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  1. Oct 2018
    1. In summary then, IVANHOE can be used in a variety of ways as a competitive, game-like environment, as a collaborative study and research situation, or as a context in which players strive to achieve their own individual goals. In a classroom setting, IVANHOE could encourage students to improve bibliographical and research skills in one round and critical-reading skills in the next. Individual students could decide which of several interpretive skills they wish to improve in a round of play, or they could consult with a teacher to set these goals. For more mature players, various competitive or collaborative situations might be imagined to promote specific types of critical reflection and scholarly research. IVANHOE can be played in a game mode with points, scoring, and competitive interactions. It can also be used for non-competitive collaborative work within a community of scholars or in classroom activities.

      Like the focus on the flexibility of the instrument. But how would you keep score?

    2. The test runs also suggested two other useful ways in which to explore the tool's design possibilities: first, to deploy IVANHOE as both a pedagogical and a scholarly research tool; second, to launch its functions in a born-digital database of materials. IVANHOE's interpretational capacities were conceived to have wide range and flexibility across every sort of informational material in the humanities and the social sciences

      Note emphasis on empirical language: they ran "tests" or "experiments" based on hunches and the desire to test out the technology's limits and blind spots. Emphasis on collective investigation, iterative exploration.

  2. Jun 2018
  3. Apr 2016
    1. I love this crossing of the streams. And many critics note parallels between BB and BC in terms of the questions of vision, blindness, and justice.

    1. An opening Narrator · March 28, 2016 It was a dark and stormy night… Just kidding. Of the Bellipotent and its human cargo remains much to be told–all, in fact–but digressions will predominate here and throughout, to the detriment, I’m afraid, of ingress. As a prolegomena, then, a bit about the figure of the “Handsome Sailor” that roamed the pages of books … View More

      Definitely wish there was a conversation view rather than the posts appearing in a chronological order. The posts show what they're a response to but the visual is definitely lacking to keep some kind of order.

    1. Be less direct, man.

      This too (i.e., the original move's title) is confusing, just in terms of formatting.

    2. Be less direct, man.

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