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  1. Jul 2019
    1. RF is now a standard to effectively analyze a large number of variables, of many different types, with no previous variable selection process. It is not parametric, and in particular for survival target it does not assume the proportional risks assumption.
    1. Compared with neural networks configured by a pure grid search,we find that random search over the same domain is able to find models that are as good or betterwithin a small fraction of the computation time.
  2. May 2019
    1. Под иллюзией continuous improvement скрывается хаотичное движение неуправляемой частицы с глубоко скрытым экзистенциальным кризисом. И на векторы этого движения влияет бесконечность разных факторов: настроение, меняющиеся краткосрочные приоритеты, возможность быстрых маленьких побед.
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  7. Oct 2015
    1. however briefly, their own and one another’sskating.

      I don't know about anyone else, but this is the single thing which which baffled me the most when I visited the skate park. Given how many people were there at the same time, I just assumed that there'd be lots of talking with one another about tricks, tips, random chatter, etc. Beside the occasional comment here or there, I was astounded by how quiet it was. I'm curious if anyone else was surprised by this, or if any of you felt the same way.

    1. learning how to program LISP

      Want to get kids excited about math and teach comp. sci. and engage them with technology and teach them fundamental principles of computing and expand their view of the world and let them be creative?

      Teach 'em LISP

  8. Sep 2015
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    1. Women knew hun-dreds of words for types of men, such as "jerks," 11jocks," "cowboys," "frattybaggers," "brains," "pricks," and men knew hundreds for types of women (Holland and Skinner 1987).

      Interesting to consider the social-cultural context that the author of the paper is in; there was no hesitation in enumerating a few of the words used to describe men, yet no attempt at doing the same for the terms reserved for women.

  10. Aug 2013