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  1. Jan 2020
    1. public sphere

      Definición de esfera pública

    2. MANUFACTURING CONSENT The Political Economy of the Mass Media EDWARD S. HERMAN and NOAM CHOMSKY With a new introduction by the authors Pantheon Books, New York

      Manufacturing consent, de Chomsky y Herman en texto plano.

    1.  ) +)

      Krippendorff, aquí en la bibliografía: Content analysis. An introduction to its methodology.

    2. #(( ;$$

      Here it is, the d) Content analysis in the methodology is what I need.

    3.   /'

      Content analysis


      Tesis doctoral de Núria Ferran Ferrer

    1. your reforms

      The Dirección Nacional de Derecho de Autor and the Cancillería de la República de Colombia can represent not just to rightholders, but users, readers and librarians as well.

    2. IFLA offers the following comments for your consideration

      Not this part and following comments.

    3. digital age

      ...in harmonization with the international context and support a better access to the information to Latin America and the Caribbean.

    4. your initial proposals to provide copyright exceptions for libraries.

      if you can work with the Colegio Colombiano de Bibliotecología - ASCOLBI, presided by Mr. Leonardo Ramírez.

    5. through licensing contract terms or technological protection measures

      (Here the topics for SCCR. Maybe you remember it better than me, but I think are exceptions for libraries, education, digital environment and relations between different cultural institutions, like the Luis Ángel Arango Library and the network of libraries on your charge with archives and museums.

    6. considering ambitious copyright reforms

      participating at Geneve (Switzerland) on the World Intellectual Property Organization's Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) twice per year.

    7. Donna Scheeder

      Christine Mackenzie

    8. Minister,


    9. Calle 28 No 13A -15,

      Calle 11 # 4-14 La Candelaria

    10. Ministerio de ComercioIndustria y Turismo

      Luis Ángel Arango Library

    11. Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism,


    12. Mariá Claudia Lacouture

      Ana Roda Fornaguera

    1. WP:SNOW

      Bureaucratic behaviours

    2. Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Katie Bouman

      El caso de Katie Bouman en la categoría de Articles for Deletion y mi análisis de los comentarios bajo la categoría inicial de not relevant

    3. she does pass the notability criteria on her own

      Notability criteria

    4. This might be a good place for a speedy decision to be made,


    5. wide variety of coverage in a variety of media

      Coverage Media

    6. article should be trimmed a bit, but deletion is unjustified


    7. Some undue weight, but that doesn't means she isn't notable


    8. Jealous bros should not cry each time a woman is part of an achievement.


    9. the media did give her way too much unasked for credit for a discovery made by a large international team


    10. Recommend editing article to reflect disproportionate amount of press coverage received and reiterate that she is one of the many researchers behind the photograph of the black hole

      Press coverage

    11. Meets criteria under WP:NACADEMIC due to *extensive* press coverage (including multiple secondary sources) over the past 48 hours.

      Criteria Notable Press coverage

    12. it was held recently in the AfD discussion about Saikat Chakrabarti that coverage of other aspects of the person's like (which our article on her details a fair bit of) satisfied those concerns even if the coverage was in news stories otherwise about the "1E"

      Article for Deletion discussion Coverage Notable

    13. the subject meets WP:GNG

      Notable Significant coverage Reliable source

    14. There is an important nuance that you're missing (along with others)—WP:SUSTAINED press coverage is what establishes notability, not a sudden burst of coverage. WP:TOOSOON also applies.

      Press coverage Notable

    15. it isn't indicative of is significance, but that's a different thing


    16. press coverage is exactly indicative of (and more or less synonymous with) notability, as defined by GNG

      Press coverage Notable

    17. not necessary indicative of notability if it is not WP:SUSTAINED


    18. it will be more due to press/social media celebrity

      press/social media

    19. the sources like the NYT note that the press coverage she's received is of outsize significance to her actual role in the project.

      Sources Press coverage

    20. WP:1E is pretty clear;


    21. I don't know that "her story needs to be told" is a justification for a WP article.


    22. the disproportionate level of coverage to her share of the project should be clarified.


