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    1. That was, at least, until the pandemic brought tourism to a standstill. “In a certain sense Covid has created an opportunity,” Fernando Medina, the mayor of Lisbon, told the Guardian. “The virus didn’t ask us for permission to come in, but we have the ability to use this time to think and to see how we can move in a direction to correct things and put them on the right track.”
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    1. is really the teaching of each individual learner

      So true. And pushes on the ways we design to teach writing online and/or at a distance from each other too.

    1. 1. The first weeks of school should be devoted to community building and digital competency.

      This article gives a good insight into how we can use tech in the current circumstances we are in

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    1. Go my hunter, take with thee a woman

      She is a woman, not a harlot. This shows that sex was considered to be less taboo for this translation, and she is treated like a woman and not an object, as well as not being treated like a prostitute, as that is the definition of Harlot.

      Dimas Villanueva CC BY-NC-ND

    2. these dreams are recounted to Enkidu by a woman with whom Enkidu cohabits for six days and seven nights and who weans Enkidu from association with animals.

      In this version of The EOG, It shows that Langdon, the man who discovered these cuneiform tablets, believes that "These dreams are recounted to Enkidu by a woman who with whom Enkidu cohabits for six days and seven nights" In the N.K Sanders translation of EOG, it seems that this would be where the "Harlot" comes in. However, This is different. The woman is described to be almost like a priestess, someone who interprets dreams and just so happens to have sex with Enkidu. This was not a weird or taboo subject, (Probably because of the fact that this is the Babylonian version and more older.) and she is not treated like a Harlot. She is treated with respect, as a priestess. She is simply helping Enkidu become a better hero and helping him get into society, and this is acknowledged instead of being treated badly.

      Dimas Villanueva CC BY-NC-ND

    1. His lust leaves no virgin to her lover

      This shows a double standards in regards to gender and sex. A woman who has a lot of sex is referred to as a "Harlot". Meanwhile, Gilgamesh has sex with every virgin on their first night of marriage, and while people don't like it, they don't do anything about it, and they don't say anything about it as well. They don't give him a name either. This shows the female gender has a taboo towards sexual activity and men's sexual activities are more accepted. This is most likely because man is seen as dominant and brutal but women are seen as civil and fragile and the best example of class.

      Dimas Villanueva CC BY-NC-ND

    2. return with her, and let her woman's power overpower this man. When next he comes down to drink at the wells she will be there, stripped naked; and when he sees her beckoning he will embrace her

      The manner in which the "Harlot" controls Enkidu, is through sex. This shows that the woman has the power to control man and make him civil. Woman is seen as the most civil thing at the time, and sex with a woman gets rid of any ancient animal like tendencies and makes a man civil. Which is what happened here with Enkidu and the Harlot. Yet, no one calls the harlot a hero for making Enkidu civil.

      Dimas Villanueva CC BY-NC-ND

    3. and then the wild beasts will reject him.'

      This statement shows the power that gender has. Enkidu is a wild man who's ideals are going against the mainstream ideals of society, he is seen as the other, the person on the outside, and the only thing that can calm him down and make him civil is woman. This means that at the time, in society, women were seen as the epitome of civility and etiquette, to the point where if someone who doesn't have the same ideals as society gains a women they will become civilized. And the ancient, uncivilized origins of man shall be forgotten.

      Dimas Villanueva CC BY-NC-ND

    4. Ask him to give you a harlot, a wanton from the temple of love;

      The language used here is "Harlot". This is the language that was describes the woman, because this is meant to be a translation of the Sumerian version, where sex was seen as a more taboo thing. It also could have been that when this translation was made, the idea of sex was a lot more taboo, and a woman who was known to have a lot of sex was considered to be a harlot. This shows that the female gender and sex were negatively associated and it was a taboo subject.

