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  1. Mar 2020
  2. Nov 2019
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  4. Sep 2019
    1. Lonely? Short of Friends? Try Looking at It Differently

      Question + Solution Question is to empathize and filter people who fits the answer.

  5. Aug 2019
    1. How to Build Trust and Enhance Your Influence with Content Marketing

      Headline: How-to formula.

      How: build trust Result: enhance influence Method: Content Marketing

  6. Jul 2019
  7. Jun 2018
  8. Apr 2017
    1. White House announces sweeping proposal to cut taxes, a plan likely to raise deficit

      How accurately does this headline represent the facts of the story?

  9. Jan 2017
    1. Millennials are entitled, narcissistic and lazy - but it's not their fault: Expert claims 'every child wins a prize' and social media has left Gen Y unable to deal with the real world

      Who is this headline trying to appeal to?

  10. Jun 2016
  11. May 2015
    1. Wisconsin GOP Passes Bill Banning Poor People From Buying Shellfish, Potatoes And Ketchup

      This headline is inaccurate. The bill prevents SNAP benefits from being used to buy shellfish, but people are still allowed to buy shellfish with non-SNAP money. The bill also prevents people from using more than a third of their SNAP benefits on food that's not on an approved list, but potatoes are on that list, so people can spend all their benefits on potatoes if they want. Ketchup is unapproved, so people can spend only a third of their SNAP benefits on ketchup.