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  1. Jan 2021
    1. he soul: the first condition of all mental properties

      emergent complexity

    2. Something that is unconditioned does not depend on anything else. It is a first ground or first “principle”: something that explains why other things are the way they are, but is not itself in need of explanation. A “first explainer” (cf. the idea of an unmoved mover).This is what metaphysicsistraditionally concerned with

      First principles as pure reason. Metaphysics is concerened with finding these first explainers. It explains why other things are the way they are.

    3. We can gloss this as ‘independent of experience’, ‘non-empirical’

      The Pure use of reason is it unconditioned reason/conclusion?

    4. Thus every syllogism is a form of derivation of a cognition from a principle. For the major premise always gives a concept such that everything subsumed under its condition can be cognized from it according to a principle.””

      Syllogisms represent reason.

    5. Understanding vs. reasonUnderstanding is the capacity for unity of appearances by means of rules.Reason is the capacity for unity of the rules of the understanding under principles

      Undersatnding: Knowling that things are similaer:

      Reason: Knowing how things are related, as expressed in inferrences



  2. Nov 2020
    1. If party and candidate spending is limited without corresponding limits on third-party spending, parties and candidates may be forced to use their limited spending capacity to “fend off attacks” by third parties rather than advertising their policy positions.
    1. crowd out, smaller individual contributions."

      Argument foe limits: we regulate monopolies, and think monoploies in the conomic sense are bad. By allowing unlimited money/power to flow into politics, are we allowing for monopolies on discourse? i.e. extreme or disproportionate influence in agenda setting that may crowd out smaller interests?

    2. An equality-based justification for campaign finance regulation must recognize that the modern regulatory framework can only superficially reduce the impact of economic inequality.
    1. On the other hand, donating and spending on a large scale are taxed at an everincreasing rate, which is beneficial as well. Because of this property, the rich would face arising marginal cost as they tried to exert more financial influence.

      Inequality of political voice is a bad property of a political system. But, limiting freedom of speech may violate charter rights.

    2. However, only the square root of the amount that they donate or spend, multiplied byan amount set to make the system as a whole budget-neutral, would actually be deployed.The rest of the money would enter the public Treasury. Assume, for example, that amultiplier of 10 would make the system budget-neutral. Then if a person donated $1 toBernie Sanders, his campaign would receive $10 (($1^.5)910). Similarly, if a personwanted to independently spend $10,000 to back Donald Trump (or if Trump wanted tospend $10,000 on his own candidacy), $1000 could be used on commercials, mailers, andthe like (($10,000^.5)910), and the other $9000 would go to the government.

      This is fair because it taxes political voice of larger proportional to the size of their spend and amplifies smaller donors. Equalizing the playing field.



    1. Examining inequality across provinces and time has many advantages.2 Canadian provinces possess considerable comparable autonomy in administering social policy and research shows that inequality shifts are predominantly owing to provincial rather than federal transfers

      Some evidence for rolling out the program on a provincial instead of a federal level.

    1. hat effect, if any, does the extent of economic inequality in a country have upon the political engagement of its citizens?
    1. n addition to deciding where to apply the tax, designers of a carbon tax would need to consider what entities or uses of fossil fuels, if any, would be exempt from the tax and whether certain activities would qualify for credits under the tax.

      Instead of deciding which are exempt from the tax, why not just give activities you want (i.e. technologies like carbon sequestration) a tax break/tax credit?

    2. Using the Revenues to Cut Marginal Tax Rates Would Also Decrease Total Costs

      This seems like a requirement. If work incentives will already be impacted by lower purchasing power, we need to do something to counter that. This is especially true for low income groups, probably less for higher income groups. But it's probably also true that returns on useful investments should not be taxed as much.

  3. Oct 2020
    1. Large-scale political organizations such as empires must be considered from the standpoint of two dimensions, those of space and time, and persist by overcoming the bias of media which over-emphasize either dimension.

      I understand the internet as the merger of these 2 forms. where does the bias go in that case? likely, the tension shifts from between the 2 forms, and towards quantities (of information) and streams of narratives (ie large quantities of information producing separate realities within the empires population).

    1. To empower municipalities to build more homes, a new Conservative government will introduce the Build More Homes Competition.