      Dimas Villanueva CC BY-NC-ND

    5. Father, there is a man, unlike any other, who comes down from the hills. He is the strongest in the world, he is like an immortal from heaven. He ranges over the hills with wild beasts and eats grass; the ranges through your land andcomes down to the wells. I am afraid and dare not go near him. He fills in the pits which I dig and tears up-my traps set for the game; he helps the beasts to escape and now they slip through my fingers.'His father opened his mouth and said to the trapper, ‘My son, in Uruk lives Gilgamesh; no one has ever pre-vailed against him, he is strong as a star from heaven. Go to Uruk, find Gilgamesh, extol the strength of this wild man. Ask him to give you a harlot, a wanton from the temple of love; return with her, and let her woman's power overpower this man. When next he comes down to drink at the wells she will be there, stripped naked; and when he sees her beckoning he will embrace her, and then the wild beasts will reject him.

      If we look at this altogether, we can begin to see an interesting form of "self" of the identity of this people. They see themselves as civilized. They see Enkidu as "other". They see this wild man and think he should be tamed by a "harlot" who will strip naked and lay with Enkidu so that he may too be civilized. It's interesting as well the language used her to describe this woman. This implies that without women, men would still be uncivilized, that they would be wild and roam the lands as wild beasts do. However, the author still translates to harlot. So, it is not merely the act of a woman, but the physical act that somehow tames the wildness within men, yet she does not gain any respect for keeping men civil.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    1. Before dying, Joseph makes his children promise that when the Israelites eventually leave Egypt, they will take his remains with them. In the story of the Exodus (13:19), Moses does just that, carrying Joseph’s bones on the way to Israel

      We can see from this section that Joseph still remains close to his roots and his religion, to his nation, as it were, even in death. He wishes to be carried to Israel, the promised land, so that he may be buried with his people. This is why Joseph is still regarded so highly, despite some of his childish nature. He embodies that of the perfect man of faith, never faltering in the skills that God gave him in interpreting dreams, and maintaining his connection to God.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    2. still Joseph is largely regarded as an admirable figure for maintaining his Israelite identity in spite of his 20-year separation from his family. Tradition notably refers to Joseph as a tzadik (righteous person), and several commentators point to Joseph’s naming of his sons in Hebrew as a premiere example of his dedication.

      In this section of the text, while not directly from the story of Joseph, it does show to us that most people see Joseph as being in the right because he sticks with his Jewish heritage, that he follows the faith of his people, despite how his brothers sold him o slavery and that he grew up mostly in Egypt where it was not the predominant religion of that area.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    1. Judgment belongs to none but God. He has commanded that you worship none but Him. This is the right religion, but most people do not know.

      This further shows that those that follow God under this religion are not following what is "right" that all other religions are false and wrong. You either believe in this God, or you believe wrongly and therefore are seen as being "other" of being incorrect.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    2. “My Lord, prison is more desirable to me than what they call me to. Unless You turn their scheming away from me, I may yield to them, and become one of the ignorant.

      In this text we can see what it means to be of this faith. We can see that the beauty of Joseph draws evil and brings a lady to want him. If he were to listen to these desires than he would be "ignorant" which shows that promiscuity, or coveting someone else's wife, is seen as "less than" in the identity of this culture.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    1. Then it came about that the love of Kay-Kavous for Soudabeh grew yet mightier, and he was as wax under her hands. And when she saw that her empire over him was strengthened, she filled his ear with plaints of Siawosh, and she darkened the mind of the King till that his spirit was troubled, and he knew not where he should Turn for truth

      Here we have a different spin on the idea of "us" vs "them". Instead of the idea of nations being different because they are a different people, we have Soudabeh convincing Kay-Kavous that Siawosh is unworthy and that he tricked them with magic. All to get revenge because Siawosh would not sleep with her. It's certainly a different view of "them" vs "us" that we've seen in other works.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    2. And Siawosh increased in might and beauty, and you would have said that the world held not his like.                 Now when Siawosh was become strong (so that he could ensnare a lion),

      The wording here and in the Helen Zimmern translation, are nearly identical. This shows just how important to the tellers of this story, that Siawosh be strong and beautiful. Without this element, Siawosh would not be chosen by fate nor the king to be raised well.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    1. Then it came about that the love of Kai Kawous for Sudaveh grew yet mightier, and he was as wax under her hands. And when she saw that her empire over him was strengthened, she filled his ear with plaints of Saiawosh, and she darkened the mind of the Shah till that his spirit was troubled, and he knew not where he should turn for truth.

