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  1. Aug 2019
  2. Jun 2019
    1. In November last year, Gordon Brown suggested that an assembly might resolve the Brexit crisis. Last month, Damon Albarn, Rowan Williams and a number of other public figures wrote an open letter to the Guardian in support, and the idea now has this newspaper’s backing.

      Further, a group of Labour MPs tabled amendments to the Brexit deal that included a Citizens' Assembly on Brexit, and a host of other campaigning and civil society organisations have started looking at this as a potential solution. Devolved administrations such as the Scottish government are also increasingly interested in this model of deliberative democracy

  3. Aug 2018
    1. The concept goes beyond the relationship between citizens and public service providers and provides the tools that encourage citizens to be more active and more participatory in community life. For example, provide feedback on road condition, adopt a healthier lifestyle, or participate as volunteers in various social activities. In this way, a Smart City ("A Smart City") will be a more attractive place to live, work and recreate, the Pilot Project Guide says.
  4. Jul 2018
    1. “The black above represents citizens,” he said, “and the black below represents criminals.” That those on the wrong side of the line are typically citizens themselves doesn’t bother Jacob, who has built a thriving business, Thin Blue Line USA
  5. May 2017
  6. Jan 2017
    1. they may not be ready for that this year, or on the first day, and so there must to be online spaces where they can practice this kind of engagement safely and receive constructive feedback so that they can become responsible and thoughtful participants in the digital public sphere.
  7. Dec 2015
    1. As an idea, it also circulated within national and local concerns regarding municipaland federal obligations toward low-income citizens.

      Citizens or the federal government felt like more needed to be done? I would appreciate clarification on this point.