    23. Bouman has received substantial focused coverage from many major news outlets


    24. it's an embarrassment to Wikipedia to have the AfD tag on top

      Article for Deletion

    25. WP:SNOW

      Borocratic behaviour

    26. is predicated on non-trivial coverage in reliable sources, and there is plenty of that here

      Coverage Reliable sources

    27. WP:BIO

      Wikipedia: Notability (person) Notable

    28. Her notability doesn't hinge on whether she was the principal person behind the the images


    29. This article is much better than many others about non-notable academics!

      Non-notable academics

    30. this is good indication that the Bouman article is notable


    31. Prominent coverage is primarily due to a facebook photo that went viral.


    32. per WP:1E


    33. the press should not have covered her work is original research

      Press Covered Original research

    34. the subject meets criterion 7 under NACADEMIC due to the press coverage

      Criterion (policy) Notable Press coverage

    35. adjust her article to reflect the analysis—in reputable secondary sources—about how the media singled her out as the "hero".

      Secondary sources Media

    36. Her story *should* be on Wikipedia


    37. Bouman has probably been covered in the news in every country in the world

      Covered News

    38. She is obviously notable enough to have a profile on here


    39. And the Washington Post story shifts gears from her role in the black hole image to online trolling focused around her,

      (Press) story Trolling

    40. There's now tons of in-depth coverage specifically about her



      Wikipedia: Notability Wikipedia: Notability (academics) Notable

    42. There is no evidence that she is a "key component"


    43. Easily notable


    44. list of Academics and educators-related deletion discussions

      Academics and educators-related deletion discussions

    45. list of Women-related deletion discussions.

      Women-related deletion discussions

    46. list of Science-related deletion discussions.

      Science-related deletion discussions

    47. We cover what reliable sources cover.

      Cover Reliable source

    48. Something like that would almost be worth an article itself.


    49. I don't see the policy basis for keeping this page


    50. doesn't satisfy WP:NACADEMIC

      Wikipedia: Notability (academics) Notable

    51. Where do the sources say that she is tenured?


    52. her tenured position at CalTech was announced before the media frenzy this week


    53. I don't support deletion of the article, but the importance of the mediatic coverage and her implication in the M*87 black hole should be explicit as “member of a collaboration of 200 researchers”


    54. Don't you think that this position is a consequence of this mediatic coverage?


    55. She's been featured in almost all coverage


    56. There were at least 200 people with comparable roles and dozens of people with much more notable roles in this event.


    57. WP:1E,


    58. These are guidelines, not policy, and based on the amount of publicity she's receiving, I see no reason why Wikipedia shouldn't have a well-sourced article on her.

      Policy Publicity Well-sourced article

    59. she isn't actually credited with any notable accomplishments herself.


    60. only in the context of WP:1E


    61. there are many reliable sources providing significant coverage of her personally.

      Reliable sources

    62. Bouman's not right for Wikipedia because she "is certainly not notable as a scientist",


    63. Any relevant material can be mentioned there


    64. of WP:1E

      Wikipedia: Notability (people). Notable

    65. Someone who isn't even an assistant professor is certainly not notable as a scientist.

      Notable as a scientist

    66. Wikipedia:Notability is not inherited.


    67. The Event Horizon Telescope project is notable in itself, and has its own article, but anyone who are in some way (remotely) associated with it are not inherently notable.


    1. Technosocial bootstrapping of solarpunk futures for/from the Global South Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas

      Entrada compartida en el Data Roda 38, sobre futuros solar punk.

  2. Dec 2019
    1. 6.3alineshaktifranzke, Feminist Research Ethics(explicitly taking up feminist ethics and ethics of care)

      Ética de investigación feminista y éticas del cuidado.

    2. Internet Research: Ethical Guidelines 3.0Association of Internet Researchers

      Guías éticas para la investigación en Internet

    1. a su producción descentralizada, horizontal, colaborativa y solidaria, máscerca estaremos como sociedad de saber gobernarnos de manera autónomasin la necesidad de relaciones de vigilancia y castigo o de un soberano quesepa cuáles son nuestras necesidades y nuestros beneficios.

      Me gusta mucho esta frase de cierre.

    2. muy frecuente en amplios sectores de la población en el sigloXXI)

      Realmente no. Cerca de la mitad de la humanidad no tiene acceso a Internet.

    3. Esta red no es, como muchos piensan, un ente extraño que estáen todos lados y en ninguno, oalgoquetienenen la costa oeste de EstadosUnidos, en Silicon Valley; sino una red construida por varias redes en todoel mundo organizada de manera horizontal, federada y descentralizada.

      Esto podría ser discutible, pero se me hace que deberíamos verlo como un derecho que debe cuidarse, es decir: no está dado y es eterno per se, sino que debe tratar de mantenerse.

