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  1. Jun 2021
    1. There is one very important reason for enabling job control to be useful inside scripts: the side-effect it has of placing background processes in their own process groups. This makes it much, much easier to send signels to them and their children with one simple command: kill -<signal> -$pgid. All other ways of dealing with signaling entire trees of processes either involve elaborate (sometimes even recursive) functions, which are often bugnests, or risk killing the parent in the process (no pun intended).
  2. May 2021
    1. Computing professionals are on the front lines of almost every aspect of the modern world. They’re involved in the response when hackers steal the personal information of hundreds of thousands of people from a large corporation. Their work can protect—or jeopardize—critical infrastructure like electrical grids and transportation lines. And the algorithms they write may determine who gets a job, who is approved for a bank loan or who gets released on bail.

      Up until this point, I have no idea that there is a code of ethics for computing professionals. I simply think that problems are presented and we try to solve it by creating algorithms. However, the thought of these algorithms being able to determine if a certain individual can get a job or approved for a bank loan have never crossed my mind. This new understanding will bring a new awareness to what kind of job I'm taking in the future and it will also help me determine what path I want to take in my career.

  3. Apr 2021
    1. a high level of motivation derived from thosearound them/other respected colleagues (FrancoSantos 2014 in Thomas2014)/ athletes

      fully agree with this statement as motivated people motivate others and allow for a great team working ethic with everyone pulling in the same direction

    1. By default, fork(2) places a newly created child process in the same process group as its parent, so that e.g. a ^C from the keyboard will affect both parent and child.
    2. But the shell, as part of its session leader duties, creates a new process group every time it launches a pipeline.
    3. Job control is what happens when you press ^Z to suspend a program, or when you start a program in the background using &
    4. A job is the same as a process group.
    1. Affinity groups, as they’re often called within the study of social movements, have been a common feature of grassroots political organising in recent years. “We have seen this developing over time, in many contemporary movements – where people are valued for their expertise and what they can bring within the larger movement,” says Bart Cammaerts, a professor of politics and communication at the London School of Economics.
    2. For XR itself, the model seems to have worked, if anything from a numerical standpoint. As academics Douglas McAdams and Ronnelle Paulsenfound in 1993, knowing someone who is involved in social movements is one of the strongest predictors of recruitment into that same movement.
  4. Mar 2021
  5. Feb 2021
    1. Typically, a process associated with a controlling terminal is foreground process and its process group is called foreground process group. When you start a process from the command line, it's a foreground process:
    1. The shell process itself is in yet another process group all of its own and so doesn't receive the signal when one of those process groups is in the foreground. It's that simple.
    2. Switching "jobs" between foreground and background is (some details aside) a matter of the shell telling the terminal which process group is now the foreground one.
    1. Also, this code will fail if $$ is not the process group leader, such as when the script is run under strace. Since a call to setsid(2) is probably tricky from a shell script, one approach might be to ps and obtain the process group ID from that.
    2. When your script starts a process, that child becomes a member of a process group with PGID equal to the PID of the parent process which is $$ in the parent shell.
    3. To accomplish this, after starting the children (loop.sh) in the background, call wait, and upon receipt of the INT signal, kill the process group whose PGID equals your PID.
  6. Jan 2021
    1. Documents examined by the Wall Street Journal last May show Facebook’s internal research found 64 percent of new members in extremist groups joined because of the social network’s “Groups you should join” and “Discover” algorithms.
  7. Nov 2020
    1. EBF was much more potent than Pax5 in inducing B celldevelopment, as its expression in MPPs yielded at least 100-foldmore B lineage progeny than did expression of Pax5 (Fig. 3band data not shown). These data suggest that promotion of B cellgeneration from MPPs by EBF is not mediated solely throughactivation of Pax5 expression.

      EBF expression represses and restricts alternative lineage genes, also help promote B cell independently of Pax 5.

  8. Oct 2020
  9. Aug 2020
    1. socially-distanced in-school students andat-home students can join

      Use the tools that are available to make the in-person material as accessible as possible to the at home students.

