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    1. Game & Watch games are even more “pick up and play” than your average arcade game and are generally about score. Nintendo also aggresively pursued licenses like Mickey Mouse and Snoopy, because of the higher resolution art that made possible. This was an early example of a Nintendo philosophy known as “lateral thinking with withered technology” which we see even today, where their console uses an older mobile system-on-a-chip to successfully compete with much higher-end consoles.

      Describing Nintendo's philosophy as "lateral thinking with withered technology" -- common in its early days and with its three most-recent consoles, Wii, Wii U, and Switch. I discussed its new-found commitment to supporting its older consoles regarding statements that it made about the Switch's life-cycle.

    1. And Minnesota lottery officials had hoped to launch a pilot project that would have let people purchase lottery tickets through through Nintendo units in their homes.Nintendo decks, estimated to be in 32 percent of Minnesota homes, would have been equipped with special lottery cartridges and a telephone modem. But the idea was abandoned after vocal protests from several powerful state legislators.''Intruding into people`s homes and converting a game which is immensely popular with young children into a gambling tool is not only unethical, but insidiously destructive to society,'' state Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe told reporters in St. Paul when the idea was floated in September.

      1991 article on a very questionable proposal by Minnesota lottery officials to make it possible for NES owners to use their game consoles to purchase lottery tickets.

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    1. Everything not saved will be lost.—Nintendo “Quit Screen” messag

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    1. It was during the development of the Game & Watch that Yokoi laid down principles of hardware design that would echo through Nintendo’s history right up to the present day, dubbing it "Lateral Thinking of Withered Technology"

      Dit is de basis geweest voor het denken rondom alle hardware van Nintendo. Fun gameplay is belangrijker dan flashy technologie. Liever oudere tech gebruiken en die op een innovatieve manier inzetten dan altijd de latest en greatest in willen zetten.

    2. The genesis of Nintendo’s Game & Watch series is recounted in an equally whimsical tale. According to legend, Nintendo engineer Gunpei Yokoi came up with the concept after observing a bored Japanese salaryman absent-mindedly poking at the buttons of his pocket calculator whilst travelling to work. This seemingly innocuous encounter ultimately gave birth to portable video gaming as we know it today.

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    1. Game Night

      Oxford College Library is offering a Game Night on April 14, 2017, 7-11 pm! We hope to see you there!