      How much red tape are we talikg> The assumption here would be that there is currently an infeccient level of zonig/red tape

    2. Introduce the Green Home Renovation Tax Credi

      Lower Income Candians Will not realize the benefits of this. Those who are looking to buy their first home may be impacted by increased housing prices.

    3. How will we price in the negative externalities without a tax?

  4. Jun 2020
    1. The Weaponization of Social Media
    2. These narratives were spread overseas by the Political Warfare Executive which targeted the enemy, while at home the British Film Unit produced a series of patriotic films to reinforce domestic morale.

      today, Platforms allow any independent creator to supply content that supports any narrative. It is up to the creator to decide which narrative is seen.

    3. Having come of age in the First World War, propaganda was used extensively between 1939 and 1945. Combatant nations found it necessary to develop narratives that would resonate within their own and opposing populations. For example, in November 1940, the British War Cabinet produced a memorandum on Propaganda Policy which directed that the British would wage psychological warfare with “the simultaneous object of destroying the moral force of the enemy's cause and of sustaining and eventually enforcing conviction of the moral

      ...force of our own casue".

    4. This conflict can accurately be described as a competition between narratives with the North attempting to impose “cultural hegemony” on the South which rejected the North’s interpretation of American identity.

      How is this any different than the U.S's current equity/social justice movement?

    5. Successful narratives will be told and re-told until the conclusions contained within the story become the social norm - “the way we do things here.”

      memes are successful/highly competitive narratives, or memes are narratives generally?

    6. world by playing roles with those around him

      literally a sim

    1. is trained to ask. Learning to see waste and then systematicallyeliminate it has allowed lean companies such as Toyota todominate entire industries. In the


  5. May 2020
  6. Apr 2020
    1. Five Ws and How” (5W1H):

      WHY am i building this? WHO am I building this for? When and Where will it be used? What am I building? How could I measure it?


    1. Mechanisms of interaction are muted by dom-inant signals

      We dont see the neccesity for having local control becasue the signals from centralized power are over powering


    1. He is not really a European, despite the color of his skin


    2. “In this role, electronic man is no less a nomad than his Paleolithic ancestors.”

      Homo Sapiens Informaticus


  7. Mar 2020
    1. Which should tell you: narcissism is essentially defensive. It’s a regressive psychological tic, something that comes from an inability to control oneself or one’s surroundings concretely, becuase you never learned your own powers, and so you try to control everything mentally. This is appearance because, after all, your whole world is appearance. You can’t do the thing yourself, so you require other people both to do it and to tell you you can – but that just makes you turn everyone towards you. You’re obsessed with images (that’s all you can do!) but that makes you contemptuous of them. Everyone else must be just as superficial, and something something phonies. You want to be “great, elite, powerful”, but you can’t risk imitating those you admire – to do so would be to risk your identity, would be to risk failure, another ego-wrecker. Anyway, you can’t even separate them from you, how could you suss out what they can do and you can’t in order to learn it? Hence you adopt the prestigious signifiers without any of the competence, convinced that it’s the only distinction between you. If any of that fails, you hulk out, because “failure” is not something you ever learned. All the while, the inside of you looks like WWI no-man’s land: vast emptiness punctuated by shells and explosions, by a rage that does nothing but roil the muck.

      Ouuuchhhhhieeeee ow owowowowwww. I felt this peel a layer from me or something.

    1. Psychoanalysissimplyturnsthecomplexbackonitself,oedipizestransference,oedipizesthecom-plexitselfonthecouch,itsmuckylittlekingdom.Butwhetherinitsdomesticoranalyticform,theOedipuscomplexis basicallyanappa-ratusforrepressingdesiringmachines,andinnosensea formationoftheunconsciousitself

      To the patient and the analyst, the desiring machines disappear as they are converted to Odipel complexes. It is a simplification of the problem, Its reduces the scope and uses a single lens.

    2. FG is making the point that Psychoanalysis reduces a complex system of desire machines - an ecology of interacting and even competing desire machines - to a few Unconscious representations of Desire (superego, Ego Id) which are all fueled by Libido. Frued then forces other perceived sources of desire into the Oedipal complex and transforms them into libido?? Maybe??? haha lmao.