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  1. Feb 2023
    1. Therefore, the stronger the wind, the longer it blows, and the larger the area of water over which it blows (the fetch), the larger the waves are likely to be.

      Lake Waves are called "Seiches." The impact of the whole Lake, depending on the intensity of the weather system, there can flooding on one end of the lake and dry conditions on the other.

    1. Approaching this project, I felt committed to writing a story that could stand on its own; a story that achieved the same things I want ANY of my stories to achieve; a story to which the response might be not, “I see what you did there”, but: “I loved this!”

      "I see what you did there" as a genre of writing is interesting for its cleverness, but many authors will prefer readers to love their work instead of admiring their cleverness in one part.

    1. https://web.archive.org/web//https://www.binnenlandsbestuur.nl/bestuur-en-organisatie/io-research/morele-vragen-rijksambtenaren-vaak-onvoldoende-opgevolgd

      #nieuw reden:: Verschillende soorten morele dilemma's volgens I&O bij (rijks)ambtenaren. Let wel, alleen rondom beleidsproces, niet om digitale / data dingen. #openvraag is er een kwalitatief verschil tussen die 2 soorten vragen, of zijn het verschillende verschijningsvormen van dezelfde vragen? Verhouden zich de vragen tot de 7 normen van openbaar bestuur? Waarom is dat niet de indeling dan? #2022/06/30

    1. Result of lots of searching on net is that pre-checkout hook in git is not implemented yet. The reason can be: There is no practical use. I do have a case It can be achieved by any other means. Please tell me how? Its too difficult to implement. I don't think this is a valid reason
  2. Jan 2023
    1. I do not care to include the epistemological status (claim, idea, quote etc) anymore as I was not actively searching for it and it was nebulous in practice, as you've found out.

      Sometimes collecting some sorts of data in one's notes (even, and particularly in digital notes) is not a useful practice as one eventually realizes that they remain unsearched and unused.

      One thing which may not come under this heading is the difference in what others say versus what you write yourself, especially as it relates to plagiarism.

  3. opentextbooks.library.arizona.edu opentextbooks.library.arizona.edu
    1. I have fallen short in many ways as I’ve worked towards the goals I have made in my life.

      It happened to me too, but as a young person, I understand that as a learning because my journey is still far from over.

    1. during Iron Age I, in the 12th–11thcenturies BCE, Ekron, which is located very near the Sorek Valley, was thedominant Philistine center, and the biblical tradition accordingly places thenarrative concerning the Philistines in that valley.



  4. Dec 2022
    1. InAD 117, a great library was built there in honour of the Romansenator Celsus, who was buried in a mausoleum beneath it. Thisimpressive building housed 12,000 scrolls, making it the third largestcollection, after those of Alexandria and Pergamon.
    1. as long as you operate within theframework of the four principles I’m introducing now

      Thus far, Scheper has only been making the argument to do as I say because I know best. He's not laying out the reasons or affordances that justify this approach.

      In this second principle it's ostensibly just "the possibility of linking", but this was broadly done previously using subject headings or keywords along with indices and page numbers which are logically equivalent to these note card addresses.

    1. When configuring SMTP settings in an after_initialize block, the settings aren't picked up by ActionMailer. This leads to runtime errors, since ActionMailer tries the default settings.
    1. I have yet to see a Snapd or Flatpak build of Audacity that I'm happy with. Those builds are beyond our control as they are made by 3rd parties. I do find it mildly annoying that Flatpak direct users that have problems with their builds to us.

      annotation meta: may need new tag: the runaround?

  5. Nov 2022
    1. by using symbols as keys, you will be able to use the implicit conversion of a Mash via the #to_hash method to destructure (or splat) the contents of a Mash out to a block

      Eh? The example below:

      symbol_mash = SymbolizedMash.new(id: 123, name: 'Rey') symbol_mash.each do |key, value| # key is :id, then :name # value is 123, then 'Rey' end

      seems to imply that this is possible (and does an implicit conversion) because it defines to_hash. But that's simply not true, as these 2 examples below prove:

      ``` main > symbol_mash.class_eval { undef :to_hash } => nil

      main > symbol_mash.each {|k,v| p [k,v] } [:id, 123] [:name, "Rey"] => {:id=>123, :name=>Rey} ```

      ``` main > s = 'a' => a

      main > s.class_eval do def to_hash chars.zip(chars).to_h end end => :to_hash

      main > s.to_hash => {a=>a}

      main > s.each Traceback (most recent call last) (filtered by backtrace_cleaner; set Pry.config.clean_backtrace = false to see all frames): 1: (pry):85:in __pry__' NoMethodError: undefined methodeach' for "a":String ```

    1. I have DNS settings in my hosts file that are what resolve the visits to localhost, but also preserve the subdomain in the request (this latter point is important because Rails path helpers care which subdomain is being requested)
    2. I've developed additional perspective on this issue - I have DNS settings in my hosts file that are what resolve the visits to localhost, but also preserve the subdomain in the request (this latter point is important because Rails path helpers care which subdomain is being requested) To sum up the scope of the problem as it stands now - I need a way within Heroku/Capybara system tests to both route requests to localhost, but also maintain the subdomain information of the request. I've been able to accomplish one or the other, but haven't found a configuration that provides both yet.
    1. The Console now supports redeclaration of const statement, in addition to the existing let and class redeclarations. The inability to redeclare was a common annoyance for web developers who use the Console to experiment with new JavaScript code.
    1. Check the "Auto-open DevTools for popups".

