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  1. Mar 2021
    1. If those problems are planetary, then trying to cohere them around the game theory dynamics of locally embedded sovereign zones called countries disables the paths that should be open.
    2. Planetary governance must be seen not just as an extension of Internationalism but in contrast to it. Internationalism, such as the United Nations, is a kind of Federalism. It presumes the sanctity of the isomorphic Nation-State, and it understands the organization of the world as primarily the circumscription of plots of land. In many ways, it is fundamentally ethnocentric, fundamentally traditionalist, and as such its form represents a misalignment of the governor and the governed.
    3. If societies are able to sense themselves, model themselves, and act back upon themselves, then this also means recognizing that society is planetary and has been so long before Modernity.
  2. Feb 2021
  3. Oct 2020