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  1. Jun 2019
  2. May 2019
  3. May 2017
    1. It inspired his work at Google, where he led the creation of the historical map platform Field Trip, and then, the Pokémon Go precursor, Ingress.

      I loved field trip for Glass!

    2. Niantic, the maker of Pokémon Go, is teaming up with the Knight Foundation in a multiyear commitment promoting civic engagement in communities. That means the two entities will pitch in time, money, and plenty of Pokémon to get citizens outside, exploring their towns in city-organized events.

      Very interesting development!

    1. The regulation of an entire burgeoning industry, and the interpretation of the Constitution in the digital age, could be impacted by the court’s decision in a case inspired by Pokémon.

      This is a really interesting case. How have I not heard of it?

  4. Aug 2016
    1. real problems

      Fair enough. But Turkle is ignoring some real problems that Pokemon does address. According to the CDC, 74% of children ages 5-10 don't get enough exercise, and 80% of adults don't get enough exercise (Jaslow). Yet fitness tracker data shows that Pokemon players "were found to be walking 62.5 percent more than usual" (Baig).

      Another real problem is that 14.8 million American adults are depressed and 40 million American adults suffer from anxiety (Anxiety and Depression Association of America). But believe it or not, Pokemon can help. Playing Pokemon improves peoples' moods, which in turn promotes social interaction. Plus, reward pathways and the hippocampus are stimulated during game play, both of which can atrophy with depression.

      Professor Daniel Freeman from the department of psychiatry at Oxford University notes: “It [Pokémon Go] could be used to refocus your attention away from threat by getting you immersed in engaging activity, or it could be used to present the things you fear for long enough to help your anxiety naturally decline. Combine the right psychological science and augmented reality and you’ll have a really powerful treatment tool” (qtd. in Baig).

      Boom. Mic drop.

  5. Oct 2013
    1. More drastic are the changes to the returning Exp. Share item, which gives every inactive member of your party a half-portion of rewarded XP at the end of every battle, no questions asked.

      Badass addition.