      • iPad as a document camera
      • AirServer to the board, share screen to Meet

      Repeat the sessions on A/B days? One day per week for these sessions?

    2. students may connect and workwith others at home or in schoolvia videoconferencing.

      Could students use breakout Google Meet rooms during their off day to work together? Teachers could facilitate which ones are open at which times for students or rotate into those as the groups (or individuals) in person are working.

    1. Von Gaudecker. H. M., Holler. R., Janys. L., Siflinger. B., Zimpelmann. C. (2020). Labour Supply in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Empirical Evidence on Hours, Home Office, and Expectations. Institute of labor economics. Retrieved from: https://covid-19.iza.org/publications/dp13158/

    1. Groups are great for brief bursts of humour or frustration, but, by their very nature, far less useful for supporting the circulation of public information. To understand why this is the case, we have to think about the way in which individuals can become swayed and influenced once they belong to a group.
  10. Jul 2020
  11. Jun 2020
  12. May 2020
  13. Apr 2020
    1. scoped to a particular domain.

      Climate Feedback group (see here and here) seems to be one of these Restricted Publisher Groups. However, it doesn't seem to be "scoped to a particular domain" (see for example here, here, or here).

      Is this a third configuration of Publisher Groups? Or a different kind of groups altogether? Or have these domains been enabled one by one to the Publisher Group scope? Is this behaviour explained somewhere?

    1. The world’s largest exhibitions organizer, London-based Informa plc, outlined on Thursday morning a series of emergency actions it’s taking to alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its events business, which drives nearly two-thirds of the company’s overall revenues. Noting that the effects have been “significantly deeper, more volatile and wide-reaching,” than was initially anticipated, the company says it’s temporarily suspending dividends, cutting executive pay and issuing new shares worth about 20% of its total existing capital in an effort to strengthen its balance sheet and reduce its approximately £2.4 billion ($2.9 billion) in debt to £1.4 billion ($1.7 billion). Further, Informa says it’s engaged in “constructive discussions” with its U.S.-based debt holders over a covenant waiver agreement.

      Informa Group, que posee editoriales como Taylor & Francis, de Informa Intelligent Division toma medidas en su sector de conferencias y eventos. Provee dos tercios de sus ingresos totales, 2.9 billion dólares. Emite acciones y para el mercado norteamericano acuerdos de deuda. Mientras la parte editorial que aporta un 35% de los ingresos se mantiene sin cambios y con pronósticos estables y sólidos. Stephen Carter CEO

  14. Nov 2019
    1. The LinkedIn groups is a dedicated forum on LinkedIn, where professionals from the same industry or same interest discuss relevant information about a product, topic, or service.

      How to Create LinkedIn Groups & its Importance for Business

    1. Although “group” and “team” are often used interchangeably, the process of interaction between the two is different. Beebe & Mottet (2010) suggest that we think of groups and teams as existing on a continuum. On one end, a small group consists of three to fifteen people who share a common purpose, feel a sense of belonging to the group, and exert influence on each other (Beebe & Masterson, 2009). On the other end, a team is a coordinated group of people organized to work together to achieve a specific, common goal (Beebe & Masterson, 2009).

      A team has members with specific roles to play--quarterback in football, software design engineer in a business setting, whereas groups don't necessarily have people with specialities.

  15. Apr 2019
    1. Text-Based SourcesSummary of the Final Report of QTD Working Group II.1Nikhar Gaikwad, Veronica Herreraand Robert Mickey*

      ShareKnowledge #QualitativeUAEM

      Al analizar el contenido del texto "Text-Based Sources" (American Political Science Association Organized Section for Qualitative and Multi-Method Research, Qualitative Transparency Deliberations, Working Group Final Reports, Report II.1); hemos determinado algunas reflexiones que deseamos compartir.

