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  1. Jun 2024
    1. Someone whose true identity is a gamer doesn’t have difficulty trolling people online, having a doomer mindset, and ruining their health in front of a screen for 8-10 hours a day.

      XD this sounds fun

  2. Feb 2024
    1. Secret of Praetoria

      This post reveals details about the various buildings that players can construct on their land plots in the Secret of Praetoria - Phase 2 whitepaper. Including resource production, refinement, and storage buildings with specific requirements and levels. Additionally, it discusses the maintenance, repurposing, and special resources like Trifoil Runes obtained from Castle or Keep buildings.

    2. Secret of Praetoria
      • Who: The Splinterlands team.
      • What: Revealing details about the various buildings that players can construct on their land plots in Praetoria as part of the Phase 2 whitepaper reveal series.
      • Why: To provide players with information about the economy flowchart and mechanics of the land expansion in Praetoria.
      • When: Part 3 of the whitepaper series.
      • How: By detailing the different types of buildings available (Resource Production, Resource Refinement, and Resource Storage) and explaining the construction, upgrading, maintenance, and repurposing processes for these buildings.
    1. Splinterlands Town Hall Summary

      The post provides a summary of the Splinterlands Town Hall held on January 18th, 2024. Highlighting key points such as: - the launch of Conflicts, - updates to the new player experience, - custom avatars, - player housing, - changes to the ranked battle system, - and the release of new soulbound reward cards.

    2. Splinterlands Town Hall Summary

      Who: - Yabapmatt (Co-Founder & CEO) - Investygator (OPS Product Owner / Software Developer) - Cryptomancer (Developer) - Nate (Creative)

      What: - Splinterlands Town Hall Summary on January 18th, 2024 - Discussion on conflicts, new player experience, custom avatars, player housing, ranked battle system overhaul, and soulbound reward cards - Introduction of the first airdrop card - Rage

      Why: - To provide updates and information on the latest developments and plans for Splinterlands

      When: - January 18th, 2024

      How: - Through a recorded town hall meeting with timestamps for each team member's presentation - Detailed information and explanations provided in the post

  3. Jan 2024
    1. dCity new Combine

      The Hive mining post discusses the new updates in the dCity game, including the introduction of temples and the distribution of the ENTRY token. The author shares their strategy and thoughts on the updates.

    2. Hive-Mining

      Hive Mining

      • Who: The author of the post, Alex E.B. Trapp.
      • What: The post discusses the new updates in dCity, specifically the addition of temples and the network effects.
      • Where: The updates are on the dCity platform.
      • Why: The updates add utility to the network combines and introduce new gameplay mechanics.
      • How: The new temples can be combined using specific cards, such as Hive Mining Operation, Warehouse, Advanced Management, and Bag of SIM. The author also mentions the distribution of ENTRY and its usefulness in buying Chaos Packs, NFT hoodies, and other NFTs. The author shares their own experience and strategy in the game.
    1. Play Hive Bits With Pepe!
  4. Aug 2023
  5. May 2023
    1. CD-ROM interactive content and games like Myst (1993)

      The 1993 game Myst, available on CD-ROM, had a card index like format.

  6. Feb 2023
    1. TikTok offers an online resource center for creators seeking to learn more about its recommendation systems, and has opened multiple transparency and accountability centers where guests can learn how the app’s algorithm operates.

      There seems to be a number of issues with the positive and negative feedback systems these social media companies are trying to create. What are they really measuring? The either aren't measuring well or aren't designing well (or both?)...

  7. Nov 2022
    1. Donations

      To add some other intermediary services:

      To add a service for groups:

      To add a service that enables fans to support the creators directly and anonymously via microdonations or small donations by pre-charging their Coil account to spend on content streaming or tipping the creators' wallets via a layer containing JS script following the Interledger Protocol proposed to W3C:

      If you want to know more, head to Web Monetization or Community or Explainer

      Disclaimer: I am a recipient of a grant from the Interledger Foundation, so there would be a Conflict of Interest if I edited directly. Plus, sharing on Hypothesis allows other users to chime in.

