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  1. Oct 2021
  2. Jul 2021
    1. A platform like Twitter makes our asynchronous posts feel like real-time interaction by delivering them in such rapid succession, and that illusion begets another more powerful one, that we’re all actually present within the feed.

      This same sort of illusion also occurs in email where we're always assumed to be constantly available to others.

  3. Jun 2021
  4. Dec 2020
    1. valac produces C source and header files from Vala source files as if you've written your library or application directly in C. Using a Vala library from a C application won't look different than using any other GObject-based library.
  5. Nov 2020
    1. Satan is a personification of the illusion of separation

      This is good. When we look at the other sacred text that was left out of the cannon, we see more of the Satan, which was more than just Lucifer. It could very well be the embodied separator.

  6. Oct 2020
    1. Affective forecasting is the process by which we attempt to pre-dict how we will feel in the future. One of the ways we fail at this task is called the end of history illusion,which suggests that we’re well aware of how much we’ve changed in the past ten years, but we imagine that that’s it—we’re done changing. When asked how much we think we’ll change in the next ten years, we assume we’re done.
  7. Jul 2020
    1. Matamala-Gomez. M., Brivio E., Chirico. A., Malighetti. C., Realdon. O., Serino. S., Dakanalis. A., Corno. G., Polli. N., Cacciatore. C., Riva. Giuseppe., Mantovani. F (2020) User Experience and usability of a new virtual reality set-up to treat eating disorders: a pilot study. PsyArXiv Preprints. Retrieved from: https://psyarxiv.com/b38ym/

  8. Jun 2020
  9. Apr 2020
    1. People often talk about how colours are meant to contrast, by using colour wheels or by checking the HSV coordinates, but be aware that these tools are lies. The scale of computer colours is typically not perceptually uniform. Brown should be a narrow region for instance and blue should be a huge region. To see the proper range of each colour, consult a rainbow.
  10. Nov 2019
    1. But any sense that “data” has an inherent “visual form” is an illusion

      It can also be misrepresented through scaling. Graphs are not always what they seem and can be used to misdirect the public.

  11. Jul 2019
  12. May 2019
    1. Под иллюзией continuous improvement скрывается хаотичное движение неуправляемой частицы с глубоко скрытым экзистенциальным кризисом. И на векторы этого движения влияет бесконечность разных факторов: настроение, меняющиеся краткосрочные приоритеты, возможность быстрых маленьких побед.
  13. Jul 2016
  14. May 2016
    1. 27This realization will surely come, when you can recognize that this Message is from Me, andwhen you have determined that it shall be. To you, whom I have inspired with such adetermination, I will cause every illusion in time to disappear, and you shall in truth know Me.The exercise of your mind along these abstract lines will not hurt you. Instead it is what yourmind needs. For, not until you can grasp My Meaning when presented to you in ideas such asthere herein contained, coming from without, can you perceive and correctly interpret My Ideawhen I inspire you from within. Your mind I AM thus preparing for USE, not to gain moreEarthly knowledge, but in order that you can receive and give forth My Heavenly Knowledge tothose whom I shall bring to you for that purpose.With a prayer to Me, Your Own Real Self, your Father-in-Heaven, that true realization maycome, read carefully what follows

      My mind is being prepared for true Knowledge.

    2. In the Eternal there is no Time, or Space, or Individuality, and it is only by reason of thephenomenon of Thought being born from the womb of Mind into the world of Matter that theillusions of Time, Space and Individuality occur; the thought, or Creature, acquiring theconsciousness of separateness from its Thinker or Creator

      Time and space were created for individuality to occur, for creature to have a consciousness that it is separate from its Creator....

    3. I AM You, the Real Self of you, All that you really are. That which you think you are, you arenot. That is only an illusion, a shadow of the Real You, which is I, your Immortal, Divine Self.I AM that point of consciousness focalized in your human mind which calls itself "I". I AM that"I", but that which you call your consciousness is in reality My Consciousness, thinned down tosuit the capacity of your human mind. It is still My Consciousness, and when you can drive fromyour mind all its human misconceptions, ideas and opinions, and can cleanse and empty itutterly, so that My Consciousness can have a chance to express freely, then you will recognizeMe and you will know that you are nothing -- being only a focal center of My Consciousness, anavenue of medium through which I can express My meaning -- in matter.

