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  1. Sep 2015
    1. 88

      When clicking on the row number 2 times, the table is scrolled until the row is the first thing you see. Then, if you select text, the popup is hidden by the window. Would be possible to show the popup below instead of top? This will require to detect the position of the selected text.

    2. 8.05

      I was expecting that as this is a table and it has cells, when I click in one cell, the cell was selected, and the pop up will appear. I don't know if this is possible, but this was what I was expecting ;-)

    3. http://www.sec

      I don't find the way to annotate a full row. Is this possible? Maybe I've to select all the text from the row.

      I clicked in the number of the row, it got selected but no popup showed to annotate it.

      I'm using Firefox in Linux.

  2. Nov 2014
  3. May 2014
    1. Adding validation to comments: check this post by popsci about how a bad comment can drive the conversation really wrong http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-09/why-were-shutting-our-comments

    2. I would expect that the Markdown link is to the actual author page: http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/

    3. It's hard for me to hover the mouse to get so small action buttons in order to do something. Would be possible to show them since the beginning?

    4. The top nav-bar has a bit of space, so while you scroll you can see the letters going through :-)

    5. Other than that, there are no absolute rules, only strong suggestions.

      Hello world

    6. HOW

      I think there is a lack of emphasis on the key actions and messages that you are sending. Adding that will help to deliver the message (see http://www.nngroup.com/articles/why-web-users-scan-instead-reading/)

    7. Picture quality on your video is less important than sound quality. If we are distracted by trying to understand what you say, your message will not come across

      Adding some links to tools could be helpful.

    8. What is the compelling reason for them to adopt the technology version? How will you help them do it?

      What is the compelling reason for them to adopt the technology version? How will you help them do it?

  4. Nov 2013
  5. epubjs-reader.appspot.com epubjs-reader.appspot.com
    1. I see him now

      Have you explored the idea of selecting text actually opens the right bar, and shows the selected text so they can actually write the comment?

  6. epubjs-reader.appspot.com epubjs-reader.appspot.com
    1. proofreaders

      Thanks for the proofreading!!! Really appreciated.

    1. Create accountL

      The bar overlays on top of the sign in link, so it makes difficult to click on it. Maybe a smaller bar would help in the middle of the page?

    2. Daniel L

      I'm really optimistic about open source communities: sharing can change the world.

      I'm really pessimistic about how nowadays politics are run over the world, specially about corruption and non-interaction with citizens.