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    1. For myself, Symphony was a proving ground for the COPE approach to content strategy and content management championed by Karen McGrane: create once publish everywhere.
    2. Symphony CMS
    1. More than ever, the growth and evolution of the Symphony platform is being driven by you—our brilliant and multi-talented (not to mention physically statuesque and uncommonly pleasant-smelling) community members.
    1. I finally get a chance to work on a redesign for our own site, so you're helping to make the exploration phase a lot of fun.

      I think I was talking about working on the Domain7 website and building it in Symphony. As soon as I had a working site, the team shut down the project and rebuilt the site on WordPress.

      At that point, I realized that Domain7 didn’t care about building the capacity of the team. They didn’t care about collaboration. They didn’t care about me as a contributor to the team.

  4. getuikit.com getuikit.com
    1. WordPress & Joomla from the UIkit creators

      Run for Water

      I used one of these themes for the redesign of the Run for Water site. I transitioned away from Jamstack, because the organization is centred around volunteers, and it was important to empower them to easily make changes to the marketing front end of their organization. The WordPress theme has a beautiful interface for managing content. However, it goes against the philosophy of COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere), recommended by Karen McGrane in her presentations on Content in a Zombie Apocalypse.


      My interest in the subject of Adaptive Content goes back to the days when Symphony was my tool of choice.