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    1. ich I am us

      This is a test.


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    1. Document Object Model Level 2

      Always a pleasure to work with


  6. Oct 2014
    1. Recent News

      It would be nice to have a link at the bottom of this section to older news.

  7. May 2014
    1. The figure in the version eventually published may differ.

      The published version is here.

    2. No matter how much discussion took place, on the factory floor or in meetings, in small groups or large, little progress was made; arguments seemed to just go around in circles, and disagreement seemed only to become more entrenched. For every point somebody made there seemed to be a counterpoint, and in the thickets of disputation, everyone could find a way to hold onto their own opinion.

      I am afraid this is the typical way disagreements are handled now, almost by all groups, on every level of society.

    3. deliberation is often done in group contexts, especially when issues get really complex and important.

      ... and this is exactly the main target area of Hypothes.is

    4. At this stage, however, this conjecture is untested. Our investigations in this area are still quite preliminary, and further studies are underway.

      This article was written more then a decade ago. Presumably, newer results have either proven or refuted this assumption. We should look that up.

    5. How to improve critical thinking using educational technology.

      See here.

    6. van Gelder, 2001

      See here.

    7. Reason!Able software

      See here.

    8. The evidence we do have suggests that such courses make little if any difference.

      I would be interested to hear about the results measured by the Rush & friends.

    9. over half of the population simply cannot reliably exhibit the basic skills needed in order to successfully deliberate over important issues of any complexity.

      I believe that Rush and his colleges at the Critical Thinking Foundation has reached similar conclusions, too.

    10. Working with reasoning in “argument visualization mode” will become easier than working in standard prose mode.

      As @dwhly already knows, my goal is to add such "argument visualization mode" to Hypothes.is

    11. Some first steps in this direction have already been taken.

      We should compile a list of similar projects. There is a list at the homepage of this book, here, and I have also collected similar projects about 2 years ago. We should refresh that list.

    12. It is also complicated, difficult and usually poorly done.

      Considering the consequences of this, I find it astonishing that even though many people has recognized this problem, the global effort to improve this is relatively small.

    13. Tim van Gelder

      His homepage is here.

    14. Yet argument visualization has never really taken off as a practical tool for real argumentation or deliberation

      This was written in 2002. More than a decade has passed since then, but I think this is still true.

    15. a group of historians may deliberate to determine whether the treatment of indigenous Australians by European settlers merits the term “genocide”.

      Except if this groups happens to work in Europe, and they happen to be interested in certain events around the second world war. Because in that case, this deliberation itself might be considered to be a criminal offense by some states. (Punishable by imprisonment.)

    16. As this is being written, the Governor General of Australia, Dr. Peter Hollingworth, has not resigned.

      In the end, he did.

    17. Enhancing Deliberation Through Computer Supported Argument Visualization

      This article has appeared in this book in 2002. All right reserved by Springer.

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    1. Even then, forensic tools showed the packets continued to flow over the airgapped machine.

      It would be great to know the details of how this was verified.

      Presumably, the forensic tools had to be applied to a network router, taking the traffic upstream.

      But how do we know that the packets have really originated from the airgapped machine? We know that there are other infected machines in the network, doing the routing for the airgapped one...

  12. Oct 2013
  13. epubjs-reader.appspot.com epubjs-reader.appspot.com
    1. you are in the country; in some high land of lakes. Take almost any path you please, and ten to one it carries you down in a dale, and leaves you there by a pool in


    1. round the world, including Paris, Madrid, Rome, Prague, Geneva and Frankfurt. Merkel's spokesman and the W

      Test text 2

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    1. It’s where passionate thinkers and inventors come together to learn from one another and engage in a conversation about how the web can do more, and do better.

      Yeah. Sure.

    1. It’s where passionate thinkers and inventors come together to learn from one another and engage in a conversation about how the web can do more, and do better.

      And to drink together!

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  15. Sep 2013
    1. ása. A "RinceWind" kódnevű kiadás ún. "major", azaz nagy kiadásnak számít, így benne számos új szolgáltatás, funkció és nagyobb fejlesztés érkezik. Érdemes frissíteni.


  16. Aug 2013
    1. mivel a Linux nyílt forrású, a hibákat a közösség relatíve gyorsan javítja

      Természetesen ez csak akkor igaz, ha valaki észreveszi és jelenti a hibákat. A backdoor-t kihasználó fejlesztő nyilván nem fog ilyet tenni....

    1. Access, de azt valahogy mindig rühelltem. Lehetne egy sql exporttal meg némi php gányolással webes alapokon csinálni, de ahhoz ugye kéne helyi webszerver (*amp


    2. yilvántartásunk.


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