    2. The report describes several types of transparency-enhancing practices relevant to text-based sources. Some of these practices improve transparency regarding the process of generating evidence.Clearly identifying asource's locationhelps other researcherslocate and evaluate evidence, expanding the scope and reach of one's research

      Cabe destacar que las recientes discusiones que han surgido sobre la transparencia de la investigación cualitativa en la Ciencia Política han sido un tema de debate serio, de tal manera que ha sido necesario implementar un código de ética con el objetivo de aumentar y reforzar la transparencia en las fuentes basas en texto.

    3. rk.Drawing on QTD deliberations, existing scholarly work, and our own reflections, we discuss a range of transparency-enhancing practices and technologies, the costs and risks attendant with each, and their potential benefit

      Sabemos que gran parte de la investigación considerada "cualitativa" se basa, en el análisis de documentos (fuentes basadas en texto) y que todo este proceso implica un costo, pero es necesario y garantiza una mejor calidad de la información.

      Por esta razón, sostenemos que la transparencia en la información que empleamos de las fuentes basadas en texto ayuda a otorgar mayor claridad en el proceso de investigación y permite adquirir nuevos conocimientos.

    4. Recent discussions about transparency in political science have become fraught with concernsover replicability or even scholarly misconduct. The report of the QTD Working Group on Text-Based Sources emphasizesinstead that the ultimate goal of augmenting transparency is to increase our ability to evaluate evidentiary claims, build on prior research, and produce better knowledge.

      Consideramos que de suma importancia implementar la transparencia en la metodología de selección de las fuentes basadas en texto que utilizamos para compartir información pública.

      Para ello, es necesario hacer un proceso analítico de deliberación de las fuentes basadas en texto; esto consiste en evaluar si los datos que se compartirán abiertamente son "verídicos".

  16. Jan 2019
  17. static1.squarespace.com static1.squarespace.com
    1. I mean they only had two when I joined Ether and Bitcoin, but they were pretty selective compared to a lot of exchanges and I heard some good things from other friends who had been using it. So I trusted that.
    2. And I realize that late. Um, but I still did get out at a reasonably okay time because I really like all my friends.Derek:00:59:32 I really use what my friends are saying on crypto
    3. ah, and I've heard from a lot of traders, like it definitely is an evolving process.
    4. So I followed that. I followed this one trader. He has 100,000 followers on twitter. He's just scalper uh, margin trader on Big Phoenix. Amazing. Gives amazing videos. Incredible. Uh, I follow him a lot. Um, I guess my style would be most closely to his, I think then definitely Rsi.
    5. Yeah, so I do not have a background in coding, uh, and on on trading view, they have like a social, I really like their community. It's definitely a big community of like higher tier
    6. eetups. I'm trying to really go to meetups and meet other people and I feel like during the bear market, the quality of the meetups really increases because the people that are actually really interested not just for the price before everything else are showing up.
    7. Twitter is my go to and people post a news articles from like ccn from what does it coined, ask a bunch of these crypto news things and they're great. Uh, you know, I take them with a grain of salt because whatever, there's a lot of like fake news.
    8. Um, yeah, it was definitely a on twitter before I really understood what ta was. And I would see people post all these charts and I would always just be taking their word for it. And you know, people post different types of charts and different layouts.

