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    1. Feel free to play hopscotch

      This idea of playing hopscotch#%22Table_of_Instructions%22_and_structure) through a text reminds me of some mathematics texts I've come across where the author draws out a diagram of potential readings and which portions are prerequisites so that professors using the book might pick and choose chapters to skip in their presentations.

      Also reminiscent of the Choose Your Own Adventure books from childhood too.

      cross reference: [[John Barth]], [[Henry James Korn]] and [[experimental fiction]], and [[hypertext]]

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    1. I like the concept, and I don't want to discourage the developer, but this game is not an alpha. This is a prototype. The game has one functioning game loop right now: gather / farm materials, create potions and either sell them or use them to complete missions (which is basically the same thing). There isn't a goal other than to buy a larger house and a shop. I see he has a roadmap, and it doesn't make any sense to me. It talks about updating the map, adding quests, some kind of helper golem, seasons, other things that seem more like finishing touches. In reality, the developer should be figuring out what kind of game this is supposed to be, testing out new mechanics, and once that's figured out, start over.
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    1. Around 2 years ago I decided to end the experiment of “TRB PRO” as I felt I didn’t provide enough value to paying users. In the end, we had around 150 companies and individuals signed up, which was epic and a great funding source for more development.
  7. Oct 2020
    1. 2.1. Reaction Mechanism.The fundamental CBD growthmechanism involves mass transport of reactants, adsorption,surface diffusion, reaction, nucleation, and growth. TheZnS-NP thinfilms can be prepared by decomposition of

      2.1. Mecanismos de reacción. El mecanismo fundamental de crecimiento de CBD involucra el transporte de masa de los reactantes, adsorción, difusión de superficie, reacción, nucleación y crecimiento. Las películas delgadas de ZnS-NPS pueden ser preparadas por descomposición de Tiourea [SC (NH₂) ₂].(con S como el ión fuente) en una solución alkaina conteniendo un sulfato de Zinc y ammonia como un agente quelante que permite controlar la concentración Zn. El proceso de deposición esta basado en la lenta liberación de iones Zn y S en la solución, que entonces condensa en un base ion-por-ion en el sustrato que es propiamente montado en una solución de reacción. La deposición de una delgada película de ZnS ocurre cuando el producto iónico de Zn(+2) y los iones S (2-) exceden la producto de solubilidad de ZnS. El mecanismo de reacción para la deposición de la pelicula delgada (ZnS) es dada como sigue:



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    1. Independent Variable Manipulation

      Independent variable manipulation is the hallmark of experimental design.

    2. Writing proficiency is an essential learning outcome for undergraduate education as a whole and, specifically, in postsecondary psychology education. The American Psychological Association (APA, 2013) explicitly names effective writing as a goal in its guidelines for psychology majors,

      Effective writing is a core principle in education, emphasized by the most noted national psychological associations (APA; American Psychological Association). The following sections outline efforts to streamline the methods used instructor to student feedback for essays in a psychology class.

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    1. In contrast to the previous studies, for the switch dilemma,consequentialist agents were rated to be no less moral (Z0.73,p.47,d0.10) or trustworthy (Z1.87,p.06,d0.26)than deontological agents.

      To me, this seems to weigh against their main claim. In the one case in which a majority favored the consequentialist choice, the consequentialists are not disfavored! They are really playing this down. Am I missing something?

    2. The switch case differs from the footbridge case in two criticalways

      But it is still in the domain of HARMING people (more versus fewer).

    3. The amount of moneyparticipants transferred to the agent (from $0.00 to $0.30) was usedas an indicator of trustworthiness, as was how much money theybelieved they would receive back from the agent (0% to 100%)

      Note that this is a very small stake. (And was it even perhaps hypothetical?)

  14. Sep 2019
    1. Estimating the Effect of Asking About Citizenship on the U.S. Census March 21, 2019, 1:21 pm

      This is a really interesting article in so many ways; it speaks to a larger political issue of our time, it uses an innovative method (an experiment!), and it follows a very generic and general structure of a social science research paper. Think of this as an ideal or prototype of social science research.

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    1. Lettvin, along with the young neuroscientist Patrick Wall, joined McCulloch and Pitts at their new headquarters in Building 20 on Vassar Street. They posted a sign on the door: Experimental Epistemology.
  17. Jan 2019
    1. Try something crazy

      DAWs typically don’t mesh so well with prototyping culture. When Ableton brought clip launching through Live, its flagship DAW, it had some of this effect: experiment with clips then play with them instead of just playing them. Of course, Cycling ’74 has been all about prototyping, long before Ableton bought the company. But “Max for Live” devices are closer to plugins in that users expect to just be able to use them, not have to create them from scratch. What this marketing copy is emphasizing is that this really is about getting a box of LEGO blocks, not just about getting a DIY kit to create your own instance of something which somebody else designed. The framing sure is specific.

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    1. the results remain compelling nonetheless

      At least, they’ve become unavoidable in class discussions even tangentially related to social psychology. In intro sociology, they lead to some interesting thoughts about lab vs. field experiments.

  21. Jun 2016
    1. Most studies of extrinsic incentives and intrinsic motivation, including those men- tioned earlier, used as controls subjects who received no rewards or feedback, apparently on the assumption that un- der these conditions original levels of intrinsic motivation would be maintained.

      make an interesting point that most studies assume that no-feedback is a status quo.

    2. The role of the availability of such information was studied in comparison with conditions of nonreceipt of any information and of receipt of normative evaluation.

      Compared it to grades only and no-feedback.



    1. In summary, our main goal was to examine how students' achievement goals are related to changes in self-efficacy, preference to avoid challenge, and intrin sic value in the face of evaluation. Early in the semester, we assessed students' achievement goals, self-efficacy, desire to avoid challenge, and intrinsic value. We assessed students' self-efficacy, desire to avoid challenge, and intrinsic value again immediately after they received their grades on their first major exam or paper. This design allowed us to examine the role of goals in the change in mo tivational constructs associated with performance feedback. Our main hypothe ses were (a) a mastery goal will be associated with enhanced motivation around receipt of grades (i.e., increased efficacy and value and lower preference for chal lenge avoidance); (b) a performance-avoidance goal will be associated with di minished motivation around receipt of grades (i.e., decreased efficacy and value and increased preference for challenge avoidance); and (c) the effects of a per formance-approach goal on changes in motivation will be moderated by grades. When students encounter low grades, a performance-approach goal will be relat ed to diminished motivation. When students receive high grades, a performance approach goal will be unrelated to changes in motivation.

      The method. Should see if I could replicate this.

  22. Dec 2014
    1. Por eso la emergencia de nuevos espacios de sociabilidad menos severos, donde el rigor no espante la vida. De todos esos espacios, ninguno es más antiguo que la cocina.

      Reivindicación de espazos tradicionalmente femininos e, por iso, minusvalorados e de espazos non masculinizados ou heteropatriarcais.

    2. quién, cómo y dónde controlar el enorme poder que podían acumular los detentadores del laboratorio

      Novas elites e oligarquías fundamentadas no coñecemento. Lab implica exclusión