    4. Anarquismo y edición como base deun proyecto político-culturalMauricio Gómez

      Trabajo de maestría de Mauricio.

  3. Nov 2019
    1. Wikipedia neutralizes its content by distinguishing(p.152)two layers: a visible layer of consensus backed up by an invisible yet accessible layer of discussion and a heterogeneous interpretation on the History and edit pages

      La forma de la neutralización de contenido en Wikipedia.

    2. But how separate or “sovereign” is this space? Can a nonprofit enclave of neutrality exist when it is woven into the corporate fabric of connective media? And how does the ideology of neutrality and objectivity relate to the sharing logic and popularity rankings fostered by Facebook and Google? In short, how does Wikipedia hold up in a culture of connectivity where the default is on frictionless sharing and data mining?

      Es sorprendente que esta plataforma no se base en el usufructo de la privacidad de sus usuarios, como sí lo hacen la gran mayoría de grandes compañías.

    3. Arbitration Committee

      Alguna vez leí algo sobre este comité en los artículos que Núria me pasó.

    4. Sociologist Christian Pentzold (2011: 718) articulates this very precisely in his ethnographic study of Wikipedia users when he observes that contributors do “not only have to learn to use the software tools, but they also have to acquire the appropriate beliefs, values

      Aprender las normas comunitarias más que las herramientas.

    5. The NPoV rule is thus a guiding principle for building a functional apparatus, but that apparatus simultaneously shapes the meaning of neutrality as the “average opinion” or “shared interpretation.”

      ¿Qué significa neutralidad?

    6. Third-party apps, like the WikiScanner, make it possible to geo-locate anonymous edits by looking up the IP addresses in an IP-to-Geo database, a listing of IP addresses and the companies and institutions they belong to, and track a potential interest

      Pueden ubicarse las ediciones anónimas en Wikipedia.

    7. Third, articles have to be written from a “Neutral Point of View” (NPoV);

      Punto de vista neutral

    8. A second related rule is called “No Original Research.” Wikipedia simply does not accept new or unpublished research or original thought

      Sin investigaciones originales (al ser una fuente secundaria)

    9. First, the rule of verifiability means that readers have to be able to retrace Wikipedia content to reliable sources

      Contenido verificable

    10. over 16 percent of all edits in Wikipedia were made by bots, a number that is still growing (Geiger and Ribes2010: 119).

      En 2010 el 16% de las ediciones fueron hechas por bots. Sorprendente.

    11. bots obtain their own user page

      No sabía que los bosts tenían su propia página de usuario. Esto es bastante interesante porque la interacción no es sólo entre humanos, sino también humano máquina y tal vez máquina máquina.

    12. we find bots, administrators, bureaucrats, and stewards; developers and system administrators take the highest positions

      La jerarquía de Wikipedia

    13. Did Wikipedia need specialists(p.136)to contribute entries on one specific area, or were generalists who could write about different areas more valuable to the site? As it turned out, researchers proved that the site needs both types of input. Whereas specialists boost the site’s quality level, generalists are crucial to the connective fabric of the encyclopedia, as they tend to make more linksbetweendomains (Halatchliyski et al.2010)

      Se necesitan especialistas y generalistas en la enciclopedia.

    14. Various researchers noted this dramatic shift in workload, but instead of endorsing the wisdom-of-crowds cliché, Kittur and colleagues (2007) researched “the rise of the bourgeoisie”: a marked growth in the population of low-edit users.

      De la sabiduría de las masas al nacimiento de la burguesía

    15. Until 2006, Wikipedia was largely written and maintained by a core of dedicated editors—2 percent doing 73 percent of all edits.

      Un pequeño grupo base haciendo gran cantidad deel trabajo. Muy familiar en comunidades de práctica.

    16. For instance, how does Wikipedia’s consensual apparatus relate to the ideology of sharing, as professed by Facebook and others? How does the platform’s ideology of neutrality compare to the logic of popularity ingrained in Google’s ranking(p.134)mechanisms? And how can Wikipedia hold up its nonprofit status in a network of media conglomerates that are overwhelmingly driven by the profit motive?

      Algunas preguntas interesantes.

    17. To many, Wikipedia is one of the few examples of what Yochai Benkler (2006: 5) has called “nonmarket peer-production” in an otherwise overwhelmingly corporate digital environment

      Producción de pares de no-mercado, según Yoachi Benkler.

    18. online knowledge construction

      Knowledge construction is a key concept.

