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  1. Nov 2023
    1. when we work on cancer what you see is that when when 00:30:18 individual cells electrically disconnect from the rest of the body they their cognitive light cone shrinks they're back to their amoeba tiny little e gos and as far as they're concerned the rest of the body is just environment to them
      • for: MET of individuality - examples of breakdown - cancer

      • paraphrase

        • cancer is an example of when some part of the evolutionary program that coheres multicellularity into a cohesive whole goes faulty
          • then some subset of cells lose their coherence programming / story / narrative, the unity is lost and that cellular subset no longer identifies as part of the higher order collective individual, but return to a much more evolutionarily primitive state of pre-MET of individuality
        • this means that the MET individuality coherence program has weaknesses that can cause groups of cells to lose sight of the unifying logic and return to the primitive state
        • cancer demonstrates that these primitive programs still exist in all cells in our bodies and when the regulating coherence program is faulty, they can return to these more primitive states
  2. Sep 2023
    1. Defections from large-scale anatomical goals, such as those that occur due to an inappropriate reduction of gap junctional connectivity [74], present as cancer, cause reversions of cell behavior to ancient unicellular concerns which lead to metastasis and over-proliferation as the cells treat the rest of the body as external environment.
      • fresh perspective

        • cancer can be interpreted as a breakdown in the bodies multiscale competency architecture causing cancerous cells to lose their higher level synchronizing signals and revert to their more evolutionarily primitive forms as individuals that see the body as simply an external environment
      • adjacency between

        • gap junction coupling
        • cancer
        • healthy tissue coherence
        • multiscale competency architecture
      • adjacency statement
        • gap junction coupling appears to be an evolutionary means of cohering individuals together to form a larger group
        • hence, they seem to play a critical role in the continued evolution of more complex multicellular organisms
        • their pathologies within multicellular beings destroy multicellular structures and create disease, reverting the organism, or competent multicellular structures of the organism such as tissues and organs back to individualistic behavior, as in cancers
  3. Aug 2023
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