      In looking at this moment, the "them" vs "us" is even used with ones own blood. Sudaveh manipulates Kai Kawous in order to get back on Saiawosh for denying her. This reminds me a bit of Lord of the Rings, where the king of Gondor is made ill and is under Sauromon's control and doesn't care that his son was killed. In this sense, Saiawosh is being made into a "them" despite truly being an "us" as he is from his father.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    2. And Kai Kawous suffered it, and Rostam bare the child unto his kingdom, and trained him in the arts of war and of the banquet. And Saiawosh increased in might and beauty, and you would have said that the world held not his like. Now when Saiawosh was become strong (so that he could ensnare a lion)

      We see here that the identity of this nation is in military strength and physical beauty. He is given up to be raised by a king because he is so beautiful and strong. This sense of identity is familiar in other moments in literature, where you only belong in the predominant race if you are strong and handsome.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    1. Six days and seven nights 7came forth Enkidu 8and cohabited with the courtesan.

      In this translation of the story, we can see that the word used here is hierodule and almost immediately after, courtesan. Hierodule is another word for priestess, and courtesan implies a sexual nature. So here we can see this used to both show that she should have some status and yet is also shown to have little regard. However, she is still shown to be used to make Enkidu civilized, and thus he is no longer "other" to the people of Uruk, but one of them as he becomes Gilgamesh's companion.

      Zach Long CC CC BY-NC-ND

    1. Xerxes who wrecked the fleet, and flung our hopes away!

      This is the closest part I could find to that of Cookson /The_Persians)when he first looked at Xerxes. In that version, he translates Xerxes as a warmongering unwise king. Here, we see something similar, though again a bit more subtly displayed. Morshead does blame Xerxes here, but he doesn't outright call him a fool or say he only seeks war, which depletes the manly youth of Persia.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    2. Thou, Athens, art our murderess

      This section shows the first taste of how the Persians view the Athenians. They see them as nothing more than murderers, as common thugs who slew husbands and fathers. Despite the fact that the Persians were the attackers and the Athenians were the defenders of this war. Again, in the language comparison between this version and the version translated by Cookson/The_Persians), we can see that both shows Athens as an evildoer, however, in this case Morshead is actually more brutal about it than Cookson is. Here Athens is portrayed as simply murderous, whereas in Cookson's version it only states them as being hateful. I would say that murder is worse than hatred, though I suppose the latter could lead to the former.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    3. To no man do they bow as slaves, nor own a master’s hand.

      Here, we can see that the Athenians are shown as bowing to no one man, they have no king, nor are they subject to any other nation. The idea of a democracy, as the Athenians are known to have some form of in this time, is foreign to the Persians. This is also interesting because the use of the word slave. With Persians being the first known Empire in the world, they cast aside slavery and let all people be free. While Athens was not the worst in terms of slavery, as say the Spartans, they were still slavers in totality. They did have slaves. So using the word "slave" here is an interesting use of the word. We can see this same thing come through in looking at the Cookson/The_Persians) version as well.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    4. yonder comes the mother-queen, Light of our eyes, in godlike sheen, The royal mother of the king!—

      Again, in looking at the Cookson/The_Persians) version here, we can see that he has a grander flair in his talking of the queen. He references her as the wife of a god. Here, in Morshead's version, we see that she is still highly regarded by the author, and she even has some relationship to a god with her "godlike sheen". However, again with the word choices here, we can see that Morshead appears to be a bit more modest in how he chooses to portray the Persians versus the way Cookson talks about them.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    5. To meet with the men of the West, the spear-armed force of the foe! Can any make head and resist him, when he comes with the roll of a wave? No barrier nor phalanx of might, no chief, be he ever so brave! For stern is the onset of Persia, and gallant her children in fight.