    19. hierarchical content management system

      Wikipedia tiene un sistema de gestión jerárquico de contenido.

    20. Wikipedia and the Neutrality Principle

      Capítulo de libro, por José van Dijck

    1. This suggests that conflictual games’moving-on does not rely on sustainedconversations (because participants disagree anyway) but relies on convincing the auth-ority.

      One with power and others trying to convince him/her and that's it.

    2. Because ofthis inability to change the rules, debates thus centre on two other areas: the interpretationof these rules and the discovery of evidence to satisfy (e.g., notability) criteria.

      Lo que se juega en la discusión.

    3. The consultation/enforcement mode suggests the pragmatic side of a game in which theactual manifestation as a site of independent yet transparent lobbying efforts, deviatesfrom its original setup as a site of discussion.

      How consultation/enforcement works

    4. Because closing admins are not bound to appeal to the majority, they havethe power to decide regardless of how many deleters or retainers incidentally

      Como si fuera mucho poder en unas pocas manos.

    5. In the discussion game, editors par-ticipate in AfD discussions in a way that is similar to other online asynchronous chats(although lonely“discussions”with only one comment are also common)

      How discussion works

    6. Thisalso shows a practical side to AfD discussions—the aim is not so much about convincingothers. It is about convincing the authority.

      Una de mis hipótesis es que es la comunidad quien debate y el bibliotecario (administrador) quien ejecuta. Esto podría rebatir esa hipótesis.

    7. A keydifference here with casual synchronous chats is that AfD is confrontational:

      Like "one side against others"

    8. The problem is that WP:AIRCRASH is an“advice on article content,”52not a guideline.

      Claro, aquí lo dicen:This page is an essay on article content. It contains the advice and/or opinions of one or more WikiProjects on how the content policies may be interpreted within their area of interest.

      This WikiProject advice page is not a formal Wikipedia policy or guideline, as it has not been thoroughly vetted by the community.

    9. two language games—consultation/enforcement and discussion

      Language games

    10. Also, some“dis-cussions”are not interactive—in the case when participants are all talking to the closingadmin rather than to each other

      Sounds like there are no discussion

    11. frame discussions

      What if the frame is more flexible? That can decide the future of the whole article.

    12. cascading arguments,

      Esto me parece muy fuerte.

    13. But manyfirst movers are more aggressive

      Aggresive == male?

    14. Based mostly on signals, thisfirst move thus sounds personal rather than analytical.This is in line with Wikipedia’s spirit—consensus—but is also problematic on behalf ofCassidy03’s deletion cause.

      "...sounds personal rather than analytical". That's very interesting because it's a subjective argument.

    15. A deleter can start with a short comment

      Short comment for a first move

    16. inFigure 1.

      En los validadores externos se puede ver lo que julio me sugirió: buscamos referentes en una sociedad que históricamente no ha documentado las obras y vidas de las mujeres, por lo tanto ¿cómo vamos a reflejarlo en la enciclopedia?

    17. Here,“institutionalized rules”refers to the citation of Wikipedia rules to establish legiti-macy.

      Explicación de cada uno de las 4 categorías.

    18. Free style operationalization

      Me gusta como presenta las premisas a analizar en el párrafo siguiente: 5a es una premisa, 5b es la siguiente y 5c la conclusión.

    19. 1a] PerWP:NEO; this

      El enlace está roto, aquí el enlace correcto.

    20. Thefirst phase revealed four broad categories of discursive resources that editors oftenuse: institutionalized rules (Wikipedia policies/guidelines), external validators, free styleoperationalization, and signals

      Estos podrían ser los motivos a los que se refiere Núria.

    21. Data from the AfD discussion pages was collected from June 1, 2013 to June 21, 2013 (thefirst phase)

      Recolecta dicsuciones de artículos de borrado en 20 días.

    22. My analysis will adopt part of this critical orientation by focusingon thepower relationsbetween editors in their choice of utterance during AfD discussions.

      Analiza las relaciones de poder. Creo que pronto llegaré a Foucault.

    23. My method of choice is discourse analysis

      Methodology: discourse analysis.

    24. For the purpose of differentiation, I shall call thepersons of the actdeletersandretainers

      Definición de las corrientes de bibliotecarios en Wikipedia

    25. Previousstudies of Wikipedia’s article deletion processes have shown that the lack of indicationof importance alone is the most important commonly used criterion for speedyCOMMUNICATION AND CRITICAL/CULTURAL STUDIES307

      La falta de importancia es el criterio de borrado rápido por excelencia.