      discovered coinagy through social media

    9. Uh, I'm on definitely on twitter, all scrolling through and guys and people post interesting theories.
    10. uh, Discord is the best and telegram. Those two. Sometimes people will do their own members area by using like click funnels or something like that. Discord is the easiest because you can separate channels. Um, and it's free. Uh telegram. I've like specific groups just because they've built in functionality that usually triggers by phone or at least more as from an notification standpoint. Where sometimes it gets lost in Discord
    11. Um, three commas had been tested by another people that I guess I was kind of following the social proof justification that enough people were in it so that made me more confident in using it.
    12. I don't personally like blindly entering trades that...
    13. will basically want to follow along with why they're notating that as a potential trade board or following it just to see how it plays out, uh, to basically use it as a learning
    14. Most of it is based around talking to people who are more competent or just more comfortable in a specific trading strategy.
    15. or that we're looking out for. Would need us to watch after a trade or to be looking out for a trade. Some of them have signals, like targets for traditional markets. They might have just mentioned, hey, if someone's running the group, they might've mentioned, hey, this is a point where I'm looking to enter short. Uh, so tell where they're looking to essentially place to stop, um, crypto groups Okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Uh, either injured but stop here. And then yourself targets are one, two, three, but it's less structured traditionally.
    16. Uh, yeah, I'm in a few groups. There's a couple of the crypto focused, uh, the also have been just, I wouldn't say [inaudible], but have put more emphasis on, you know, since we're technical traders, there's a reason not to take advantage of, uh, the market opportunities and traditional as they pop up. So we've been focused mainly on just very few inverse etfs to short the s&p to short some major Chinese stocks, um, doing some stuff with, uh, oil, gas. And then there's some groups that I'm in that are specifically focused on just traditional, uh, that are broken up or categorized by what they're trading.
    1. In summary, the ECGs study from DRC showed me that the use of disaster periods created analytical problems. The categories often over­lapped, different groups perceived and experienced the disaster phases differently, and individuals or groups defined differently the actual or potential event

      Mismatch between disaster phase classifications and temporal periods of those phases as experienced by individuals/groups.

    2. emergent citizen groups (ECGs) in disasters (e.g., Neal I 984, Quarantelli 1985)

      How are emergent citizen groups defined? How is it similar/different than DHNs?

      Get these papers.

  18. Sep 2018
    1. In other words, a student may have decided that they want to remain a peripheral member.

      Interesting shift in perspective here. From a non-choice, the student is given some space to make an active choice. (A choice which may disappoint and impoverish others who do choose to fully engage the community, but their choice to make nonetheless.)

    1. City officials can actually help if they go out into the streets and ask real people what actually is going on. Something on blogs and on polls arent true, they dont always speak the truth. If they were to go out to communities and build relationships with people, they would have a clearer understanding of what is going on.

    2. I dont believe some of this, blacks never had a voice during . That time if they were to speak up during that time they would often get punished. Blacks had no say in there freedom, slavery wasn't abolished to help slaves, Abraham Lincoln didn't do it out of the kindness out of his heart.

  19. Aug 2018
    1. El Mecanismo de Tecnologías Limpias y El Mercado de Bonos de Carbono se encuentran disponibles para el establecimiento de convenios multilaterales para aprovechar las oportunidades de captura de carbono por las plantaciones forestales del norte de México.

      Un plus en la investigación, que podría aplicarse en mi región en plantaciones forestales.

    2. Los datos dasométricos de 25 cuadrantes de 20m x 30m fueron levantados en las plantaciones de los ejidos mencionados anteriormente. La edad de las plantaciones varió desde 6 hasta 20 años para tener una crono secuencia definida y poder modelar en tiempo el crecimiento en volumen, área basal y densidad a nivel del rodal.

      Podría considerar la edad de la plantación a estudiar y realizar dicha cronosecuencia.

  20. Feb 2018
    1. The Bottom Line is that you will benefit from using the community group

      Unlike other approaches to learning new PM concepts that span many disciplines and competencies, we help you focus on your strengths and concerns within groups, while developing a holistic solution, that optimally increases your competitive advantage.

      Steps to Creating a Group:

      • Join the Community
      • Create your Own Group
      • Invite Others to Join
    1. All About Community Groups

      This group can help you create your own group.

      • To create a Group, select "New Group"
      • Select a Category that best fits the purpose of your Group.
      • Give your Group a title, a description
      • Make the Group Private or Public.
      • You can also select " Invite Only Group", so only people that are invited can join and see the group.

    2. Groups

      Unlike other approaches to learning new concepts that leave you to your own resources, Groups provide a safe environment for meaningful open discussions, shared experiences and assets, to help you overcome change adoption hurdles.

      To participate in Groups:

      • Join the Community
      • Join groups that interest you
      • And participate in the Group discussions
  21. Dec 2017
    1. G-DRG ( German Diagnosis Related Groups )

      "Since patients within each category are clinically similar and are expected to use the same level of hospital resources"

  22. Oct 2017
    1. Kamler, Barbara. 2008. “Rethinking Doctoral Publication Practices: Writing from and beyond the Thesis.” Studies in Higher Education 33 (3): 283–94. doi:10.1080/03075070802049236.