  8. Oct 2022
    1. en 2018 et 2019, Ubisoft a ajouté à chaque jeu un mode éliminant toutes les missions et tous lescombats, appelé « Discovery Tours », dans le but que les professeurs d’Histoire dans les écoles secondairespuissent utiliser ces jeux dans leurs cours.
    2. Pourtant, cesmêmes chercheurs accordent toute leur attention aux jeux vidéo sérieux qui, ils le reconnaissent eux-mêmes,sont souvent « peu motivants », « amusants » et « divertissants » (c’est-à-dire, offrant un engagement et uneimmersion faibles), contrairement aux jeux vidéo commerciaux ou basés sur le divertissement (Davidson, 2008;Gee, 2008; Granic et coll., 2014; Hamari et Koivisto, 2015).
    3. les jeux vidéo basés sur le divertissement offrent des expériences similaires aux jeux vidéo sérieux, et qu’il estdonc probable qu’ils mènent à un apprentissage significatif
  9. Sep 2022
  10. Aug 2022
    1. A hashtag will not stop Gamergate. Conversations like these, en masse, over time, will. The dehumanizing effects of the Internet are not helping anyone here, but they can be overcome with time and patience. Everyone has the potential to change and exercise empathy, though it will usually end up happening on their own terms. “This really IS a hate movement fueled by nutters. How did I get dragged into this?!” said one reconsidered Gamergater in a post on the NeoGAF forum (a post that, predictably, is being called out as a fake by the rest of the Gamergate community). “We can’t start enacting change when the people who actually could start making these changes happen want nothing to do with us.” Funny, the same could be said of both sides.
    1. It is tremendously disheartening to suspect that the treatment of women online is getting worse, not better. We've had decades of experience dealing with those who use the Internet with the intent to cause mental or physical distress or harm. We really haven't leveled up? As individuals, communities and corporate entities, do we still lack the will, despite seeing the fruits of apathy and averted eyes?
    1. I know this entry will probably draw contempt from people in the Gamer Gate movement. Something to scorn, something to rile them up against me and everything I’ve ever made. Especially, and most hurtfully, to mock my vulnerability. I just have one thing to say to you who do that: I’m genuinely sorry you are so angry. 
    2. I have allowed a handful of anonymous people censor me. They have forced me, out of fear, into seeing myself a potential victim. 
    1. The closest thing that any of these officially unofficial forums can agree on is that GamerGate is anti-progressiveism – a push back against the Social Justice Warriors that have been “infiltrating” gaming and somehow controlling it through means that nobody can quite explain except through dark inferences of “influence” or “coercion”.
    1. In this video series, Feminist Frequency will explore five common and recurring stereotypes of female characters in video games
    1. Twine was created by a web developer named Chris Klimas in 2009. While in graduate school at the University of Baltimore’s Interaction Design and Information Architecture program, Klimas began writing what he calls “hypertext fiction”—playing with interactivity and narrative outside a game. In order to make life easier for himself, he invented a set of tools that turned source code into interactive HTML. He showed them around to some friends, but no one seemed particularly interested, mostly because they were heavy on programming language and hard to comprehend.
    1. queers in love at the end of the world is a hypertext game built on the Twine platform in which the player experiences fleeting intimacy in a ten-second narrative. In the upper left of the browser window, a timer counting down the seconds prompts the reader to move quickly, advancing the narrative by clicking highlighted action words with little time to deliberate or savor the moments chosen before "Everything is wiped away.
    1. dys4ia and a lot of the games loosely grouped with it were all made on Twine, a programming language for making hypertext games that was created in 2009 by Chris Klimas and intended for writers looking to experiment with literature. Skeptics argue that these creations are too simplistic and linear to be considered “games.”
    1. “I think that everything I do tends to root for the underdog. I always felt as a kid that I was under appreciated, invisible or weird, but I've always secretly thought people would one day appreciate what is different about me. I'm always putting that message out there. Eventually, the nerds and the geeks will have their day.” — Judd Apatow, from his imdb.com Biography
    1. Why Are You So Angry? Part 1: A Short History of Anita Sarkeesian

