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  1. Mar 2014
    1. 2-year research project Games@School concerning educational gaming aspects.

      researches prove that educational gaming is an effective learining method

    1. Ten days after the official introduction of the app it has 20.000 registered users who have completed their profiles and who intervene in the social network in an intensive way: the daily average number of transactions is one quarter of a million. Most of the users are South American
    1. Walled garden systems like Apple and Amazon are using DRM as technical fence to lock the customers into their services.
    2. Tolino users enjoy the freedom to move their content to other devices. In this case we apply the Adobe DRM system – currently the de-facto market standard. Supporting Adobe DRM unfortunately adds complexity – often enough on the part of the end user. We therefore encourage publishers to also consider Social DRM like watermarking.
    1. There are three key elements in terms of new technologies deployed by Tolino: open technology standards, cloud storage, use of hotspots
    2. A traditional bookseller, no matter how large he is, will not be able to justify the investment necessary for creating a consumer proposition in the range of Kindle, Kobo or Nook. But he is able to afford the Tolino white-label Ecosystem. And then suddenly he is able to compete at the same level as the digital global players.

      open standards allow small players to enter the competition!

    1. In the preface to the study, European Commission Vice-President, Neelie Kroes, wrote: ’Now is the time for open standards regarding e-books’.
    2. the DRM barrier between the ecosystems could be partly overcome by simple changes to the respective store and reader applications
    3. There is no technical or functional reason not to use and establish EPUB 3 as an/the interoperable (open) e-book format standard. One short term obstacle is the non-availability of reader applications able to display all EPUB 3 features. However, this problem should be fixed soon by the IDPF Readium initiative which is developing an open source reference system and rendering engine for EPUB 3
    1. mEDRA has been created as a solution for the need of the publishing industry to be supported in the technological innovation process by professionals with a deep understanding of the specific requirements and dynamics of the sector, that could provide specialised technological solutions and expertise.

      mEDRA brings toghther publishing and tecnology experise. This is an effective approach to digital disruption.

  2. Feb 2014
    1. TISP (Technologies and Innovation for Smart Publishing) is the European project aiming to foster the meeting between publishing companies and ICT enterprises, in order to stimulate new partnership and business models.

      great project!