      Without this feature, when a pop-up opens without DevTools open, if it redirects, it will be too late to open DevTools and see the redirect logged...

      There is still a problem though: If the pop-up window closes, so does that DevTools. So you can't see logs or network logs (redierects) that happened right before it closed...

    1. Why was the SIGSTOP-ed process not responding to SIGTERM? Why does the kernel keeps it in the same state? Why did it get killed the moment it received the SIGCONT signal? If it was because of the previous SIGTERM signal, where was it kept until the process resumed?
    1. I fail to understand how this is such a low priority. Code review is one of the most basic and critical portions of development lifecycle, and prior to discovery of this ticket I literally had to roll an entire other repository manager just to perform that correctly when I discovered entire directories of changes had been omitted from the Gitlab generated MR. We actually found that in order to get the change set fix to apply reliably, that it is required to add "?w=1" to the url even after updating the white space setting.
  6. Oct 2022
    1. I'd like rsync to create the source dir structure on the remote, when I'm only synching a file in a sub-dir. At the moment it seems I need to do this in 2 commands, e.g.. ssh <remote> mkdir -p /backup/var/spool/cron/crontabs rsync -vauz /var/spool/cron/crontabs <remote>:/backup/home/var/spool/cron/. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do this: rsync -Mvauz /var/spool/cron/crontabs <remote>:/backup/home/var/spool/cron/.
    1. I'd like rsync to create the source dir structure on the remote, when I'm only synching a file in a sub-dir. At the moment it seems I need to do this in 2 commands, e.g.. ssh <remote> mkdir -p /backup/var/spool/cron/crontabs rsync -vauz /var/spool/cron/crontabs <remote>:/backup/home/var/spool/cron/. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do this: rsync -Mvauz /var/spool/cron/crontabs <remote>:/backup/home/var/spool/cron/. ...where M (make parents) is a new option that tells mkdir to do 'mkdir -p' on the remote target dir.
  7. Sep 2022
    1. Some people eventually realize that the code quality is important, but they lack of the time to do it. This is the typical situation when you work under pressure or time constrains. It is hard to explain to you boss that you need another week to prepare your code when it is “already working”. So you ship the code anyway because you can not afford to spent one week more.
    1. I don't like the first syntax because then you have weird looking code due to all the leading whitespace, and you lose a lot of real estate.
    2. Aligning everything with however long the method name is makes every indention different. belongs_to :thing, class_name: 'ThisThing', foreign_key: :this_thing_id has_many :other_things, class_name: 'ThisOtherThing', foreign_key: :this_other_thing_id validates :field, presence: true Compared to the following, which all align nicely on the left. belongs_to :thing, class_name: 'ThisThing', foreign_key: :this_thing_id has_many :other_things, class_name: 'ThisOtherThing', foreign_key: :this_other_thing_id validates :field, presence: true
    1. Rename the existing default branch to the new name (main). The argument -m transfers all commit history to the new branch: git branch -m master main
    1. it's syntactically correct, but it will check that none parameters are valid, just because additionalProperties work at siblings level, and no enter inside of allOf

      JSON Schema: problem: can't use additionalProperties with allOf to make a union

    1. The discussion here can get very fast-paced. I am trying to periodically pause it to allow new folks, or people who don't have quite as much time, to catch up. Please feel free to comment requesting such a pause if you would like to contribute but are having trouble following it all.

      Why is it necessary to pause Can't new person post their question/comment even if it's in reply to comment #10 and the latest comment happens to be comment #56? There's no rule against replying/discussing something that is not the very latest thing to be posted in a discussion!

      Possibly due to lack of a threaded discussion feature in GitHub? I think so.

      Threads would allow replies to "quick person" A to go under their comment, without flooding the top level with comments... thus alowing "new person" B to post a new comment, which in so doing creates a new thread, which can have its own discussion.

    1. James I and James V of Scotland were accomplished poets. James VI (and I of England) wrote prose in the language and indeed continued to speak the language when he ascended to the thrones of Ireland and England.

      James I, James V of Scotland and James VI (and I of England) all spoke and wrote Scots.

    1. Good code is its own best documentation. As you’re about to add a comment, ask yourself, "How can I improve the code so that this comment isn’t needed?". Improve the code and then document it to make it even clearer.
    1. who will prove by actual resultstheir value to the community, I cannot but believe, I say,that this will constitute a solution to many of the presentpolitical and social diculties.

