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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Rule 7: cf(x)=f(x)cf(x)=f(x)cf(x ) = f(x) (for c>1c>1c > 1) stretched vertically. Rule 8: cf(x)=f(x)cf(x)=f(x)cf(x ) = f(x) (for c<1c<1c < 1) compressed vertically.

      Rule 7 : for c > 1 stretched vertically Rule 8 : for 0 < c < 1 compressed vertically Rule 9 : for c > 1 compressed horizontally Rule 10 : for 0 < c < 1 stretched horizontally

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    1. Au fond le projet technique et culturel est simplement la question de la position sociale ou celle de la proximité entretenue avec ces questions.

      préciser de qui est ce projet pour rendre la phrase plus compréhensible. suggestion: Au fond [leur] projet technique et culturel [se réduit] simplement à la question...

  9. Nov 2019
    1. Wait what city is it?” I ask excitedly.

      I could be misinterpreting your words. In an earlier section, the protagonist seemed confused that a person would transferred to another city. All she knows (from her parents' conversation) is that a person can transferred if they have done a great wrong. Why has she not realized the lady was lying by now? When I first read this, I assumed she was so excited that she wasn't thinking. But after reading the whole story I know she is very curious and astute.

    1. watching the monitors

      Possible plot hole. I have several questions

      • Why hasn't they main city detected them? You said earlier that there is a military. This insinuates that there is an opposing force they must protect themselves from. If this city has a radar, I am going to assume that her old city would have radars able to detect them
      • If their radars work when they are close to a pod, does this mean they are close enough for the city to see them? How are they evading the old city?
    2. I have had rigorous training on how to use their boat on the water and below.

      I like your forward narration in the story. You are telling your audience exactly how it is so you can go straight into the next plot point. With that being said, I would like to see you present this training progress in a more nuanced way. The way I usually see it done is through dialogue, internal dialogue, or a flashback. That way you can weave background information into the plot more seamlessly.

    1. I

      I'm not going to comment on grammar and all that jazz since this is a rough draft. I suggest more sentence variety. For example, you have a lot of sentences starting with I. "I stand up..." "I lean on the glass.." "I breathe in the cool air." Playing with length and structure can improve the flow of your storytelling.

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  12. May 2019
    1. Comme le rappelle Samuel Archibald “texte” est un “terme dérivé du latin texere, par lequel plusieurs langues indo-européennes ont opéré une association figée entre l’écriture et le tissu, l’acte de tisser ou de tramer.” (Archibald 2009, 204).

      Je suis d'avis de placer cette explication avant, en fait dès que tu emploie le verbe tisser pour expliquer le fonctionnement du texte, car de tout façon on sent/sait bien que tu as cette référence en tête...

    2. Le fait numérique contribue à donner encore plus d’importance à cette dimension matérielle

      Je propose de peut-être modifier cette phrase, car dit ainsi, il n'est pas clair si le fait numérique recentre l'étude de l'inscription sur son support en tant qu'il repose certaines questions qui semblent nouvelles parce qu'étant nouveau espace de médiation, ou si parce qu'il est numérique, il augmente la matérialité des inscriptions.

    3. ouvert

      je dirai plutôt éventré pour rappeler plus clairement la lecture des entrailles.

    4. tissus.

      donc il me semble d'autant plus important de rappeler au début de ton article l'étymologie de texte.

    5. inhumaine

      J'ai de la difficulté à penser une écriture inhumaine : peut-être remplacer par "trop peu humaine" ?

    6. elle remplit les écrits

      de dire que l'écriture remplit les écrits est un peu une tautologie : qu'elle fonde les productions écrites peut-être plus.

    7. les mains des pouvoirs riches.

      Tu n'utilise pas le terme, mais ton approche s'inscrit dans un fondement humaniste d'opposition à un élitisme savant.

    8. se tisse

      je te propose de mettre ce segment en italique compte tenu de l'étymologie latine de texte.

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  15. Dec 2017
    1. /=,

      EDIT: It is described below the table.

      <del>Small text describing the operators would help beginners never exposed to code.</del>

      Those of you trying to understand this /= is the not equals operator.

    1. stack & cabal

      By this point I am not aware of what stack and cabal are. I'm hoping that this is covered in the next chapter as there is no indication. My immediate action was to do a search on these terms.

      https://docs.haskellstack.org/en/stable/README/ https://www.haskell.org/cabal/

    2. Some tips on what kind of comments to add:

      You should probably also add some predefined tags here to be used in annotations. It would make it easier for you to sift through the annotations.

  16. Mar 2017
    1. Here’s the first step:

      Would be nice if methodology name is included (I think this is related to reference?)

  17. Oct 2015
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    1. it is not possible to havea combination ofthewith a nominal constituent if this constituent was not already builtup from lexical material by Merge

      Probably, it would be helpful to know why one would like to analyse fragments of phrases. Fragments are not utterances, they don't have a truth value, they only appear as parts of bigger phrases and their grammaticality can not be judged. Furthermore fragments are highly ambiguous. "und auf die" e.g. could be a part of "Er wartet auf Maria ["und auf die" Kinder"], or "Er trinkt wieder ["und auf die" Kinder hat er wieder nicht aufgepasst]." In these 2 structures, what is coordinated are completely different things (PPs or CPs). It is the complete structure which reveals the function and the combinatorial potential of its parts.

    2. cousin. He

      Coindexation of "he" with "cousin" in (7a) and "she" with "cousin" in (7b) could make it more clear that it is not an interpretation like (6b) which is intended. The same conindexation could be used in (6) to make the marking consistent.

    3. gender

      italics for emphasis? since you have talk very much about sexus.

    1. (43)

      To make the point of syncretism (and not of "portmanteau morphemes") clear, it would be better to give the example pairs that coincide "as (43a) and (43d) and (43c) and (43e) show".

    2. post

      italics for emphasis

    3. post

      italics for emphasis

    4. adverbs


    5. above

      The number of the example would be helpful

    6. optimal

      Italics would help to understand that "optimal" is used here as an example.

    7. adjectives have comparative and superlative forms:

      adjectives have positive, comparative and superlative wordforms

  19. Jul 2015
  20. Apr 2015
    1. Neuroprotective effects

      I don't think that this is the correct subject heading, as I would expect that it would refer to the neuroprotective effects of cholinergic neurons. I would probably label this section as "Trophic factors" or something to that effect.

    2. Basal forebrain cholinergic neurons are homologous

      Better word is "homogeneous", although I'm not sure that this statement is well supported.

  21. Mar 2015
    1. News and Announcements

      The City of Ann Arbor's approach to providing these kinds of updates has vasty improved over the last two years. For example, the links don't click through to .pdf files but rather to standalone pages.

      I'd suggest that the City take this "News and Announcements" page as a great starting point and (1) add content to which the City has easy access. E.g. outcome-based reporting on City Council votes; new candidate filings; crime graphs on a quarterly basis; etc. (2) tag the articles so readers can filter in and out the kind of thing they want to see. E.g., roadclosing, publicinputmeeting, or what-have-you.; (3) provide a page design that has look and feel of a "news outlet" with appropriate logo and brand it as "Official City News" every so there's no mistaking it for third-party reporting about the city.

      This could potentially become the most reliable and well-read "news source" in the city.

    1. sizes of million parameters

      can have sizes in the millions parameters can have millions of parameters

  22. Oct 2014
  23. Nov 2013
    1. Create accountL

      The bar overlays on top of the sign in link, so it makes difficult to click on it. Maybe a smaller bar would help in the middle of the page?

  24. Oct 2013
    1. document duplication

      should be expanded to include document review