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  2. Mar 2021
  3. Oct 2020
    1. I chose to use a monorepo: to reduce development friction in managing my various projects to utilize patterns across my projects
    1. Wouldn't it make more sense contextually to put this in the Sapper docs site; https://sapper.svelte.dev? We could also have a repo for the more complex examples but then it would need to be maintained etc.
  4. Sep 2020
    1. For a non-monorepo package you can simply point directly to the Github repo. This case is similar, but you want to scope it just to a single package within the repo. For those that make monorepos they don't necessarily need this feature. It's for those that use projects that use monorepos. Telling them to not organize their projects into monorepos doesn't help people who make use of these projects.
    2. npm's inability to handle monorepos then i'd have designed my repos accordingly
  5. Apr 2020
    1. You'll also have a directory structure that looks like this:

      Not a monorepo. Individual repo for each gem. I wonder why not a monorepo.

  6. Nov 2019
    1. uses a "monorepo" organization style for managing multiple npm packages in a single git repo. This is done through a Yarn feature called workspaces.