      While I understand that Washington could not see the future, and was perhaps simply being optimistic, he was wrong. No matter how strong capitalism is in influencing your respectability within society, it will never be enough to overcome racism as racism does not view things rationally. Furthermore, these industrial jobs are now looked down upon and any attempt by African-Americans to move into more respected jobs has faced resistance from upper class whites, largely due to their attempt to keep wealth concentrated within the hands of the 1% but also due to either conscious or subconscious racial biases about the ability of black people to work in jobs that are not trades.

    2. The home which she would then havebeen able to nd by the results of her work would haveenabled her to help her children to take a still moreresponsible position in life.

      Aka, since women are capable of having children they should forgo formal education in favor of housework so that they may one day better take care of their children who can then attempt to move up the socioeconomic ladder.

    3. I would set no limits to the attainments of the Negro inarts, in letters or statesmanship, but I believe the surestway to reach those ends is by laying the foundation in thelittle things of life that lie immediately about one’s door. Iplead for industrial education and development for theNegro not because I want to cramp him, but because Iwant to free him. I want to see him enter the all-powerfulbusiness and commercial world.

      Here Washington encourages readers to seek only the smallest amount of success and approval they can from the system in which they live, that they should not seek to change an unjust system but rather adapt to it and take the crumbs that are offered to them with nothing more than a "thank you."

    4. And just the same with theprofessional class which the race needs and must have, Iwould say give the men and women of that class, too, thetraining which will best t them to perform in the mostsuccessful manner the service which the race demands.

      He seems to view the status of a race of people as equivalent to how much work and capitol said race can contribute to the economy.

      "Internalized capitalism is this idea that our self-worth is directly linked to our productivity." - Professor Anders Hayden of Dalhousie University

    5. Without industrial development there can be nowealth; without wealth there can be no leisure; withoutleisure no opportunity for thoughtful reection and thecultivation of the higher arts.”

      He repeatedly seems to assert the idea that due to their current state in the economy at the time of this writing, black people should continue to work in jobs they hate in order to hopefully receive some semblance of relevance and respect in the capitalist system as controlled by middle and upper class whites. Here he claims that black people of the working class should not take time for themselves, should not focus on anything outside of work, and should not attempt to elevate their socioeconomic status. He views time off, rest, and activities outside of work as something that only the upper class should seek, and that black people of his day should continue to work lower paying jobs so that their future descendants may one day be a part of this oppressive upper class. All I see here is an awful case of internalized and externalized capitalism that seeks to further oppress people for things that are outside of their control.

    6. It is discouraging to nd agirl who can tell you the geographical location of anycountry on the globe and who does not know where toplace the dishes upon a common dinner table. It isdiscouraging to nd a woman who knows much abouttheoretical chemistry, and who cannot properly wash andiron a shirt.

      While practical life skills are important, I can't help but notice how long he goes on about his disappointment in black women for receiving liberal arts educations in comparison to how long he goes on about his disappointment in black men for the same.

    7. that all forms of labor are honorable,and all forms of idleness disgraceful.

      Washington seemed to have a very capitalist view of labor and the right of workers to have time free of said labor. Not surprising honestly.

    8. Our pathway must be up through the soil, up throughswamps, up through forests, up through the streams, therocks, through commerce, education, and religion.

      I think that this means Washington believes a little bit of struggle creates a well rounded person that is ready to work in the real world.

    9. They will give us an agricultural class, a class oftenants or small land owners, trained not awayfrom the soil, but in relation to the soil and inintelligent dependence upon its resources.

      I think this means that teaching a variety of skills will create a well-rounded student that is in tune with the resources and environment surrounding them.

    10. We opened a dairy department in connectionwith the school, where a number of young men couldhave instruction in the latest and most scientic methodsof dairy work.

      I think this shows that the Institute is always changing, trying to stay on top of the latest developments in the area so that their students are better prepared for the workforce.

    11. Iplead for industrial education and development for theNegro not because I want to cramp him, but because Iwant to free him.

      I think this means that Washington believes African Americans feel the need to seek higher education rather than stick with industrial education because they believe they owe it to their ancestors. They believe that they must take advantage of everything their ancestors were never offered.

    12. Ireceived a great many verbal messages and letters fromparents informing me that they wanted their childrentaught books, but not how to work.

      I can infer that parents wanted their students to learn more textbook academic education so that they could continue to further their academic knowledge rather than the more hands on learning they experienced.

    13. The industriesthat gave the South its power, prominence and wealthprior to the Civil War were mainly the raising of cotton,sugar cane, rice and tobacco.

      I think this means that African Americans ran the South even though they were not acknowledged for it.

    14. there was an absence of mental training in connectionwith the training of the hand.

      I think this means that African Americans were never given an opportunity for education, which kept them oppressed because they were never able to learn that they could do more than the physical labor forced upon them.

    15. wasamazed to nd that it was almost impossible to nd inthe whole country an educated colored man who couldteach the making of clothing.

      I can infer that it was so hard to find an educated colored man who could teach the making of clothing because making clothes was left up to the women. Tailoring and making clothes was part of the women's gender roles in the society.

    16. For two hundred and fty years, I believe the way for theredemption of the Negro was being prepared throughindustrial development.