      If we look at this section in comparisson to the version translated by G. M. Cookson/The_Persians), we can see that the translators went in slightly different ways. In Cookson's version it shows the bravado of the Persians. It showcases how mighty they are. With Morshead, he translated it in a more modest light. He does say that no barrier nor phalanx, a reference to the style in which the Hellenistic people fought, can be so brave. Essentially they say the same thing, that Persia cannot be defeated by such a style of fighting, but Cookson seems to have the Persians boasting be more outright and less hidden in the meaning of the words.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    1. ​Xerxes the King (Oh King unwise!)

      We see the Persians as a whole, along with Darius and the Queen, spoken of in such high regards that this switch to showing Xerxes as an unwise king is a change of pace. It places him as "other" it shows that they had to fight him as he is a terrible king. It is a negative way of looking at him, though Aeschylus clearly had some respect for his father and mother and of the people as a while, he dis not show the same respect for Xerxes throughout this play, giving both the Athenians and the Persians a "common enemy" as it were within the context of this play. For the Athenians, he is a bafoonish ruler whom was handily defeated at Salamis. For the Persians, he wasted time and the lives of their men on his on interests of getting revenge for their loss at Marathon, and losing almost all of the men of Persia, casting away an entire generation of strong men.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    2. Athens! for ever hateful to thy foes!

      While Aeschylus is Athenian, this play is from the Persian perspective,and while he does not wish to besmirch the name of Athens, he has to see from the Persian's eyes what it may look like to see their mighty army defeated. In this instance, he is saying that Athens really knows how to hold a grudge. That, if you come for its people, you will falter, and you will fail as they harness no compassion for its enemies.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    3. They say 'slave' sorts not with 'Athenian.'

      It;s curious the use of language here. While this is saying that the Athenians are slave to none, that they do not have one ruler above them as they are a democratic power, the use of "slave" not sorting with Athenian is an interesting choice of words because they do house slaves. So while what the author is saying is true, the use of the word slave here is an interesting choice as the word slave does correlate to Athens, but not in the same way. It's almost to indicate, as the original author was Athenian, that they are superior to Persia because they bow to no one man, no king rules Athens. They are not subjugated to another people, like most of Persia's territory, which are satraps and subjugates of Persia, and not all technically Persians.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    4. Queen-Dowager of Persian dames deep-veiled, Mother of Xerxes and Darius' wife, Spouse of a god, and not less justly hailed

      When speaking of the Queen of Persia, the author speaks of her as the "spouse of a god". The use of language here is to show that Persians, especially the rulers of Persia, are powerful enough to be, and be with, the gods. They think themselves as gods, and therefore, how could they not come out of this war victorious.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    5. No! Persia's matchless millions⁠No human power can quell, Such native valour arms her sons,⁠Such might incomparable!

      This section here shows how highly the Persians think of themselves. It equates them to being incomparable, as having no equal in military might. This is quite interesting considering they have been defeated by the same foe only a few years prior at the battle of Marathon, thus the Persians clearly have equals, or perhaps even superiors in these terms. They do have more numbers than they had on their previous march to fight the Athenians, Spartans, etc. than when they lost at Marathon. It's similar in irony to the Titanic being an "unsinkable" ship, only to sink on its maiden voyage. Here the Persians are saying the same thing, that they are incomparable in strength, and yet we find out later that they are in fact not incomparable.

