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  1. Aug 2018
    1. In the future, robots will play a more critical role in the intelligent manufacturing field, which requires more data space and higher computing power.

      This is interesting.

  2. Jul 2018
    1. This system of demonstrating tasks to one robot that can then transfer its skills to other robots with different body shapes, strengths, and constraints might just be the first step toward independent social learning in robots. From there, we might be on the road to creating cultured robots.
    2. Soon we might add robots to this list. While our fanciful desert scene of robots teaching each other how to defuse bombs lies in the distant future, robots are beginning to learn socially. If one day robots start to develop and share knowledge independently of humans, might that be the seed for robot culture?
  3. Jan 2018
  4. Mar 2017
    1. For the next eleven months, I was deafened by the drone of a robot. Every twenty minutes or so, the robot would stand up with a pre-contract and head off down the corridor to notch up a new sale.


  5. Jul 2016
    1. Thesis (Ph.D.), Stanford University, 2011.

      Trước đó, thesis của Montemerlo được in thành sách về FastSLAM Luận văn TS của David Stavens cũng được trích dẫn nhiều, về Học máy cho xe tự hành. Sau, luận văn của David Held về Học sâu và mô hình xác suất cho nhận biết trong robot từ dữ liệu luồng (streaming)

    1. ICRA 2016 in Stockholm

      lâu quên mẹ nó hội nghị này thằng Redwan có dự ông Chong chắc cũng có

  6. Aug 2015
    1. There’s a self-seriousness that might not have been predicted from a show called Mr. Robot, but if viewers can run with it, it could be one of TV’s most surprising summer discoveries


      For real tho!