      I think that this means it was a common belief among African Americans that if they learned how to perform the gritty/undesirable jobs, they would gain societal acceptance from slave owners. They might have thought that if they took on this work then the slave owners would be grateful for them and show them mercy, when they would truly take advantage of them instead.

    17. Negro men and womenwere educated in literature, in mathematics and in thesciences,

      I infer that there were far more educated black men and women than most history books and novels let on.

    18. To a large degree, though,this business contact with the Southern white man, andthe industrial training on the plantations, left the Negro atthe close of the war in possession of nearly all thecommon and skilled labor in the South.

      I can infer that at the time of slave freedom the slaves were far more skilled in working than the white slaveowners which put them at an advantage for many industrial jobs.

    19. In a certain wayevery slave plantation in the South was an industrialschool.

      I can infer that slaves had to teach themselves the skills that they used while working for the white men. The slave owners did not teach them the skills used but instead expected them to figure them out on their own.

    20. I believe the way for theredemption of the Negro was being prepared throughindustrial development.

      I can infer Washington believes to a certain extent that African Americans should participate in working jobs at the industrial development level in order to gain societal approval in a sense.

  8. moodle.lynchburg.edu moodle.lynchburg.edu
    1. I rode to Nashville in the Jim Crow car

      I think this means that Jim Crow was in control of everything, all colored people's fates were driven by the Jim Crow laws (racial segregation).

    2. hill and dale, and Life and Death.

      I think ... Hill (where the white people resided) = Life Dale (where the black people resided) = Death

    3. And lo! the cabin in the hollow hadclimbed the hill and swollen to a half-finished six-room cottage.

      I think this means that the Burkes got the seventy-five acres that everyone believed would go to someone white, so Du Bois is excited.

    4. Progress

      I think Progress means industrialization.

    5. and slept—and sleeps

      I think this means that this is the moment Josie passed away.

    6. Josie grew thin and silent, yet worked the more.

      I think that this means Josie kept working despite it being bad for her health because she saw it as a duty and not a passion.

    7. from the sight of the Veil that hung between us and Opportunity.

      I think that the Veil refers to a barrier and Opportunity refers to equality between white and black people.

    8. I trembled when I heard the patterof little feet down the dusty road, and saw the growing row of dark solemn faces and bright eagereyes facing me.

      I think this shows that Du Bois has a real passion for teaching others, one could probably consider it his way of leadership.

    9. for their knowledge of theirown ignorance.

      I think this means that they had the knowledge of experiences, but ignorance in regards to education that could shine a light on their oppression.

    10. I feel my heart sink heavily as Ihear again and again, “Got a teacher? Yes.”

      I think this means that Du Bois had trouble finding himself somewhere to teach, which was very discouraging.

    11. I was a Fisk student then, and allFisk men thought that Tennessee—beyond the Veil—was theirs alone,

      I think this means that Du Bois was a student at Fisk University, a historically black university.

    12. Thehill became steep

      The hill was a barrier and symbolized the hump that black people had to get them self over to be successful but few were able to climb the hill and get to the other side.

    13. “Oh,” thought I, “this is lucky”; but even then fell the awful shadow of the Veil, for they ate first,then I—alone

      The author is a black man so he must eat second to the white folk

    14. white teachers inthe morning, Negroes at night.

      Making it clear that this is in a place with racism present.

    15. Then I came to the Burkes’ gate and peeredthrough; the enclosure looked rough and untrimmed, and yet there were the same fences aroundthe old farm save to the left, where lay twenty-five other acres.

      I can infer that the author was happy to see that nothing had changed at the Burkes' house because it made him feel at home.

    16. In its place stood Progress; and Progress, I understand, isnecessarily ugly.

      I can infer that the author does not like seeing changes made to the places he's spent a lot of time at in the past. I think it makes him feel like the memories are being taken away as well.

    17. Josie grew thin and silent, yet worked the more.

      I can infer that Josie kept working even when she was thin and sick because she wanted to continue helping provide for her family in addition to her goal of obtaining higher education one day.

    18. I remember the day I rode horseback out to the commissioner’s housewith a pleasant young white fellow who wanted the white school.

      I can infer by the wording of this statement that the author is likely a black man himself.

    19. Josie told me of it; shewas a thin, homely girl of twenty, with a dark-brown face and thick, hard hair.

      I can infer based on the author's description that Josie is a young black girl.

    20. I was a Fisk student then, and allFisk men thought that Tennessee—beyond the Veil—was theirs alone,

      I can infer that the author lives in a small country town.

    1. The South ought to be led, by candid and honest criticism, to asserther better self and do her full duty to the race she has cruelly wrongedand is still wronging. The North—her co-partner in guilt—cannotsalve her conscience by plastering it with gold

      I think this means that the North and South, despite and because of both of their histories, must work equally towards the solution.

    2. for a few such institutions throughout the South to train the best of theNegro youth as teachers, professional men, and leaders.

      I think this means that society doesn't just need African American laborers, but they also need educated African American leaders in different areas (i.e. teachers and professional men).