    26. Finally, AfD discussions are conflictual.

      Las discusiones de los artículos para borrado son conflictivos

    27. Second,none of its participants can be certain as to what the rules of each languagegame are

      Reglas del juego del lenguaje

    28. First, thereisnoclearboundaryastowhoisaninsiderandwhoisanoutsiderand,ifthereisaboundary, there is high mobility between the inside and the outside (and vice versa)

      Adentro y afuera de Wikipedia

    29. I will conceptualize Wikipedia editors’online exchanges as amovein a“language game,”acentral concept of Wittgenstein’s view on language as social actions

      Concepto: Editor (bibliotecario) de Wikipedia. Movimiento en el concepto de lenguaje como acción social de Wittgenstein.

    30. As we shall see, much of the debate centres onthe interpretation of the“notability guideline”(WP:Notability),20which decideswhether topics should be included in this gigantic encyclopedia

      Claro, la interpretación e lo que significa "notoriedad" puede ser muy subjetiva.

    31. We have movedaway from mass reception to a supposed age of microinteractions and reinstitutionaliza-tion of civil space.

      Microinteracciones y espacio civil.

    32. Editors of newspapers and magazines constantly engage in the selection and silencing ofinformation in terms of choosing what to publish. This, in effect, sets a boundary betweenknowledge and“nonknowledge

      Establecimiento de jerarquías.

    33. Negotiating boundaries of knowledge: Discourseanalysis of Wikipedia's Articles for Deletion (AfD)discussion

      Sobre la toma de decisiones de borrado en Wikipedia.

    1. The first two pairs (New Orleans and Dhaka, Metro Manila and Medellin) unpack the inequitable impacts of specific infrastructure and spatial planning interventions.

      Medellín attack the problem using infrastructures and spacial planning intervention (top-down decisions).

    2. two pairs (Santiago and Jakarta, Boston and Surat) highlight procedural equity implications of decision-making approaches that exclude the poor or rely on private sector action

      This group attack the problem analyzing the decision making process (down-top, or at least giving more tools to under represented groups).

    3. Future adaptation plans must critically considerthe distribution of adaptation benefits, costs, and responsibilities across society, address unsustainable and inequitable development patterns, and apply interventions that – at a minimum – treat groups equally regardless of socio-economic status or – better yet – actively prioritize beneficial outcomes for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups

      I think there is a challenge here: how can the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups (under represented) have a sit in the table if those who choose the decision makers are not the under represented?

    4. However, privatization of responsibilities is also incentivizingrent-seeking behavior over the city’s infrastructure and public services. Their experiences showthat institutionalization of adaptation through public-private partnerships or private networks can sometimes yield exclusionary behaviors

      At the end: exclusionary behaviors

    5. Participation and inclusion of the most marginalized remain peripheral to adaptation planning

      At the end there is a lot to do with under-represented communities.

    6. Equity Impacts of Urban Land Use Planning forClimate Adaptation

      Lectura para el seminario, presentada por Kaitlin Strange.

    1. A given variable can sornetimes be measured at different levels. When in doubt, researchers should use the highest leve! of rneasurement ap-propriate to that variable so they can capture the greatest amount of information.


    2. The Importance of Variable Names


    3. Conceptions, Concepts, and Reality

      Defining concepts

    1. Checklist: Theoretical Framework

      Use this checklist with your theoretical framework.

    2. Concepts often have multiple definitions, so the theoretical framework involves clearly defining what you mean by each term

      It's to know exactly what we mean using a specific concept.

    3. In your thesis or dissertation, the theoretical framework is where you define, discuss and evaluate theories relevant to your research problem.

      It's a place for definitions, right?

    1. Internet, escola i comunitat en el trànsit cap a la societat xarxa. La incorporació d’internet al sistema educatiu de Catalunya per al desenvolupament comunitari Meneses Naranjo, Julio

      La tesis de Julio

    1. Towards a personalised virtual library: Indications from navigational and personal information behaviour of e-learning students Ferran i Ferrer, Núria

      La tesis de Núria. Su director es Mario Pérez-Montoro Gutiérrez.

    1. The illustrated guide to a Ph.D

      Un regalo de Julio sobre lo que implica hacer un doctorado.

