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    1. Eran Segal. (2021, January 22). Israel: 2.4M after 1st dose (27% pop) 78% of all 60+ years old Despite that, we have a problem: Cities of lower socio-economic status and more cases get vaccinated less X: Socioeconomic rank Y: % 60+ years old vaccinated Color: Vaccination need ratio @MDCaspi by covid-19 cases https://t.co/t5vC8hjXA4 [Tweet]. @segal_eran. https://twitter.com/segal_eran/status/1352579515592138753

  2. Oct 2019
    1. “He has suffered, but I make no apologies for him or for myself. If he had given his life for Japan, I could not be prouder.”

      older generation still holds praise for japan and wants to see japan win the war

  3. Dec 2017
    1. “Ask them to tell an Iktomi story, mother.” Soothing my impatience, my mother said aloud, “My little daughter is anxious to hear your legends.”

      I believe that one of the most fascinating things to me is the telling of stories before writing was ever a thing. Stories were told verbally only, this making the idea of the stories that much more exciting. The older empires and civilizations were kept alive by the stories that their elders would tell. They held the knowledge of their people in their minds and would tell extravagant stories to their children and grandchildren to keep the ideas alive.