    3. First, political power,Second, insistence on civil rights,Third, higher education of Negro youth,—and concentrate all their energies on industrial education, and accu-mulation of wealth, and the conciliation of the South.

      I think this means that in order to progress and advance, we must know when we have to take a step back or pause from our perusal.

    4. Then came thenew leader. Nearly all the former ones had become leaders by the silentsuffrage of their fellows, had sought to lead their own people alone, andwere usually, save Douglass, little known outside their race

      I think this means that some of the other African American leaders were not nearly as successful as Washington at achieving their own personal goals because they failed to reach those outside their race, working alone and not with others for their cause.

    5. and they eventually turned to theAbolition movement as a final refuge.

      I think this means that after the failed attempt at achieving equality as a freemen, many free African Americans moved onto focusing on Abolition. They hoped that in the process they would gain more freemen that desired the equality they could not achieve with fewer people.

    6. If the best of the AmericanNegroes receive by outer pressurea leader whom they had not recog-nized before, manifestly there is herea certain palpable gain

      I think black people sometimes didn't like Washingtons ideas because he made it seem like they should just stick to working rather than go out and try to be something that white men could only be at the time.

    7. When sticks andstones and beasts form the sole environment of a people, their attitude islargely one of determined opposition to and conquest of natural forces.

      I think this means that when people are strongly banded together, their first instinct is to fight against those who do not agree with them.

    8. hey cooperate with Mr. Washington asfar as they conscientiously can; and, indeed, it is no ordinary tribute tothis man’s tact and power that, steering as he must between so manydiverse interests and opinions, he so largely retains the respect of all

      Washington still has the respect of people because of the topics that he talks about

    9. Honest and earnest criticism fromthose whose interests are most nearlytouched,—criticism of writers byreaders,—this is the soul of democ-racy and the safeguard of modernsociety

      I think this means that criticism from those who are most impacted by one's thoughts is important because it leads to conversation and compromise (democracy).

    10. Washington, yet the prevailing public opinion of the land has been buttoo willing to deliver the solution of a wearisome problem into his hands,and say, “If that is all you and your race ask, take it.”

      I think this means that people were willing to work with Washington to find solutions because of the strong leadership qualities he possessed.

    11. And so thoroughly didhe learn the speech and thought of triumphant commercialism, andthe ideals of material prosperity, that the picture of a lone black boyporing over a French grammar amid the weeds and dirt of a neglectedhome soon seemed to him the acme of absurdities.

      I think this means that Washington put himself into the shoes of someone from the North in order to better understand and connect with those who inhabited the region, for he was already a man of the South.

    12. 1. The right to vote.2. Civic equality.3. The education of youth according to ability.

      Washington does not hold the same values as others on what is super important or what makes someone '"free"

    13. It startled the nation to hear a Negro advocating such a programmeafter many decades of bitter complaint

      I think this means that society expected that if any African American spoke out with ideas at the time, it would be involving complaints for more rights.

  9. Aug 2022
    1. This leads to duplicated effort and ultimately small differences between common interactions.

      How does it cause that?

    1. My main issue with mint was having to correct transactions multiple times. Do it one day, do it again the next, then it finally sticks.
    1. How do I turn off the requirement to have a lock screen?Today, I'm suddenly unable to use any Google related apps on my phone, because I am now REQUIRED to set up a lock screen on my phone. I get that you want to be super-secure for businesses using enterprise devices. I am not a business. I'm some guy who just happens to have a domain name. My only "employee" is me. I have a two email addresses: My real first name, and the shorter version that most people call me. I do NOT want a lock screen on my phone. I don't want to be forced to give myself permission to use apps on my phone. Why am I now required to add all this bull$%^? Nobody is hacking my interwebs. Give me a f#$%^& break! I don't need a lock screen. I've been using this account for everything (gmail, youtube, etc) for over five years now. I'm not interested in deleting it and going back to my gmail.com account. I'm also not interested in being forced to click multiple times just to use my phone. Let me disable it.So, how do I turn this garbage off?
  10. Jul 2022
    1. Rich link Add rich links that give your email messages more context and details at a glance.

      Oh waaaaw. How revolutionary.

    2. Edit a message You can edit a message for up to 15 minutes after sending it.2

      Just... Out of all the goddamned things to focus on lol.

    1. StarPterano I very vaguely remember happening upon StarPterano in my very first moments on Mastodon, so finding it still published on the App Store – buried as it was – brought me a particular sort of joy. If I’m not mistaken, it holds a special personal accolade as the only iOS app which has caused me to involuntarily shriek. This might sound like an insult, but it is actually the peak of my praise. I believe my knowledge of iOS development safely allows me to suppose that StarPterano was built with complete disregard for any established UI element libraries. That is, the familiar toggles and buttons developers rely on to standardize the iOS experience were cast aside entirely in favor of handbuilt, translucent buttons of a sort of neon quality which call menus and text entry fields no less alien to the platform. The most astonishing bit, though, is that it works. On my 12 Pro Max, it’s exceptionally smooth, in fact. I would imagine those real iOS developers among you should find StarPterano’s GitHub Repository particularly interesting, considering. In the interest of preservation, I have forked it as well, and fully intend to dive in to its code, one of these days. The audio player embedded above cites a three-second .mp3 file in the repository which perhaps once accounted for the “Sounds” toggle still found in the Settings menu of StarPterano’s current build. I couldn’t get the app to reproduce it, which is actually what set me on the hunt that led to the repo.