      Even my watered down view of who I am is still I AM. I need to let go all of my illusory perceptions of who I think I am so as I may come to recognise myself fully as I AM,to recognise and know my True Self and in this realise that I am "only a focal centre of My Consciousness, an avenue of medium through which I can express My meaning -- in matter".

  15. Jan 2016
    1. As I have already said, do not try to determine what is real and what is illusion at the level of dream. You must understand that it is your willingness to pay attention to me, to my presence outside of the dream—and therefore your presence outside of the dream—which is the only thing that will bring you to a point of being able to distinguish what is Real. And, of course, there will not be anything remaining appearing to be unreal, so no distinction between the two will have to be made. We are talking about clarity, here, in which there is no confusion, no distorted perception.
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    1. The whole false fantastic sense of self has arisen out of an attempt to understand who is asking the question. Indeed, through an analysis of the questions, one could come to the conclusion that the questioner is fearful, jealous, confident, expectant. But that is like trying to see something through a mirror around and corner which allows you to see something that you cannot otherwise see directly. The sense of the questioner which is gathered from the nature of the questions is necessarily absolutely illusory. This, now, is a new way to describe what has been called “The Fall”—the means by which one experiences ignorance of Reality.
    2. Now, whatever excitement or trepidation might be being felt is, of course, not being felt by you, but by the ego—the fantasy sidekicks which both of you and everyone else who is not Awake thinks they companion with. In fact, they think that they are the fantasy partner. The excitement comes from the sense that what is going to be heard is foreign—therefore, perhaps threatening. And I am saying “threatening” with a certain sense of thrill, because the ego likes a little bit of threat. It provides the motivation for challenge. And it is all bull-shit!

      Wow Raj is straight to the point here... the ego likes a bit of a threat, it provides the motivation for challenge and its all bullshit!!!

    3. Now, this graduation is constituted of a commitment to Reality and an abandonment of the illusory sense of self; a commitment to Knowing, which it now will be much easier for you to make since I am making it clear to you that you are not listening to something other than your Self, and therefore there is not a listener of dubious integrity. The presence of the experience of Knowing is truly an experience of Self, and not of someone else who is Valuable. Why, indeed, would you continue to make an investment of trust and commitment in something that is Real and thus apparently borrow some value which never truly becomes yours, and therefore leaves you in your illusory sense of incompetence and limitation?

      "The presence of the experience of Knowing is truly an experience of Self, and not of someone else who is Valuable."

    1. This does, indeed, cause it to seem to be entirely up to you, which, of course, does not compute with the ego’s suggestion that That which is divine has ultimate power to penetrate illusion, and therefore if one’s Guide is not penetrating illusion, then we must not be Who we say we are. That is simply another part of the defense, another part of the justification for ignore-ance.

      The ego attempts to use the need for one to ask for guidance as evidence to prove that I am not Who I really am.

    1. You do not know whether the observing of the events in the Mideast on TV is unworthy of your attention, but your experience of financial lack is worthy of your attention, because you grasp that they might both be of the same order of illusion. Is one or the other of them more worthy of your attention? Are they both? Or neither one? I will tell you something: If either one of them were the appropriate focus of your attention, that is what we would be talking about! But, you see, we are talking about letting go of the sidekick and its polarized, dualistic perceptions—confidences and doubts, fulfillments and lack of fulfillments—and, indeed, we are talking about anchoring yourself at Home by means of simply connecting with me, because it is literally that shift from the standpoint of the sidekick to the standpoint of your Being which separates the tares from the wheat, the illusion from the reality, the overlay of misperception from the underlying Reality which is being misperceived. Then the illusion of lack will not be present to deal with, and the experience of the Wholeness of You, the Wholeness of God’s Self-expression, will be what is being experienced.

      To focus ones attention on Being, 4d, Reality and in this there are NO PROBLEMS....... the experience is wholeness.