      Why Are You So Angry? Part 1: A Short History of Anita Sarkeesian

    1. these gamers are blinded by taste privilege. What do I mean by “taste privilege,” a phrase I’ve not seen referenced elsewhere (but please let me know if you’ve seen similar usage, as this is a concept I’d like to explore more in my research)? There are many different ways to define and conceptualize privilege, but one that makes sense for me (as a person of privilege) is that privilege is the freedom to not notice difference. In most contexts, I’m perfectly able to imagine that my experiences are shared, commonplace norms, rather than defined by my identity in ways that other people would experience differently. There is rarely a consequence for me to assume that other people see the world as I do, sharing the same access, rights, and freedoms. Basically, privilege is the freedom to ignore your own privilege.
  11. Jul 2022
    1. To even imply a causal link between such representations and the most grotesque real-world violence is to do a disservice to the reality of that complexity. Worse, it contributes to a narrative that many on the far-right have desperately sought to amplify, in a bid to distract from far more pressing conversations about guns themselves, the role of police, and white supremacism in our society.
    2. Our culture is saturated in violent imagery and narratives that glorify violence, presenting it as the epitome of heroism and the surest solution to problems. Therefore, it would be naive to deny it has a role in shaping the fantasies of mass killers, who frequently imagine themselves as warriors — even as knights! — and who were weaned on a gaming culture saturated with guns.  The problem with this critique is four-fold. One, it overstates the role of popular culture in these killings; two, it misunderstands the incredibly versatile role of violence in that culture; three, it runs the risk of obscuring more complex and specific problems in the gaming industry; four, it is heedless of the ideological “drift” of such arguments, which, however they’re phrased, inevitably abet conservative interests.
    1. This sort of preconditioning — button-mashing our way through hard opponents before rage quitting — is unregulated, undisciplined, unmatched to the gravity of real conflict. But it conditions us on a haptic level, teaching us to respond to the feel of an object in certain ways. Heidegger makes the case that we cannot come to grasp a hammer’s essence through detached observation, but through its use — only when we’re hammering do we come to an understanding of what a hammer is. Gaming is the means by which the controller is known, revealing the essence of this tool as one of play: we grow to see it as weightless, inconsequential, and the conscious substitution of “fake” tools for “real” ones can’t easily displace the knowledge inscribed into our bodies and hands. The artist Rachel Berger acknowledged this tactile risk when she created an Xbox controller cast in lead and copper to respond to its weaponization. Discussing her piece, she said that the “Xbox controller’s seeming innocence is the key to its danger.” The way it feels in our hands, so light and familiar, makes it unthinkable as a heavy, alien instrument of death.
  12. Feb 2022
    1. The cloud advantage was one of the main pillars upon which the Stadia business was built, and there just isn't any evidence that this theoretical benefit is working to Google's benefit in real life.

      Has better latency != can have better latency. If there's demand for Stadia I assume they could use more of those data centers. But not sure the performance of Stadaia is the problem here, it's far far easier to use Stadia than Gefore NOW. Yet, people don't use it.

    2. "The fundamental benefit of our cloud-native infrastructure is that developers will be able to take advantage of hardware and power in ways never before possible, and that includes taking advantage of the power of multiple GPUs at once."

      Notably, this goal has been stated before, I believe by Microsoft for the Xbox 360? Running demanding workloads in the cloud elastically makes a lot more sense than buying hardware you rarely use.

    3. For Nvidia, the speed of the 3080 package makes for a solid sales pitch: This cloud PC is probably faster than your home system, so cloud gaming is worth it. Cloud gaming will always present a latency tradeoff, but that latency is easier to accept if you're getting otherwise-unattainable graphics quality along with it.

      Smart strategy by Nvidia.

  13. Nov 2021
  14. Aug 2021
    1. But it has always seemed to me that, at some point, as well as running around and shooting and solving puzzles, games introduced this other thing. Which was that you spend a lot of time choosing and managing things – not just how you looked, but what weapons and what powers you had, and how you could balance one against the other to produce the most effective online-being for the system of the game.
  15. Apr 2021
    1. The privacy agreement allows Niantic Labs to snap a photo of what the user thinks is a Pikachu but Niantic knows is $500,000 worth of market research. Now imagine the client is a police chief, or the Department of Homeland Security.

      The implications of this are huge and cannot be understated. Pokemon Go has seen a bit of a decline in it's user base since the article was published, but as this data breakdown shows - one key takeaway from this data breakdown is that this app maintains an impressive user base and signifiant marketshare even 4 1/2 years on from it's debut - clearly the pairing of a famously cute intellectual property with an addictive gaming model is a recipe for success.

