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  1. Mar 2024
    1. Wary investors and state officials had to beconvinced to take the plunge into a risky overseas venture. But mostimportant, it was a place into which they could export their ownmarginalized people.

      Historically it would seem that there are always going to be marginzalized people in a society, even when new spaces like America pop up into which the marginalized are exported from somewhere else.... but this also shows that marginalized, when given opportunity can easily improve themselves...

      better than allowing them to stay marginalized, how can they be helped institutionally to be better for not only themselves but for society itself? constant flow of improvement?



  2. Feb 2023
    1. Internet ‘algospeak’ is changing our language in real time, from ‘nip nops’ to ‘le dollar bean’ by [[Taylor Lorenz]]

      shifts in language and meaning of words and symbols as the result of algorithmic content moderation

      instead of slow semantic shifts, content moderation is actively pushing shifts of words and their meanings

      article suggested by this week's Dan Allosso Book club on Pirate Enlightenment

    2. Black and trans users, and those from other marginalized communities, often use algospeak to discuss the oppression they face, swapping out words for “white” or “racist.” Some are too nervous to utter the word “white” at all and simply hold their palm toward the camera to signify White people.
  3. Jun 2022
  4. Jan 2022
  5. Jun 2021
  6. Sep 2020
    1. I’m re-assessing how often I help out well-established men suddenly interested in my insights and contact book. It’s ridiculous how many ‘and I truly mean them well’s I cut out of this piece, but I really do, while also realizing I help them because they ask, or because other people ask for them. And that coffee, those introductions, that talk I gave and so much more of my attention and care—it needs to go instead to activists I know and care about but who would never presume to ask. Sometimes the prodigal daughter has her regrets, too.

      We all need to do a better job of amplifying the voices that have been marginalized for too long.

  7. Jun 2020
  8. Jan 2017
    1. Many marginalized groups are justifiably angry about the ways in which their stories have been dismissed by mainstream media for decades. This is most acutely felt in communities of color. And this isn’t just about the past. It took five days for major news outlets to cover Ferguson. It took months and a lot of celebrities for journalists to start discussing the Dakota Pipeline. But feeling marginalized from news media isn’t just about people of color. For many Americans who have watched their local newspaper disappear, major urban news reporting appears disconnected from reality. The issues and topics that they feel affect their lives are often ignored.