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    1. Do Not Disturb Get rid of any and all notifications for however long you like. Cast out ye heathens, for there is many a work to be done!
  2. Sep 2020
    1. Every account I read reflected a rigidly packed day where the layer of people around the HSPs acted as an attentional filter, only bringing the most important piece of information into the focus of the celebrity. I don’t care for being rich, but I really care for being focused. Not all of us have a personal chef who switches the nutrition every ten days and attends to all our dietary needs. Hence in the absence of the swarm of people who act as a second brain, it is upon us to build our own.

      This is exactly what I complain about most days of my life. In fact, I now have to stop what I'm doing, which is what I want to be doing -- reading this article and making notes, because I've got to walk the dogs and then come back and do more kitchen chores, while fielding angry taunts from my wife for not making enough of an effort to feed our autistic son, who eats fuck all no matter what I put in front of him. Where's my fucking chef?