      Zach Long CC BY-NC-ND

    1. for at least seven

      CDC recomienda cuarentena de 7d para infectados. Estan locos! y vuelta a trabajo si han sido asintomaticos por 72h (esto ultimo podria ser, salvo que los sintomas de fatiga, dolores y desorden neurologico no desaparecen hasta uno 30d-90d post infeccion.

  7. Apr 2020
    1. The appeal of the first of these options is that it has a clear rationale and an end-point when the virus has passed and life can return to normal.

      But what is "normal"?

    1. COVID-19 Reklamlarınızın Fişini Çekmesin Ülkemiz ve dünyamız koronavirüsün yayılmasıyla karşı karşıya kaldıkça, sizinki gibi işletmeler umutsuzca gemilerini daha sonra nereye yönlendireceklerini bulmaya çalışıyorlar. Yükünüzü azaltmak için bir şeylerden vazgeçmeyi düşünüyorsanız, reklamlarınız bunlardan biri olmamalı. Koronavirüs sırasında pazarlama her endüstri için uygun olmasa da dijital pazarlama , COVID-19 sırasında hayatta kalan işinizin kritik bir parçası olabilir.
    1. COVID-19 Pandemi Sürecinde Google Güncellemeleri Koronavirüs gündemi sürerken Google da bu süreçte bazı güncellemeler ve iyileştirmeler yapıyor. Bu güncellemeler arasında Google arama ve Google Haritalarda hangi restoranların teslimat ve paket servis sunduğu, duyurular yapmanın yeni yolları, Google Haberler'de COVID-19 gündemi, Topluluk Hareketliliği Raporlarının oluşturulması ve reklam içerik politikasındaki değişiklikler gibi veriler var.
    1. COVID-19'un Dijital Pazarlamaya Etkisine Nasıl Yanıt Verilir? Covid-19 salgınının ortaya çıkmasıyla beraber işletmelerin dijital ortamda var olmaları her zamankinden daha önemli bir hale geldi ve dijital stratejilerinin gözden geçirilmesi gereksinimi bugünlerde daha da arttı. Covid-19'un dijital pazarlamaya etkisi neler? Siz ve işletmeniz bu ortamda nasıl bir strateji izlemelisiniz? Gelin birlikte cevaplayalım.
    1. Относно имунологичен тест за SARS CoV2 Чрез тази система регистрирани лаборатории в България могат да въвеждат данните от резултатите от бързите тестовете за антитела, които правят. Освен броят тестове, те въвеждат и резултатите за Имуноглобулин G (IgG / ИгГ) и за Имуноглобулин М (IgM). В системата ще могат да се въвеждат и тестове за антиген (PCR тестове). Благодарение на въведените данни ще може да се локализира разпространението на вируса по градове и региони, както и конкретни лаборатории със завишен брой положителни тестове.

      The photo shows a "One Step Rapid Test" pack and two cartridges with test results.

    1. Резултати от тестове за Антитела: Общо тествани хора с тест за антитела: 1751 Хора с положителни проби за антитела IgМ и IgG: 8 Хора с положителни проби за антитела IgМ: 35 Хора с положителни проби за антитела IgG: 49

      From 2020-04-06 to 2020-04-16.

    2. Резултати от PCR тестове: Общо тествани хора с PCR тест: 77 Хора с положителни проби: 3 Хора с отрицателни проби: 74

      Until 2020-04-16.

    1. Имаме 20 000 PCR теста, очакваме още доставки и дарения. Това е пътят, по който ще вървим - масово тестване, обяви Ананиев. И то вече се извършва, уточнява премиерът Борисов.

      Promise to do "mass testing" with only 20000 PCR tests available (2020-04-15).

    2. В Ивайловград, където вземането на проби започна във вторник, всичките 35 резултата са отрицателни, но и в нито един жител не са открити антитела. До вчера в Банско 28 от общо 334 изследвани дадоха положителни проби, трима са с активна инфекция. По-рано при 186 теста 8 бяха с антитела. В Дългопол на първия ден от пробите съотношението бе 90:1. Това означава, че все още е рано за постигане на колективен имунитет.