  17. Dec 2015
    1. That which makes abundance appear to be lack is entirely in the standpoint. It depends entirely on which end of the binoculars you are looking through. As I have said before, you have a habit of switching ends quite frequently. This is what is frustrating you. When you receive a telephone call, or a statement in the mail, which claims that your Supply is not omnipresent—some part of your universe is coming up short—you must recognize this as being totally false. Your Being is omnipresently present and active. Since that is the Fact, then it would be foolish for you to go out and attempt to correct that illusion on the basis of the phone call or statement. The attempt is made on the basis of a false assumption.

      This is an effective metaphor: what is perceived depends on which end of the binoculars you are looking through.

      It is important to be aware of claims that what is false is true so they can be effectively addressed. This is why mindfulness or awareness is such an important component of the journey of awakening.

      What tag to use?? An event has arisen that claims Paul is in lack when that is not possible in Truth - only in illusion. How best to tag things like this?

    1. Again, do not let your experience of being as Conscious Being become divided into many beings, externalized, “out there,” separate and apart from You. That is the illusion. The fact is that everything you see is going on as You, and you must understand that the You that you experience as “being alive,” “being conscious,” is the I that is Mind, God. The realization of this fact is what is called the Christ, the True Perception of Your Being. It is this True Perception of your Being which is dawning in your thoughts more forcibly than ever before.
  18. Nov 2015
    1. RAJ: Paul, that statement was made within the illusion of three-dimensional existence. In the first place, there is no man separate from God for God to give anything to. Secondly, it is only from within the finite frame of reference that there can seem to be an “earth” separate from “man” for man to have dominion over. Any apparent success that the human concept (ego) has of being able to exercise dominion over an earth “out there” only succeeds in further deepening the illusion that life is going on objectively.

      Raj's description of Being and wholeness is so completely divergent to that of my lived experience of my world that I'm beginning to get a deeper appreciation for a statement he made earlier -

      No matter what you believe, it's wrong.

    1. As I observe myself, it seems incredible to me that there is this definite reluctance to get into the subject of Substance, or into the specific answer to the problems we have been faced with over the past number of months. It is extremely strong. RAJ: And, Paul, it is entirely operating at the level of belief. It is a totally ignorant experience. That is what makes it most incredible. It simply means that you are going to have to move through it purposely, and not hope for some way to get around it.

      Paul is having financial problems. He is following Raj's suggestions but it is not helping. I think he is feeling victimized - no matter what he does it is not helping - even being open and receptive to Guidance.

      Now he doesn't want this conversation because he wants to maintain his belief about his situation and is afraid he won't be able to - that Raj will tell him something where he won't be able to maintain his belief. He wants to keep it!!

      Raj says his reluctance and its physical result is a totally ignorant experience operating at the level of belief.

      He needs to be honest about it and purposefully move through it and stop hoping for some magical means to get around it.

    1. I cannot force you to do it, but I would suggest that you get back into that Place as an ongoing state of Being and remain there. Being out from Mind is the only state of Being in which illusion is absent. Illusion is always distressing and uncomfortable, as you well know.

      Illusion is always distressing and uncomfortable. Being out from Mind (in the place of conscious Being) is the only state of Being in which Illusion is absent.

    2. RAJ: Very well, Paul. I want you to consider the fact that “pedestals” are for show. They exist for the purpose of exhibiting whatever is resting upon them. As a matter of fact, the pedestal itself has become an object of art. I want you to consider the fact that a pedestal is used to set something apart from everything else. It is a divisive structure, three-dimensionally speaking. It is also divisive from an inner standpoint, wherein it equates with “ego”—”a liar and the father of it.“1 It is the liar, in that it holds up that which is not separate and says, “This is separate.” It is the father of the lie, in that what it holds up as separate is concocted of its own fantasy. The pedestal, together with what it shows off, is total illusion. One truly does not exist without the other.

      The pedestal is used as metaphor for ego and specialness. It is divisive in its claims as separate a thing that is not separate.

      The pedestal along with that which it holds as separate, is total illusion.

