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    1. listening

      Another superpower skill that needs to be honored as well as developed

    2. simply put, youth are writers. What becomes radical is the refusal of the dominant narratives that suggest that young people, especially urban youth, are not writers

      I think the radical act is "naming" yourself, not waiting to be defined or labeled.

  5. Sep 2018
    1. "The ideas of the First Amendment are not designed to deal with what it took to make the materials [of pornography.]" [5:56-5:59]

    2. "The 'freely choosing women'... As if you've raised a freely choosing black person [who decides to 'freely choose'] to clean toilets. That's the equivalent. You call that freedom. It's called freedom when women choose to do it and it's sex because people believe that sex is free. However, pornography is selling yourself for sex. The idea of money is supposed to make it free. Usually, when people have sex with another person and choose to do it, they're not being paid, it's free because you're not being paid. In other words, this is an arm of prostitution." [NOT VERBATIM] [3:53-4:31]

  6. Sep 2017
    1. We may simply misunderstand what motivates them to do what they do as new groups adopt the identity. We presume they follow in a certain mold of hackers, or are Trojan horses for Silicon Valley.

      ¿Pueden ser estos troyanos del Valle del Silicio ser culturales, como en el caso descrito por los Radical Engineers de Götz?



  7. Apr 2017