      Some testing results. Blood samples, testing for antibodies.

    1. Soweit ich das nach den verfügbaren Berichten angeben kann, gab es den ganzen Januar hindurch und in einigen Fällen bis in den Februar hinein fortwährend direkte Linienflüge von Wuhan nach London, Paris, Rom, New York und San Francisco. Nun, da Covid-19 sich weltweit ausbreitet, haben Sie keine Zeit verloren und den internationalen Verkehr nach China eingeschränkt; Ihr Ansatz war auffallend anders, als Sie die Krankheit zu uns exportiert haben.
    1. It is free

      Hypothesis offers and will continue to offer free annotation capabilities for people to use across the web.

      To sustain our project, Hypothesis arranges paid partnerships with institutions looking to use annotation at scale and with integration into their learning management systems for single sign-on, automatic private groups, dedicated support, service -level agreements, dashboards on usage at the class and institutional levels, participation in the AnnotatED community, and more.

      In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, Hypothesis has waived all institutional costs for at least 2020.

  8. Mar 2020
    1. En materia de políticas tecnológicas en educación la situación actual parece caracterizarse por una mezcla de desencanto y de letargo. Ello está motivado en parte por la conciencia entre los políticos de que las inversiones realizadas no han dado lugar a mejoras generales en términos de calidad de los procesos y resultados de los aprendizajes escolares, como tampoco a un nivel de uso real que sea verdaderamente apreciable

      Lo que no lograrón los gobiernos en 20 años de promoción de las TIC en educación, lo esta logrando la pandemia generada por el COVID19

    1. This must be achieved by sequencing and archiving huge numbers of microbial genomes, both from clinical cases and known environmental reservoirs, on a continual basis.

      Even without reference genomes, mining metagenomes for coronavirus sequences has become particularly topical in 2020. See the Pangolin 2019-nCoV-like coronavirus example https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.08.939660

    2. swine flu

      Jennifer Gardy discusses the groundbreaking H1N1 crowdsourcing efforts in her TEDx talk here (with lots of lessons for the coronavirus outbreak a decade later) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmAugMSJ1-Y

    1. MERS coronavirus

      Mining metagenomes for coronavirus sequences has become particularly topical in 2020 (see the Pangolin 2019-nCoV-like coronavirus example https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.08.939660)

    2. RNA viruses

      As this works with RNA viruses it has been made part of the "Free access to OUP resources on coronavirus and related topics" collection on the Oxford University Press website https://academic.oup.com/journals/pages/coronavirus

    1. direct RNA sequencing. Despite the scientific relevance of VACV, no LRS data have been generated for the viral transcriptome to date.

      This approach of using Oxford Nanopore direct-RNA sequencing for viruses has now been carried out on the SARSCov2/COVID19 causing coronavirus. See https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.03.05.976167

    1. It is vital to remind students to TEST THESE TECHNOLOGIES before the conference. They need to make they're logged on, volume is up, etc, before they're appointed time. Otherwise, they may run into problems and spend the entire conference time trying to log on.

      Sara Webb-Sunderhaus @webbsusa https://twitter.com/webbsusa/status/1237197494410457089

      It is vital to remind students to TEST THESE TECHNOLOGIES before the conference. They need to make they're logged on, volume is up, etc, before their appointed time. Otherwise, they may run into problems and spend the entire conference time trying to log on.

    2. Of course, email is an important communication medium, but I put boundaries around it. I only answer email 9-5, Monday-Friday. No email on weekends or breaks. The students get used to it and learn to respect those boundaries. That cuts down on feeling like I am always "on."
    1. Social

      Given the spread of the novel corona virus and COVID-19 as this report is published and it's already demonstrable effects on education (eg, instructional continuity), we might add a health dimension to this list of social trends.