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  1. Jun 2022
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    1. . Introduction: Principles for Maximizing Representation

      IRC: International Realle Carracter (a visual conlang)


  3. Jun 2021
    1. The one with the white, dry, cratered land, and the suited people, and the blue-white globe hanging over it all.That picture.The picture, if only one picture in all the world were to survive."That," Harry said, his voice trembling because he couldn't quite keep the pride out, "is what the Earth looks like from the Moon."
    1. a Goodreads summary:

      Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is a work of alternate-universe Harry Potter fan-fiction, wherein Petunia Evans has married an Oxford biochemistry professor, and young genius Harry grows up fascinated by science and science fiction. When he finds out that he is a wizard, he tries to apply scientific principles to his study of magic, with sometimes surprising results.

    2. This fic is widely considered to have really hit its stride starting at around Chapter 5.

      author's advice

  4. Dec 2019
    1. Beginner's Guide to Installing from Source http://moi.vonos.net/linux/beginners-installing-from-source/

      Linux From Scratch ... a quote from the vonos.net document: "This document was inspired by the TLDP document Software Building HOWTO which sadly is not actively maintained."

  5. Sep 2018
    1. Lojban is probably the constructed language closest to IEML (it is univocalwith a non-ambiguous syntax), but it was designed to be spoken and it doesn’thave computable semantics
    2. The IEML Manifesto

      The IEML Manifesto; Information Economy Meta Language; Pierre Lévy; ©Pierre Lévy, License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0; Version 6 Août 2018



    1. IEML Grammar

      Pierre Lévy 00-0-IEML_Grammar-en.pdf

    2. 3.2.2 The three classesAll natural languages contain differentclassesof units of meaning such as :nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, markers of gender,number, case, tense, mode, person, etc. The classes of verbal and nominal unitsare universal. Moreover it must be noted that there exist not only words butalso propositions that are verbal or nominal. In IEML, there exist only threeclasses of units in the paradigmatic and syntagmatic circuits : verbal, nominaland auxiliary units, but these classes can translate all those of natural languages.
    3. Consider for example the phrase “a student learns mathematics”*(y.a.-’ b.-j.-s.y.-’ E:E:T:.-’+y.a.-’ d.a.-s.a.-f.o.-’ E:E:S:.-’)**TermsE:E:S:.nominative (subject)E:E:T:.accusative (object complement)y.a.-learnb.-j.-s.y.-’mathematicsd.a.-s.a.-f.o.-’student1. The first clause (*y.a.-’ b.-j.-s.y.-’ E:E:T:.-’*) says that “mathematics” arepredicated on the verb “learn” on the mode of “the object”.2. The second clause (*y.a.-’ d.a.-s.a.-f.o.-’ E:E:S:.-’**) says that “the student”is predicated on the verb “learn” on the mode of the “subject”.The preceding example illustrates the three rolesin the syntagmatic circuits



    1. The question of thecalculability of human languagewas from then on present in the background of all my work and would not leave meuntil I found – in IEML – a satisfactory solution to it.

      calculability of human language

    2. I decidedthat verbals would be represented by vowels, and nominals would be represented byconsonants. Since my combinatory ended up with 10 vowels and the Romanalphabet only has six, I adopted long vowels (wo, wa, wu, we) to avoid causingproblems for users whose keyboards had no accents.
    3. The Semantic Sphere 1; Computation, Cognition and Information Economy; Pierre Lévy