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    1. 7. Team Cooperation

      The below reminds me of working in Google Docs, which can indeed be a delightful site for collaboration.

      Still--and perhaps I've just been monastic in my stance while reading Engelbart--I wonder about the power of isolated individual deliberation ahead of or in some other less immediate relation to the cooperation described here.

  7. Oct 2015
    1. But the Law of hospitality makes it difficult for any ethical program, even one carried out by a computational machine, to remain in place forever. The future of ethical programs requires a continuous vigilance in this regard, a vigilance that insists upon constant reexamination of the laws.

      This too possess awesome potential for discussions of civility and the political paradigm of any given moment.

    2. “conversations”

      Thinking of this as a "conversation" is cool because it allows the parallel with what is civil within such conversations. And when is the time for "protest," and what that might look like?

    3. volunteers also used procedural arguments to write back against the campaign and navigate the complex power dynamics of networked power.

      This was a cool parallel to protest that I plan on hijacking and extending.

    4. to encourage writers to make a more individual expression.
    5. If the potential voter indicates that she or he is a McCain or Clinton supporter, the call may very well be over. The campaign volunteer is instructed to thank the person for his or her time and hang up the phone.
  8. Sep 2013
    1. Now the political or deliberative orator's aim is utility: deliberation seeks to determine not ends but the means to ends, i.e. what it is most useful to do.