    1. Usuario:Platonides/Encarta/Artículos

      Este usuario incluye los artículos de la Enciclopedia Encarta que se propone incluir en Wikipedia. En el listado de paso podría verse el balance de género que pueda tener la Encarta.

    1. En este enlace de Google Scholar se puede ver quien cita el artículo y llegar a más fuentes.

    2. Deletion discussions in Wikipedia: decision factors and outcomes

      Artículo del 2012 sobre discusiones de borrado en Wikipedia. El PDF no puede ser comentadio con Hypothesis :-(

    1. Mercedes del Carmen Guillén Vicente

      Este artículo se sometió dos veces a borrado. Al final quedó publicado.

    2. Wikipedia:Consultas de borrado/Mercedes del Carmen Guillén Vicente

      Ejemplo de una discusión sobre el borrado de un artículo de una mujer.

    1. Personas por sexo‎

      Categoría que contiene las categorías de géneros en Wikipedia en castellano.

    2. Mujeres‎ (10 cat, 73348 págs.)

      Aquí se pueden revisar cuántos artículos hay en la categoría de acuerdo al género.

    1. Este es argumento falaz denominado generalización apresurada. La relevancia enciclopédica de cada artículo debe discutirse per se, es decir, por sí mismo. Exceptuando analogías obvias cada hecho, objeto o personaje tiene su propia trascendencia y debe ser analizado por ella, no por la de otro o por la de la del género al que pertenece.

      Sobre los argumentos de borrado y el género.

  4. Oct 2019
    1. Conceptualization is the process of specifying observations and measurements that give concepts definite meaning for the purposes of a research study.

      What is conceptualization? The way to give meaning to a concept for the ressearch.

    2. Concepts are constructs; they represent the agreed-on meanings we assign to terms

      Concepts represent agreements

    3. Concepts are mental irnages we use as sumrnary devices for bringing together observations and experiences that seem to have something in corn-mon. We use terms or labels to reference these concepts

      What is a concept? Mental images.

    4. Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Measurement

      Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Measurement: an essencial part of this process involves transforming the relatively vague terms of ordinary language into precise objects of study with wel-defined and measurable meanings

    1. Cuando miremos la cara al soldado digámosle ¿usted no es igual que yo?,

      Llamado a "desotrar" al otro.

    2. El despertar no tiene que morir nunca más! hasta que volvamos a ser seres humanos

      Es un llamado al humanismo.

    3. “salgamos a las calles, hagamos líopor una sociedad justa, fraterna y compasiva”

      El fin es la justicia, fraternidad y compasión.

    4. Es el grito que recorre desde Yemen, el pueblo kurdo hasta la Araucanía, metiéndose hastalas entrañas amazónicasindígenas. Ellos que nos enseñan que todos somos responsables de la casa común, hijos de la tierra, del agua y del sol, que protegen su entorno y que se deben a su gracia. Danos la sabiduría de SalomónSeñor, para escuchar a los últimos de nuestra sociedad, a las víctimas de la sociedad de mercado, responsables también de la destrucción de la casa común.

      Los que pagan el pato.

    5. agarraría a todos los acordeonistas y guitarristas e invitaría a bailar a la gente,

      El arte como forma de resistencia

    6. de misas convencionales

      Es entrar en piloto automático en la profesión: no responder a las necesidades de una comunidad, sino hacer "lo que se debe hacer" independientemente si sirve o no.

    7. ¿Qué les pasa a los pastores de Chile?

      De hecho parece que en todas las profesiones hay un silencio generalizado. ¿Por qué?

    8. hasta que no se convierta aJesucristo.

      El escritor es católico.

    9. los pacos

      ¿Los Pacos?

    10. fomes,

      Me gusta esta palabra, es muy chilena. Es el nombre de un disco de Los Tres.

    11. ¡El despertar no tiene que morir nunca más!

      Sobre la situación en Chile en Octubre de 2019

    1. Do not use obviously feminine names, such as SuzyQ or Pam I Am. Do not use feminine titles like Miss, Ms, or Mrs. Do not incorporate hobbies, interests, family status, religious affiliation, etc. For example, Knit Nut, Fairly Feminist, and Lovemykids are not the best usernames if you want to avoid Wikipedia gender-based harassment.

      Esto podría sugerir que hay que "camuflar" el género en Wikipedia para que sea más fácil ser aceptado en la comunidad y que las ediciones se mantengan. Si bien no es explícito, podría sugerir que la ambigüedad es un factor para no ser eliminado o que hay que aparentar no ser mujer.