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    1. Jordan Peterson on The Necessity of Virtue

      "When you limit yourself, sometimes arbitrarily, and play the game, whole new possibilities emerge."

      "Being is not possible without limitation. The price you pay for being is limitation and the price for limitation is suffering."

  5. Oct 2018
    1. more advanced recording techniques, higher numbers of electrodes placed, and better artifact control may be responsible for the differences from earlier results
    1. few studies attributing violent crime tofrontal lobe dysfunction adequately addressconcurrent psychosocial variables

      do not account for other variables that could attribute to violent crimes

    2. grossmeasures of brain function with low specificityand questionable clinical significance, whilefailing suYciently to relate the clinical data tothe specific aggressive behaviours in question
    3. do not mirror the gen-eral population or even the larger criminalpopulation.
    4. lack of prospective data, small subjectnumbers and lack of adequate controls forknown violence risk factors
  6. Nov 2017
    1. however only one user can open and work with the project at any point in time.

      One user for each asset/resource at a time

  7. Sep 2017
    1. reasonable expectation that it will be utilised

      Does the constitutional right to privacy envisage the purpose limitation principle? Does it only apply to state/private parties acting on behalf of state or for purely horizontal relationships as well?

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    1. It is always us that is holding onto some comfortable sense of limitation with which we feel some sense of familiarity. The active agent which holds us back is actually our own refusal to let go of the known for the Unknown. This reluctance is entirely due to an adopted belief that we are what we appear to be—finite, separate, an independent “intelligence” that exists “inside” this finite object called a body, a potential victim of an unpredictable environment. Yet, the finiteness, separateness, independence, and unpredictability are entirely inherent in the partial view of the Actual conscious experience of Being which is going on. If it weren’t going on, there couldn’t be a misinterpretation or misidentification!

      Quote: The active agent which holds us back is actually our own refusal to let go of the known for the Unknown.

      I have misplaced my identity and believe that I am separate, existing inside a body, vulnerable, etc. This misidentification comes from a partial view of what is actually going on (the conscious experience of Being).