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    1. The YYY gate is similar to the XXX gate, but instead of 111s on the off-diagonal, it has iii and −i-i−i, so it takes ∣0⟩|0\rangle∣0⟩ to i∣1⟩i|1\ranglei∣1⟩ and ∣1⟩|1\rangle∣1⟩ to −i∣0⟩-i|0\rangle−i∣0⟩:

      Question for the creators: https://i.imgur.com/9XUDZPH.png

      I thought the answer to this was "both" since 0 is obviously a real number.

      Can you help me understand where my misunderstanding is?

      Thanks so much for creating this tool. I've been having a blast learning!

      Tweet: https://twitter.com/technoplato/status/1221936419721138179?s=20

  6. Dec 2016
    1. Trump's tweet came just 22 minutes after the Chicago Tribune published comments by Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, who said he worried that Trump's promises of a more protectionist trade policy could hurt his company, which does robust business with China. Muilenburg told the Tribune that he would urge the president-elect to take a warmer stance toward the kinds of trade deals he railed against on the campaign trail, warning, "If we do not lead when it comes to writing these rules, our competitors will write them for us."

      This is so dangerous, and why isn't this the biggest story of the day?