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  1. Nov 2022
    1. Game & Watch games are even more “pick up and play” than your average arcade game and are generally about score. Nintendo also aggresively pursued licenses like Mickey Mouse and Snoopy, because of the higher resolution art that made possible. This was an early example of a Nintendo philosophy known as “lateral thinking with withered technology” which we see even today, where their console uses an older mobile system-on-a-chip to successfully compete with much higher-end consoles.

      Describing Nintendo's philosophy as "lateral thinking with withered technology" -- common in its early days and with its three most-recent consoles, Wii, Wii U, and Switch. I discussed its new-found commitment to supporting its older consoles regarding statements that it made about the Switch's life-cycle.

    1. We write the endings so that everything wraps up tidily in the end, you see. The choices make a small impact—maybe making things a little easier, or a little harder. However, there is one really big choice to make. We did our best to make it as big as possible. (laughs) I think it will get players' chests pounding.

      Explaining that although Dragon Quest VI has many choices, almost none of the in-game choices affect the ending or the ultimate course of the main story.

    2. We had just ported DQI&II to the SFC, and for the first time in quite awhile, I got to play DQII again. I thought it was fun how many different places you have access to. That's why, for DQVI I suggested we craft a world that, while still retaining a dramatic story, allowed higher degree of player freedom and let you do things in the order you wanted.

      On creating a game with player choice and input and a well-defined dramatic story.

    3. trying to avoid contradictions with these two opposing goals was tough.

      This line from Yuji Horii, the producer of Dragon Quest VI, references the tension between creating a game which gives the player freedom of action and creating a game with a well-defined dramatic story.

  2. Oct 2022
    1. Our company tends to draw a lot of detailed, realistic characters, and it turned out that lot of the designers had privately been waiting for an opportunity to draw characters in this style, but were reluctant to say so.

      Apparently many artists at Capcom in the 1990s secretly wanted to draw chibi characters but were afraid to say so. I addressed the humorous anecdote from this 1996 interview here.

  3. Mar 2021
    1. We set out from the hypothesis that videogames may become interesting resources for their inclusion in the education processes in formal contexts
  4. Jan 2020
    1. Video Games are a Booming IndustryThe video game industry generates more revenue than movies and music.

      Revenue raised by videogames > films + music

  5. Sep 2017
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    1. The rest of the hobbies were either self taught or taught by my past teachers. In terms of gaming, I have taken part of many different Alpha, Beta, and Common Tests for various games from World of Warcraft to War Thunder.

      May I say that being able to test the different levels of game during it's production is pretty cool. I do enjoy being able to test games via GameJolt. To see the potential people have. Recently I've played and checked a game called Alaska (I think). A game being made by only one man and so far it is only I'm quite sure Alpha. It's doing quite well so far and looks like it has quite a bit of potential.

  7. Apr 2015
  8. Oct 2013
    1. PlayStation C.A.M.P. — the same team behind last year's quirky Tokyo Jungle — examines another offbeat topic for its latest project: What if you were invisible and could only see yourself or be seen by others when standing in the rain?

      Such a great idea. I was stoked to see this at E3!

    1. More drastic are the changes to the returning Exp. Share item, which gives every inactive member of your party a half-portion of rewarded XP at the end of every battle, no questions asked.

      Badass addition.

    1. For Foddy, QWOP was designed as a critique of the classic arcade game Track & Field. Foddy always looks to the games of his childhood when developing his own works rather than his more recent philosophy studies.

      Interesting to rely on life experiences vs. Philosophy background.