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  1. Aug 2018
    1. The idea about an alternative internet may actually be somewhat relevant to our endeavours

      This is an important question - to what extent are we framing an alternative internet (and with it, an alternative public space) and to what extent are we reframing policy shaping the current internet?

  2. Apr 2018
    1. The bigger a platform gets, the harder it is to maintain a particular sense of style. By opening the platform, Pieratt had tried to “convert from a human-driven community into a machine,” he explains. “When we lost the exclusivity, people didn’t really care anymore.” Svpply’s innate sense of uniqueness didn’t survive: “If everyone’s editing Vogue, it wouldn’t be Vogue.”

      This suggests that Big and Open will never be a Commons, as there is no shared sense of uniqueness, identity, commonality. there's just a big open space.

    1. At other times, Zuckerberg tried to repeat a trick he’d deployed successfully in front of the Senate. When asked about data Facebook collects about users, he answered by talking about the data users upload to Facebook. “The content you share, you put there,” he told Democrat Bobby Rush shortly after the congressman asked him the difference between Facebook’s techniques and “the methodology of the American political pariah J Edgar Hoover”. Zuckerberg continued: “You can take it down at any time. The information that we collect, you can choose to have us not collect. You can delete any of it, and, of course, you can leave Facebook if you want.”


      Good quote distinguishing the content and data layer

  3. Apr 2017
    1. The “domain of one’s own” isn’t owned; it’s leased

      There's a possible solution to this, which would involve having control over a high level domain, and then finding a sustainable way not to collect fees for domains in this TLD. There is a precedent of sorts, from Poland around the turn of the century: the Polish domain registrar registered the art.pl domain, and within that domains artists could get a domain for free. Not sure how the sustainability / economics of that worked.

  4. Jan 2017