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    1. This is the first post in the wild that I've come across which is using Quotebacks.

      I also notice that there's something odd going on with it that prevents me from annotating/highlighting the quote using Hypothes.is.

    1. Please don't put "feature request" items into GitHub Issues. If there's a new feature that you want to see added to Ruby on Rails, you'll need to write the code yourself - or convince someone else to partner with you to write the code. Later in this guide, you'll find detailed instructions for proposing a patch to Ruby on Rails. If you enter a wish list item in GitHub Issues with no code, you can expect it to be marked "invalid" as soon as it's reviewed.
  3. May 2020
    1. given the popularity and the fact that I'm not convinced we shouldn't have first-class support for this
    2. Even given all that, I haven't decided to close the door on offering this support in the future. If it was my opinion that we were not going to accept this ever, I would have closed the issue.
  4. Apr 2020
    1. There is a forum for discussing CommonMark; you should use it instead of github issues for questions and possibly open-ended discussions. Use the github issue tracker only for simple, clear, actionable issues.
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    1. If none of this worked, please comment in this issue and we’ll try to help. Try to create a small reproducing example — you might discover the problem as you’re doing it.
  8. Nov 2019
    1. this is not intended to become a big, public thing. You're welcome to use anything and steal any code. Please do not count on us adressing feature requests or issues though.
    1. Threads are closed to new comments after two weeks, or if the submission has been killed by software, moderators, or user flags.
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    1. Yup, three years later, I have the exact same problem still with my otherwise great Surface Book 1. This has made me distrust Microsoft hardware, and yes, windows machines as a whole. Especially as my previous Dell laptop was also unreliable in this regard. Such a shame, because otherwise it's a fantastic piece of kit.

    1. Issues - TOC page

      • Add teaser abstract
      • Remove "Abstract" and "PDF" links
      • Can we add a "Search this issues" box? This would be a quick search that is limited only to the issue being viewed.
      • Place "Cover (PDF)", "Cover Caption", and "Masthead (PDF)" below cover image
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    1. To sign up for our private Slack team, go to: https://snaed.slack.com/signup

      When I go to the link to sign up for Slack, I get an error message saying "This team's administrator has not enabled email signups. Ask your administrator to send you an invitation."

  15. Nov 2018
    1. Medical groups, managed care organizations, or, most commonly, hospitals often find it attractive to support hospitalist programs. If hospitalists improve quality, shorten lengths of stay, and decrease costs while satisfying patients and other providers, the return on these organizations' investments in hospitalist programs is highly favorable. Over time, it will be critical that professional fee reimbursement rates be adjusted so that a sustainable hospitalist workload creates sufficient income to support a full salary.
  16. Oct 2018
    1. If you look at what Americans have to say on issues such as immigration, the extent of white privilege, and the prevalence of sexual harassment, the authors argue, seven distinct clusters emerge: progressive activists, traditional liberals, passive liberals, the politically disengaged, moderates, traditional conservatives, and devoted conservatives.
  17. Oct 2017
    1. to try to understand what is human by nature and what is human by social convention. It is always risky to think one under­stands the true intentions of great t

      If humans were just Human by nature, in America we would probably be a dictatorship. Minorities would be killed left and right and the impoverished would die of malnutrition.

    2. Rousseau was brilliantly correct in certain of his observations, such as his view that human inequality had its origins in the development of met­allurgy, agriculture, and, above all, private property.

      Rousseau’s evaluation was a success and his observations were correct about the evolution of human behavior.

    3. He talks about man's perfectibility, and speculates on how human thoughts, passions, and behavior have evolved over time.

      Rousseau’s intention and purpose was to evaluate and see how humans behavior has evolved,

    4. they are also timid, fearful, and more likely to flee one another than to fight.

      According to Rousseau humans are shy, scared, and will run from each other than fight each other.

    5. Unregulated liberty in the state of nature leads to the state of war, necessitating, as for Hobbes, a social contract for the preservation of natural liberty and property.

      When laws or regulations are not set into place then that leads to war and Hobbes doesn’t follow any rules.

    6. solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short

      I agree that humans would probably be like this. Even now it is clearly apparent that with laws human can be monsters, so without any laws I think our state of nature would be to survive at all cost and to do that humans would have a violent state of Nature as Hobbes has said.

