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  1. Dec 2021
    1. What we’re going to suggest is that American intellectuals – we areusing the term ‘American’ as it was used at the time, to refer toindigenous inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere; and ‘intellectual’to refer to anyone in the habit of arguing about abstract ideas –actually played a role in this conceptual revolution.

      I appreciate the way that they're normalizing the idea of "American intellectuals" and what that really means.

  2. Oct 2021
    1. : «Ένα από τα κύρια αποτελέσματα (δεν θα πω τους σκοπούς) της ορθόδοξης παραδοσιακής οικονομικής ήταν… ένα σχέδιο για να εξηγήσουν στην προνομιούχα τάξη ότι η θέση της ήταν ηθικά σωστή και απαραίτητη για την ευημερία της κοινωνίας».

      Economists have been mostly brainwashed to believe that it is the wealthy that produce our planet's wealth.

  3. Nov 2018
    1. Probing the Pareto frontier for basis pursuit solutionsE Van Den Berg, MP FriedlanderSIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 31 (2), 890-912

      woah! so popular

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