  16. Mar 2021
    1. according to Hao, Mark Zuckerberg wants to increase the number of people who log into Facebook six days a week. I’m not going to get into whether this is good or bad here, but it certainly shows that what you are doing, and how you are doing it, is very important to Facebook.

      Can we leverage these data points to follow a movement like Meatless Monday to encourage people to not use Facebook two days a week to cause this data analysis to crash?

      Anything that is measured can be gamed. But there's also the issue of a moving target because Facebook will change it's target which then means the community activism will need to change it's target as well. (This may be fine if the point is community engagement and education as the overall mission, in which case the changing target continually engages people and brings in new people to consider what is happening and why.)

  17. Jun 2020
  18. Apr 2020
  19. Nov 2019
    1. Can I ask people to upvote my submission? No. Users should vote for a story because they personally find it intellectually interesting, not because someone has content to promote.
  20. Jun 2019
    1. This is especially true for online gaming

      WASM is being used to run many demanding applications directly in the browser. Autocad is one important example where architects can use this application without installing a usually very heavy piece of software on their computers. They can access the Autocad suite from almost any computer only by logging into to a website. It is expected that a large part of the gaming industry will shift this way as well as many other services. One of the main advantages of this approach aside from a lack of a local installation is real-time software updates for any number of users. A new model of software building and execution will be based on WASM. WASM is also very good for blockchains. Search for the WASM section to learn more.

  21. Apr 2019
    1. Worldwide gaming industry is worth billions and with such high figures at stake gamers never compromise on the hardware used for their professional gaming matches. The world is also recognizing gaming as a full-time employment and earning opportunity rather than the just a free time hobby. Now let’s come to facts. Things might look simple but it’s easier said than done. Professional gamers invest a lot on their hardware and equipment to reach at the top. If you are one of those who is inspired to be follow their steps or stepping into this industry, then this is a must-read article for you. In this article we will be covering How to Choose the right Gaming Monitor for your PC, undoubtedly the most important investment a gamer needs to make. Selecting a Gaming Monitor– Physical Design, Shape & Size: While finalizing the design first take into account the space available at your desk for the same. You would never want a misfit, specially when it comes to a gaming monitor. Idle size would be 24”. After the size comes the shape of the design and shape. Flat screen monitors are slowly giving way to curved screen ones with better view and immersive experience. Remember your size shape and design of your monitor would have a great impact on your gaming experience. Huntkey a leading online electrical and electronics store based in USA has a collection of gaming monitors for all level of gamers depending upon the requirement, budget, size etc. Selecting a Gaming Monitor- Specifications: 3 specifications should always be taken care of while buying any sort of visual monitor for an immersive experience, native resolutions, response rate & viewing angle. Higher resolutions ensure more information is packed into your monitor. Here the recommended resolutions size is of 1920X1080. A gamer always requires detailed information for successfully completing the missions. This where higher pixels or resolution play a key role. Let’s take an example for a real war mission. You blink and you die. The same also goes for a gamer involved in this genre of gaming where even a delay of certain milliseconds can end the entire mission for you. Professional gamers probably would end up losing millions of dollars where the response rate of the monitor is not optimal. Even though there is no well-defined response rate but anything that ensures you take the headshot every time, probably a response rate between 2-5 milliseconds would be helpful. This feature is most importantly relevant for television viewing or for motion graphics/movie viewing. Viewing angle is the angle from which if viewed, the quality of graphics appearing in te video doesn’t degrade. In most cases unless the display is curved or of high specs, moving away from the center of the display downgrades the viewing experience. For online purchase of gaming monitors visit HuntKey.com.

      Worldwide gaming industry is worth billions and with such high figures at stake gamers never compromise on the hardware used for their professional gaming matches. The world is also recognizing gaming as a full-time employment and earning opportunity rather than the just a free time hobby.

  22. Feb 2019
    1. Motivating Learners

      Notes from Video -embracing change -hardcore gamers- surprising things that you find- kids are incredibly bottom-line oriented- want to be measured to see how much they are improving -"if i am not learning, then i am not having fun"- embracing change, leveling up, higher order tasks, or the game is changing -Questioning position helps students to embrace change -Compete with each other and collaborate each other -Start looking at other people online to help them to learn new things -kids that have been turned on to learning- there is no stopping them -passionate community interest group that students can join -learning has to do with learning how to join a group with a common interest -what you are doing becomes a platform for something new -trajectories through life pace as opposed to fixed points -power and importance of play- how to I take an idea and play with it to become something new -learn that not everything works- need to be willing to realize that instead of being afraid of things not working- we need to be willing to change what hasnt worked to make it work for us

  23. Oct 2018
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  25. Apr 2017
    1. Game Night

      Oxford College Library is offering a Game Night on April 14, 2017, 7-11 pm! We hope to see you there!