    1. It is important to begin to see that Being is unfolding Itself successfully, with absolutely perfect precision, no matter how you feel. Emotional responses are illusions, having no relationship to the Actuality of Being. Thus, if you are wise, you will not let your emotional responses signify anything to you regarding Reality.

      Emotional responses are illusions having no relationship to the actuality of Being**.

      This idea flies in the face of what I have believed. How I feel has nothing to do with the perfection of the unfolding of Being.

    1. t seems to you as though you have had a strenuous and purposeless day today. However, these are the idiotic ravings of ignorance, which would fool you into believing the exact opposite of what is unfolding in and as your experience as purposeful, dynamic, fulfilling and intelligent manifestations of your Being. As I have said before, you must learn to recognize that your Being is unfolding Itself at all times in perfect harmony with Its Nature. You must begin to accept this as the Fact, rather than what your imagination can come up with based upon what it sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels. The Absolute Facts of your Being have never for an instant ceased operating, and never will. Therefore, anything other than this Fact is pure fiction, and you should not waste one moment on it. The only reason you don’t see it is because you are looking through your preconceptions about what is right for you. Then, when your Being unfolds Itself in a direction in which you are not consciously looking, it seems as though unfoldment has ceased altogether.

      Being is harmoniously unfolding at all times.You must learn to accept (Practice) this rather than the idiotic ravings of ignorance your imagination comes up with based on what it see, hears, tastes, smells, and feels.

      Any perception or experience other than that of unfolding Being is pure fiction (illusion) and you should not waste one moment on it.

      You don't see it because of your preconceptions (Beliefs) about what is right for you.

    1. Seeing out from Being is that perfect Awareness which Mind experiences of its own infinite Self-expression. All that actually happens is that the illusion, or misunderstanding, caused by conceptual thinking simply evaporates. One is left with a clear view of the Actuality of one’s own Being and the Harmony of it as one’s own experience.

      Description of the effect of seeing from Conscious Being.

  19. Oct 2015
    1. RAJ: Thank you, Paul. The reversal of any situation is accomplished by proclaiming the Fact at the point of being as Conscious Being. You must realize that doing this does not actually reverse a thing, since what appears to need reversing is not a “presence” at any level. It is, instead, the apparent absence of one’s awareness of his Omnipresent Being. Proclaiming the Fact from the standpoint of being as Conscious Being opens the apparently closed door to the Actuality. It is the method by which you practice or be what you are successfully.

      Raj first bringing up the idea of Practice.

      Here's my take on what he's saying.

      *Nothing actually needs to be reversed!." From the Place of Conscious Being the thing that needs to be reversed is not "a presence" - it's can't be found as something real. Instead, the thing that needs to be replaced arises as a result of not being conscious of your Omnipresent Being!!!

      So, what needs to be reversed is an illusion and does not exist. The illusion arises from a perspective absent of ones Reality as Christ.

  20. Mar 2015
    1. Beloved friends, as we speak of these things, though, let not seriousness enter the mind. For in Truth, all we are really doing is describing for you what you need to do, and can do, in order to release the burden of illusion that seems to cause you to feel a heaviness upon your countenance, a sense of a lack of safety in the world. You could think of it as taking your rheostat and turning it up a bit by enlightening you, taking your burden of guilt and judgment from you.
  21. Nov 2013
    1. They are deeply immersed in illusions and in dream images; their eyes merely glide over the surface of things and see "forms."

      Plato's shadow cave.

    2. Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions- they are metaphors that have become worn out and have been drained of sensuous force, coins which have lost their embossing and are now considered as metal and no longer as coins.

      Money was originally precious metals, and then signs for precious metals (paper money), and then signs for the signs for precious metals (debit/credit cards), and is now turning into signs for the signs for the signs for precious metals (apps that represent debit/credit cards). Just as money underwent this transition, so did truth. We now take truth to mean something fixed, but we have just forgotten that truth is a sign for a social illusion.

  22. Oct 2013
    1. and therefore people think that, if his name is mentioned many times, many things have been said about him. So that Homer, by means of this illusion, has made a great deal of though he has mentioned him only in this one passage, and has preserved his memory, though he nowhere says a word about him afterwards.