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  1. Jan 2019
    1. “You have to play t h e g a m e t o f i n d o u t w h y y o u ’ r eplaying the game. It’s the future, Piku

      Is that like Pelosi saying "You have to pass the bill to find out what's in the bill?"

  2. Dec 2018
    1. A prerequisite for war, as well as bigotry, is that one sees a people or a country as a stereotype, as something sub-human or non-human; this is why politicians spend so much time trying to create stereotypical images for those countries they want to go to war with.
  3. Mar 2017
  4. Oct 2013
    1. Public officials ought not to be selected by lot. That is like using the lot to select athletes, instead of choosing those who are fit for the contest; or using the lot to select a steersman from among a ship's crew, as if we ought to take the man on whom the lot falls, and not the man who knows most about it."

      We don't do this, we elect people who turn out to be incompetent.

    1. Indeed he has often been advised by me, among others, that while men who are in public life and desire to be in favor must adopt the principle of doing what is most serviceable and noble and of saying what is most true and just, yet they must at the same time not neglect to study and consider well how in everything they say and do they may convince the people of their graciousness and human sympathy

      This sounds like many politicians today. We are facing a government shutdown in 3 hours and both sides are at a standstill. No one is willing to work together to find a solution they both stand on the sides saying 'my way or the highway'