  23. Sep 2017
    1. Pill is now, and much like “mere” tools such as cellphones or computers.

      This part of the text is a good example of how technology has become transparent because cellphones and other computers are used so regularly that the knowledge of how to use them, are second nature; however, social groups that are excluded from this idea are the lower class whom cannot afford such luxuries. Most of these examples seem to be geared towards the upper middle class.

  24. Feb 2016
    1. The feed is how stuff enters their content system. But the feed itself is outside, leaving it available for other services to use. It's great when this happens, rather than doing it via a WG that tend to go on for years, and create stuff that's super-complicated, why not design something that works for you, put it out there with no restrictions and let whatever's going to happen happen.

      Interesting approach for hypothes.is to consider?

  25. Dec 2015
    1. Page level notes:

      • General description of group, including an icon.

      • Easy to get the content via RSS.

      • Easily sortable stream: recent, popular, filter...

      • tag "cloud"--tags link to text with tags

      • list of members (with avatars)

  26. Sep 2015
    1. I'm invited to toggle the dropdown (which implies filtering) to Public. Do so. What does that mean in this context? Nothing.

      I expected the dropdown to filter the annotation list as well. The fact that it doesn't was surprising.

    1. historical political boundaries of the native Americans

      We view the world in these simplified 2D representations of clearcut political entities. Fredrik Barth and Benedict Anderson have said quite a few important things about these issues of maps and boundaries.

  27. Feb 2015
    1. Questions

      Sorry cannot read the questions in full as I cannot get my sidebar to collapse. I cannot speak for developers but from my perspective the page-based group seems a good starter because it seems more straight forward and is less likely to change in the future but still shows off a hint of the full capabilities of hypothesis.

    2. Draft UX

      The mock ups are great. The copyright notice on the bottom of the annotations that the "Annotations can be used freely by anyone for any purpose" sort of defeats the idea of private readership of groups.

    3. If you have the link you can participa

      Still not convinced that sharing a link will be secure enough for the initial audience of lawyers, educators, researchers that you had in your user stories. Would having the link illicitly allow you to view the annotations without being detected.

    4. Both are private to participants

      This seems a sensible first step as a sort of soft launch but the capability of future progression to groups with limitations on annotators yet public readership will need to be considered in development.

    5. administrators

      Will be an important part of groups if groups are to to become important in establishing credibility or reputation in publicly visible groups with a limitations on annotators.

    6. Annotations show in stream

      Is this stream the annotations in the sidebar or a stream that is independent of the sidebar. This independent stream will be important for inter-page groups if used by say research or educational groups..

    7. Group name shows on cards

      Perhaps "{user} for {group} on {doc_title}" and "{user} for {group}" in the sidebar.

    8. leave a group

      Does "leaving" amount to "unsubscribing"? Such that, leaving a group simply means it won't:

      1. show up in your sidebar/stream content
      2. won't send you email for additions in that group
      3. won't be in your list of groups to publish into

      I.e. if I wanted back in, I could find that email with the invite link and re-join (or perhaps there's UI that let's me re-join past groups).

    9. email pops up a new email with the subject set

      Pretty simple with `mailto:{email}?subject="Annotate this"&body="http://..."

      Not all mail clients support body (iirc), but most/all support subject.

    10. Annotations show in stream

      Which stream? The public one? or a custom one?

    1. I have not explained this part well. It is important so I will try again. In my opinion the way groups are set up is crucial to the development of reputation for annotators on Hypothesis. Annotators’ reputations will be strongly related to the Groups they belong. Trusted groups will need to have private annotator membership that is extended by invitation only but these groups need to be able to choose between public or private readership. Other groups will have different requirements for annotators and readers in terms of the public, private, link mix. Bridge

  28. Dec 2013
    1. annotation modes

      This might be enabled by the planned "groups" feature, along with common hashtags for that group added through the group admin interface.