. heartland.


    8. The reports highlight the continued decline under Trump’s watch in farm income, which has dropped about 50 percent since 2013.


    1. Image taken from Baldwin, Hilary, et al. "The Role of a Cutaneous Microbiota Harmony in Maintaining a Functioning Skin Barrier." Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, 16(1): 2017, Figure 1.

      I love academics

  18. Apr 2019
    1. but only once a week. Always condition before & after using shampoo.

      might need to do this for the top of my hair

    1. The cavalier insistence that you should “just adopt” from people who clearly never considered that option for themselves.

      I am interested in hearing the author's perspective on adopting though - why isn't it for her?

    1. Cambridge University Press, founded in 1534, is the world’s second-largest and oldest university press.

      I wonder which one is the oldest and largest? Oxford?

    2. The three-year deal combines subscription fees and article publishing fees to establish a total cap so that the university will see no significant increase in cost, according to an email from UC Berkeley librarian Jeffrey MacKie-Mason.


    1. which would see the country revert to WTO trade rules


    2. British parliamentarians have been drifting toward a more centrist compromise that would see the country more closely aligned than even under May’s negotiated withdrawal.


    1. a specious claim for which there is no empirical … ah, I mean, you get it. It’s not true.

      specious: superficially plausible, but actually wrong.