  26. Dec 2016
    1. “a-r-e”. And then “j-e-w-s”.

      If you flip the words around to "jews are..." you don't get predictive searches. Why? I guess it doesn't think of the words as a question. Check out the related searches at the bottom of my page with this query.

      How in the world can these results be so skewed? Is there an active community of antisemitic folks actually looking for self-justification or is this a gaming of the search system?

  27. Jun 2016
    1. games with photorealistic graphics, and stand now on the cusp of a new wave of virtual and augmented reality experiences.

      No doubt all this will be very cool and maybe revolutionary in certain ways. The simple sensory experience of walking through the whatevillions of molecules we pass through each day just can't be completely replicated. It'll just be another carnival ride.

    1. I often use a supplemental evaluation form at the end of the term. There are two competing functions of the evaluation. The first is to give you feedback for course improvement, and the second is to assess performance. What the students might think is constructive feedback might be seen as a negative critique by those not in the classroom. It’s in our interest to separate those two functions onto separate pieces of paper. Before we went digital, I used to hold up the university form and say: “This form [holding up the scantron] is being used by the school as a referendum on my continued employment. I won’t be able to access these forms until after the next semester already starts, so they won’t help me out that much.” Then I held up another piece of paper [an evaluation I wrote with specific questions about the course] and said, “This one is constructive feedback about what you liked and didn’t like about the course. If you have criticisms of the course that you want me to see, but don’t think that my bosses need to see them, then this is the place to do it. Note that this form has specific questions about our readings, homework, tests and lessons. I’m just collecting these for myself, and I’d prefer if you don’t put your names on them.” I find that students are far more likely to evaluate my teaching in broad strokes in the university form when I use this approach, and there are fewer little nitpicky negative comments.

      A version of the famous advice to let students evaluate you twice: once privately and once formally

  28. Mar 2016
    1. survey reveals that the number of Steam users on Linux has slipped to below 1%. The most optimistic estimates place the number of Linux desktop users at a maximum of 2%

      would be nice to know the absolut numbers, not only relative numbers. absolut number of linux users can grow even if realtive share is shrinking. the link leads to a steam stite that demands flash :-(

  29. Nov 2015
    1. Only four years old, Twitch already has 100 million viewers who consume 20 billion minutes of gaming every month. According to one 2014 study, Twitch is the fourth-­most-­visited site on the Internet during peak traffic periods, after Netflix, Google and Apple and above Facebook and Amazon. (Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 for about $1 billion, all of it cash.) And there is money in it for the gamers themselves, called ‘‘streamers’’: Fans can subscribe to channels for extra access, or they can send donations of any amount. Streamers with modest followings can make respectable incomes — hundreds or thousands of dollars a month — and the very top streamers are getting rich.

      (This is entirely peripheral to the subject of the article. I am making note of it because I have barely heard of Twitch until recently.)

  30. Sep 2015
    1. basketball campers play a basketball shooting game and in one condition it was orientedto be competitive against each other in another condition it was more focused on team playand cooperation. Afterwards he asked the kids how much fun they had, and he found that theyreally found the cooperative team play more fun and more motivating.
    1. But in a digital world, how do we connect ourselves and our children to what were once oral traditions? Hollywood has accomplished some of these tasks. The recent screen version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings brought us a classic story that is based on the epic tradition. Yet how many of us have stopped and talked with our children about the deeper meanings of this tale? As the sophistication of video gaming grows, can the power of this entertainment form be used to educate children about the pitfalls of following a herd mentality? Could these games help children develop their own internal compass in morally ambiguous situations? Or perhaps even help them think about their own ability to act heroically? And as we plow ahead in the digital era, how can the fundamental teachings of a code of honor remain relevant to human interactions?
  31. May 2015
  32. Mar 2014
    1. 2-year research project Games@School concerning educational gaming aspects.

      researches prove that educational gaming is an effective learining method