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  1. Nov 2023
    1. polysomnography
      • for: polysomnograph, oxygen saturation levels, graph - sleep apnea, sleep apnea - monitoring

      • description: sleep apnea oxygen saturation process

        • oxygen saturation cycles through the night with peaks and troughs
        • abdominal movement attempts to draw air in but is obstructed
        • when a threshold of oxygen deprivation occurs, the brain wakes up and awakens the person to remove the obstruction
  2. Aug 2022
    1. any animal equivalent is going to have to need oxygen — a lot of it.

      does this still hold up? the wikipedia lemma points to several more recent sources that seem to offer counter information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rare_Earth_hypothesis#Free_oxygen_may_be_neither_rare_nor_a_prerequisite_for_multicellular_life The source of the claim seems to be the book itself, so would need to look it up in Ward Brownlee 2000, page 217

    2. have really rapidly moving creatures and rapidly thinking creatures, which is a form of movement

      Ward in the context of Rare Earth hypothesis says this. An intriguing notion seeing thinking as a form of (deliberate) movement. How is this meant / to be understood? Chemically, in terms of what it requires in an animal (ie us)? The remark is made in the context of the need for oxygen for complex life to be possible. (based on David Catling Univ of Washington) after all. Or environmentally/contextually, as both deliberate physical movement and brain activity are response to outside impulses?

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    1. Gupta, R. K., Marks, M., Samuels, T. H. A., Luintel, A., Rampling, T., Chowdhury, H., Quartagno, M., Nair, A., Lipman, M., Abubakar, I., Smeden, M. van, Wong, W. K., Williams, B., & Noursadeghi, M. (2020). Systematic evaluation and external validation of 22 prognostic models among hospitalised adults with COVID-19: An observational cohort study. MedRxiv, 2020.07.24.20149815. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.07.24.20149815

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    1. bioluminescence was observed during the incubation time between 90 and 150 min in the presence of a sole carbon source such as glucose, acetate, l-glutamate and BOD standard solution (GGA solution)

      So this is a limited BOD sensor for only the subset of organic compounds that E. coli can metabolize?