      I shall always love you, StarPterano. NEVER DIE.

    1. Stop autoclosing of PRs While the idea of cleaning up the the PRs list by nudging reviewers with the stale message and closing PRs that didn't got a review in time cloud work for the maintainers, in practice it discourages contributors to submit contributions. Keeping PRs open and not providing feedback also doesn't help with contributors motivation, so while I'm disabling this feature of the bot we still need to come up with a process that will help us to keep the number of PRs in check, but celebrate the work contributors already did instead of ignoring it, or dismissing in the form of a "stale" alerts, and automatically closing PRs.

      Yes!! Thank you!!

      typo: cloud work -> could work

    1. Many of the workers reported that first thing in themorning, or after any interruption in their thought(like a ‘phone call), they have the “where was 1?”problem in a complex and ill-defined space of ideas.The layout of physical materials on their desk givesthem powerful and immediate contextual cues torecover a complex set of threads without difilcultyand delay, “this is my whole context, these are mypersonal piles”

      Following interruptions by colleagues or phone calls at work, people may frequently ask themselves "where was I?" more frequently than "what was I doing?" This colloquialism isn't surprising as our memories for visual items and location are much stronger than actions. Knowledge workers will look around at their environments for contextual clues for what they were doing and find them in piles of paper on their desks, tabs in their computer browser, or even documents (physical or virtual) on their desktops.

    1. Documentazione

      Il problema di questa sezione è derubricare i modelli dati come documentazione. Le ontologie di ontopia (parlo di modelli non tanto di dati come i vocabolari controllati) sono machine-readable. Quindi non è solo una questione di documentare la sintassi o il contenuto del dato. È rendere il modello actionable, ossia leggibile e interpretabile dalle macchine stesse. Io potrei benissimo documentare dei dataset con una bella tabellina in Github o con tante tabelline in un bellissimo PDF (documentazione), ma non è la stessa cosa di rendere disponibile un'ontologia per dei dati. Rendere i modelli parte attiva della gestione del dato (come per le ontologie) significa abilitare l'inferenza che avete richiamato sopra in maniera impropria per me, ma anche utilizzarli per explainable AI e tanti altri usi. Questo è un concetto fondamentale che non può essere trattato così in linee guida nazionali. Dovrebbe anzi avere un capitolo suo dedicato, vista l'importanza anche in ottica data quality "compliance" caratteristica di qualità dello standard ISO/IEC 25012.

    2. Nel caso a), il soggetto ha tutti gli elementi per rappresentare il proprio modello dati; viceversa, nei casi b) e c), la stessa amministrazione, in accordo con AgID, valuta l’opportunità di estendere il modello dati a livello nazionale.

      Tutta la parte di modellazione dati, anche attraverso il catalogo nazionale delle ontologie e vocabolari controllati, sembra ora in mano a ISTAT, titolare, insieme al Dipartimento di Trasformazione Digitale di schema.gov.it. Qui però sembra AGID abbia il ruolo di definire i vari modelli. Secondo me questo crea confusione. bisognerebbe coordinarsi anche con le altre amministrazioni per capire bene chi fa cosa. AGID al momento di OntoPiA gestisce solo un'infrastruttura fisica.

    1. Rails 3 seems is ignoring my rescue_from handler so I cannot test my redirect below.

      I have similar problem too

      404 errors raise ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound to the test

  11. Jun 2022
    1. Between 1914 and 1980, inequalities in income and wealth decreasedmarkedly in the Western world as a whole (the United Kingdom,Germany, France, Sweden, and the United States), and in Japan,Russia, China, and India, although in different ways, which we willexplore in a later chapter. Here we will focus on the Western countriesand improve our understanding of how this “great redistribution”took place.

      Inequalities in income and wealth decreased markedly in the West from 1914 to 1980 due to a number of factors including:<br /> - Two World Wars and the Great Depression dramatically overturned the power relationships between labor and capital<br /> - A progressive tax on income and inheritance reduced the concentration of wealth and helped increase mobility<br /> - Liquidation of foreign and colonial assets as well as dissolution of public debt

    1. So, i started researching where the capitalization of said pronoun came from and was quite stunned to find that it was always capitalized because it always appeared as the first word in a sentence, never stuck in the middle. And then, when it started appearing in the middle, it started getting capitalized out of convention and because people worried that it would get lost in script. Of course, "It's odd, and a little unsettling, to reflect upon the fact that English is the only major language in which "I" is capitalized; in many other languages "You" is capitalized and the "i" is lower case" (journalist Sydney J. Harris).