    7. state of nature

      State of Nature is the basic instincts of humans. It asks the question what would be do it we weren’t governed(what did we do before we were governed) and why do we let ourselves be governed. Finding Mans State of Nature helps to understand justice and political order because it allows us to see the basic reason for needing a government and how it caters to Mans State of Nature.

    8. Plato and Aristotle argued that a just city had to exist in conformity with man's permanent nature and not what was ephemeral and changing.

      Shows some of the earliest belief on what it takes to create a thriving politically correct society

    9. Everything that modern biology and anthropology tell us about the state of nature suggests the opposite: there was never a period in human evolution when human beings existed as isolated individuals

      Show that while some believe humans were only driven by primitive things, there is proof that humans were always socially adept.

    10. Mutual human dependence comes about almost accidentally, as a result of technological innovations like agriculture that require greater cooperation.

      Explains how and why societies and mutual dependence is created.

    11. Savage man's ''desires never extend beyond his physical wants; he knows no goods but food, a female, and rest"; he fears pain and hunger but not the abstraction of death

      This shows the basic human drives which changed forming mutual human dependence

    12. Aristotle differed from Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau in one critical respect.

      All human being are political by nature, while modern philosophers human are not born socially inclined

    1. communication

      We talk a lot and some of us are excellent speakers.

    2. but I think the stereotype is wrong—dead wrong.

      This stereotype is wrong because we are some of the best workers.

    3. Give a millennial employee a research assignment on your competitors and you’ll get the project back in 24 hours. Twenty years ago the same project might have taken a month to complete

      Millennials are more efficient in todays times

    4. They’ve been encouraged to follow their dreams and passions

      well paying jobs now a days are scarce so it's only right to strive for the best and follow your dreams.

    5. 1950s

      People who are quick to judge teens and young adults are often stuck in the past. Stuck in their ways.

    6. So where some see entitlement, I see greater authenticity and audacity. Millennials will shoot for the stars—and if they fall down, they’ll get right back up and try it a different way.

      While there is a sense of entitlement with the milleniall generation, there also comes a resilience different from former generations that allows this generation to bounce back from any failure and try again until their goal is reached.

    7. which is a huge plus for companies that are spread out globally and interact primarily in a virtual environment.

      The way generation X communicates through social media helps companies market that are international

    1. Fukuyama is being modest, if not disingenuous.

      He is being modest about the origins of "The Origins"

    2. By chance, these three elements were united for the first time in Britain, although other northwestern European countries that were influenced by the Reformation, like the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden
    3. epistemological

      Justifications that were wrong

    4. But before their combination in Britain and its neighbors at the time of the industrial and democratic revolutions

      Having the three elements of a modern political order can bring countries out of their chaotic state.

    5. Some readers, however, may think that Fukuyama goes too far in de-emphasizing the natural rights tradition that inspired the Renaissance and Enlightenment liberalism. Here Fukuyama’s historicism and his insistence that ideas themselves shape political order are arguably at odds

      fukuyama takes way from the importance of the renaissance and enlightenment period

    6. Human

      Fukuyama explores the interactions of human beings in the past and dispells myths about interactions only consisting of violence and ignorance.

    7. How come, out of all the countries in the world, those places have been the most successful and lucrative in aspects of government, academics, and economics?

    8. How did he qualify his argument

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    1. so that the blessed news had to circulate from individual to individual

      On plantations slaves were often not allowed to practice religion or anything of their choice because they were not looked at a people. They had to find other ways to do this, so instead of having things like churches or massing they usually told stories that passed down from person to person

  20. Feb 2017
  21. Jan 2017
    1. Debating Wired Executive Editor Kevin Kelly in the May 1994 issue of Harper’s, literary critic Sven Birkerts implored readers to “refuse” the lure of “the electronic hive.” The new media, he warned, pose a dire threat to the search for “wisdom” and “depth”—“the struggle for which has for millennia been central to the very idea of culture.”2

      Full article available as PDF here:


    1. you can highlight the error and include two tags – snaEd and issues – in your annotation.

      an example of issue reporting. Don't forget to add two tags below.