      If it's true that English is the only major language in which "I" is capitalized instead of the more commonly capitalized "you", does this help to underline some of the self-centeredness show by most of the English speaking West?

    2. I was always bothered by the fact that the first person singular pronoun is capitalized in english - i always thought it was quite self-righteous.
    1. Le intestazioni di colonna devono essere auto-esplicative ed essere incluse nella prima riga del file CSV. Senza le intestazioni, è difficile per gli utenti interpretare il significato dei dati.

      Proprio a integrazione del commento di @aborusso direi che le intestazioni dovrebbero seguire le etichette dei concetti definiti nelle principali ontologie italiane di OntoPiA qualora il dato fosse già modellato. Esempio: "indirizzo completo" (proprietà full address dell'ontologia CLV-AP_IT) per indicare l'indirizzo completo presente in tantissimi dataset (aperti).

  12. May 2022
    1. "I'd want to learn a lot from Professor Zimmerman so that I may obtain as much information as possible and use it in reality. It's not about the work."

    2. "To summarize, I am prepared to conquer all hurdles in my path to achieving the career of my dreams so that I may contribute to my society. I am a firm believer in the concept of dreams coming true."

    1. "I didn't fully understand it at the time, but throughout my time as a freshman at Boston College I've realized that I have the power to alter myself for the better and broaden my perspective on life. For most of my high school experience, I was holding to antiquated thoughts that had an impact on the majority of my daily interactions. Throughout my life, growing up as a single child has affected the way am in social interactions. This was evident in high school class discussions, as I did not yet have the confidence to be talkative and participate even up until the spring term of my senior year."

    2. "Specifically, when one of my classmates stated how he was struggling with the concept and another one of my classmates took the initiative to clarify it, I realized that that individual possibilities vary greatly among students."

    3. "The need to engage with people in terms of evaluating them for the aim of acquiring a different point of view was one occasion this semester where the knowledge I received in class positively changed the way I approached an issue. I was patient enough to explore other perspectives, some of which disagreed with mine, so that I might learn about their opinions without bias or prejudice."

    1. I spent some time trying to figure out why I was receiving: GetProj4StringSPI: Cannot find SRID (4326) in spatial_ref_sys From my tests. Of course SELECT * FROM spatial_ref_sys returned 0 rows.

      I had this problem too

  13. Apr 2022
    1. Note though that restarts are an essential part of updating software, by refusing to restart when you apply an update you are risking having a less stable software running as well as postponing what could be security updates and putting yourself at risk. There is a reason software asks for restarts and you absolutely should respect that.

      Software should never force something on the user. The user should always be the one in complete control. You can warn of the risks, but let the human decide what is best for the human at this exact moment. For example, they may just need to look something up. It may be an emergency. They may have private tabs that would be lost if they restarted now, and they need to wait until a better time.

      It's no different than Windows or other OS updates.

      See also: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1398179/firefox-restart-required-how-to-disable

    2. Not saying that occasionally there isn't a "feature only" release, but 99% of the time, the updates have fixes and many times they are of a critical security nature. FF, like others, has a responsibility and lawsuits to avoid.
    1. All that can be forgiven, but not charging $10 USD for this bundle worsener (they dumped it very quick into shovelware game bundles). $10 gets you a lot of great games on Steam like Frostpunk, Metro and Skyrim, so it's impossible to ask anyone considers this against the competition.
    2. Boston AInamics (an unauthorised riff on the name of the robotics company, Boston Dynamics, I hope they sue)

      It's sufficiently different. Plays on other names should be permitted.

    1. lthough the individual organisms may do things that keep their bodies slightly below or above the environmental temperature. This can include burrowing underground on a hot day or resting in the sunlight on a cold day.

      Picture I (Johan Barron) made to show different thermoregulations, captioned with, if image cannot be found, use this website I uploaded it to https://gyazo.com/c8c85c489c5eb900d10192b558849df7 or https://utoronto-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/johan_barron_mail_utoronto_ca/ETtDG01bl1tJmAv70a3Uf7wB1fyrcd2oFgr-GxPJig7xQw?e=CurpFX

      Figure 1.1 Differences in thermoregulation between an Endotherm (Oryctolagus cuniculus) and an Ectotherm (Lacertilia) during hot temperatures.

    1. assistive technology

      We should place the definition of Assistive Technology here: Assistive Technology is technology used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

  14. Mar 2022
    1. I found this counterintuitive because usually I try to make all my passwords, etc. different for each environment I have. I thought I would need to create a different master key for my production environment. No, I need to not create a different master key.
  15. Feb 2022
    1. I let yo upush me past the breaking point

      This suggests that the people around the speaker was helping her to overcome her personality problems and eventually it would disappear from the speaker’s thoughts.With her personality no longer a problem to her, she would be able to have her own freedom again.

    1. Ruby should not completely ignore blocks. const_set :Example, Class.new do p "Hello, world" end # Doesn't print anything, generate any warning nor error. To minimize any impact, Ruby should issue a warning, and in future version could even raise an error. Even unused variables provide warnings in verbose mode, and they have their use. I can't think of a case where passing a block to a builtin method that doesn't accept a block is not a programming error though.