  22. Oct 2016
    1. One, these “comedic strategies” highlight social issues (Dow, “Femininity” 147). Two, while these strategies possess the potential to appear subversive or pro-gressive,

      Comedy in shows helps bring awareness of femininity and its social issues?

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    1. In Pharo, how you meta-click depends on your operating system: either you must hold Shift-Ctrl or Shift-Alt (on Windows or Linux)

      On Linux the shortcut should be: Shift-Alt-MiddleMouseButton

    1. Every graphic element of Pharo that you click on...  - With Cmd+Shift+Option,  - you'll get a little menu around the graphic element.

      I don't get this halo directly, by presing Ctrl + Shift, which can be a little confusing. What I get is a contextual menu that let's me to select the halo after that. See:

      After that I need to go to the add halo menu. It's kind of indirect, compared with the previous behavior.

      Am I doing something wrong?

  25. May 2016
  26. Dec 2015
    1. They suggested that the CHA’s heat infra-structures conjoined wastefulness and neglect in ways that encouraged tenants’attachments to heat and, with respect to heat consumption, placed them perma-nently beyond practices of self-sufficiency

      I completely agree with this statement. They were unable to control levels of heat within their homes so when it consistently stayed too hot, they opened windows to let in cold air... hello.. That's like having your sprinklers on for your yard when it's pouring rain outside.. and there's a drought.

  27. Oct 2015
    1. At the heart of the situation is an often-overlooked distinction between undocumented foreign workers who were recruited by the Dominican state or by companies, and those who crossed the border illegally and lack a valid visa. While every government has a sovereign right to document and count its foreign workers, in this case the process fails to distinguish between different categories of migrants: the unlawful and the undocumented.

      A look at the immigration/deportation conflict between the Dominican and Haiti, and the confusion many are undergoing, through personal stories.

  28. Jan 2015
  29. Feb 2014
    1. Does the Texas statute violate a constitutional right to have an abortion?
    1. Issue Presented: Formulate the main issue or issues in the case in the form of questions, preferably with a yes or no answer, which will help you more clearly state the holding in the next section of the case brief.
    1. Beginning the issue with “are” or “is” often leads to a clearer and more concise expression of the issue than beginning it with “may,” “can,” “does,” or “should.” The latter beginnings may lead to vague or ambiguous versions of the issue. Examine the following alternative statements of the judicial issue from Aiken Industries, Inc. (TC, 1971), acq.: Issue 2 (Poor): Are the interest payments exempt from the withholding tax? Issue 2 (Poor): Should the taxpayer exempt the interest payments from withholding tax? In the first version of issue 2 above, to which interest payments and which withholding tax is the writer referring? The issue does not stand alone since it cannot be precisely understood apart from separately reading the brief�s facts. The extreme brevity leads to ambiguity. In the second version, the question can be interpreted as a moral or judgment issue rather than a legal one. Whether the taxpayer should do (or should not do) something may be a very different issue than the legal question of what the law requires. A legal brief, however, should focus on the latter. Rewriting issue 2 as follows leads to a clearer expression of the precise issue: Issue 2 (Better): Are interest payments exempt from the U.S. 30% withholding tax when paid to an entity established in a tax treaty country for no apparent purpose other than to escape taxation on the interest received?

      Extreme brevity leads to ambiguity. The summary of the issue should be written to avoid opening the question to interpretation as a moral or judgment issue; instead focus on the legal question.

    2. Issues should be stated so that they “stand alone.” That is, issues should be completely understandable without reference to the facts or other sections of the brief or judicial decision. Use of the definite article “the” indicates that the issue does not stand alone when it alludes to prior information.

      The summary of the issue should "stand alone" or be self-contained such that enough context and background is included in the summary to not have to refer to the document it came from.

      I think this is an important pattern to use elsewhere, as well.

    1. antive issue : A substantive statement of the issue consists of two parts -- i. the point of law in dispute ii. the key facts of the case re lating to that point of law in dispute (legally relevant facts) You must include the key facts from the case so that the issue is specific to that case. Typically, the disputed issue involves how the court applied some element of the pertinent rule to the facts of the specific case. Resolving the issue will determine the court’s disposition of the case.
      • the point of law in dispute
      • the key facts of the case relating to that point of law in dispute (legally relevant facts)