      But since it can't be fixed generally, then just add a check in each core method that doesn't accept block, update its def to include a check.

      Where I've been bitten by this was some Enumerable method that I assumed took a block. I think it was first { cond }, and I assumed it worked the same as detect { cond }

  16. Jan 2022
    1. Des espaces inégalement intégrés

      Arg1: Certaines façades maritimes sont inégalement intégrées au processus de mondialisation

      • Concentration sur certains littoraux = pôles de M° Amérique du Nord, Europe, Asie de l'Est (16/20 ports) 11e: Rotterdam 17e: Los Angeles

      • Des Etats tentent de s'intégrer dans les échanges mondiaux Inde, Vietnam, Maroc = 3e terminal construit au port de Tanger.

      • certains espaces demeurent marginalisés isolation des principales routes maritimes (Amérique du Sud, Afrique) territoires enclavés = dépendance échange: PMA (République centre africaine), Afghanistan

    2. e tourisme de croisière

      Arg6: le tourisme de croisière reste un enjeu économique majeur

      • Un secteur en essor 2019 - 30M de personnes croisière Caraïbes, Mer Méditerranée, Asie Pacifique

      • Qui est marqué par une forte concurrence et de lours freins Multinationales: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, MSC Emissions CO2, risques accidents + COVID19: mauvaise réputation

    3. Les ressources génétiques marines

      Arg5: Les fonds marins regorgent de ressources génétiques marines

      • Le génome des espères sous marines constitue un enjeu commercial et scientifique algues: produits cosmétiques enzymes des éponges: lutte cancer (pharmacie, santé)
    4. Les ressources minérales

      Arg4: Les ressources minérales sont également très convoitées

      • les utilisations technologiques minerais: Cobalt, cuivre, nickel, or, diamant terres rares: cérium, scandium Nodules polymétalliques = hautes technologies (tel, odrinateurs)

      • jeu géopolitique dps 2010's fouilles Etat // monopole chinois Chine = 90% terres rares M

    5. Les ressources énergétiques

      Arg3: les ressources énergétiques sont également exploitées dans les Mers et les Océans

      • les hydrocarbures 30% hydrocarbures proviennent de gisements offshore Mer du Nord, Mer Caspienne, Golfe de Guinée, Golfe Arabo-persique, Mer de Chine méridionale

      espaces inexploités: conditions extrêmes (Arctique), fonds marins profonds = ++ pression (Brésil qui se lance dans l'exploitation d'hydrocarbures au dela du plateau continental)

      • les énergies renouvelables off shore Usines marémotrices: UM de la Rance (Côtes d'Armor, FR) Parcs éoliens off shore: projets aux îles de Lérons, Europe = 1er prod mondial électricité = 5000 éoliennes off shore (Mer du Nord ++)

      • les avancées scientifiques possibles Bathymétrie est mal connue = couts ++ 90% des espèces marines resteraient à découvrir

    6. Les ressources halieutiques Ŕ doc 1 p. 62 sur l’exploitation des ressources halieutiques

      Arg2: les ressources halieutiques constituent un enjeu économique majeur

      • La pêche et l'aquaculture subviennent aux besoins énergétiques et protéiniques de la population 1950 - auj = production halieutique*8 1950 - 2016 = 19M tonnes - 170M tonnes (dont 150M pour conso° humaine directe) 1980 - 2016 = 4,5M - 80M de tonnes prod° aquaculture

      • les ressources halieutiques sont exportées 27% prod° halieutique = int 143 Milliards $ = CA

      • des intérêts économiques vitaux pour les Etats 60M travailleurs = secteur de la pêche situations précaire = 95% des pêcheurs vivent en Afrique ou en Asie

    7. Selon l’OCDE, les mers et les océans rapportent chaque année près de 1500 milliards de dollars

      Les bénéfices économiques de l'économie bleue

      Economie bleue - Bertrand Blancheton, Introduction aux politiques économiques (2020)

      Mers et océans rapportent 1500 Milliards $/an 3000 Milliards en 2030 "Qui tient la mer tiens le commerce du monde, qui tient le commerce tient la richesse, qui tient la richesse tient le monde lui-même", Walter Raleigh => Halford Mackinder

    8. Argument 4 : Les espaces maritimes et les points de passage stratégiques : des zones sensibles menacées

      Arg 4: Les choke points et les EM sont menacés Pirtarie maritime 2018: 201 attaques // navires marchands 4000 attaques depuis 20 ans selon l'IRIS 330M $ de rançons en 7 ans = financement activités criminelles Golfe de Guinée Golfe d'Aden Asie du Sud (Bangladesh) Asie du Sud Est (Détroit de Malacca) Amérique du Sud (Bolivie et Venezuela) = 2 régions les + touchés => next to routes maritimes

    9. Argument 3 : Les routes maritimes, les points de passage stratégiques et les goulets d’étranglement : des espaces maritimes vitaux pour le commerce maritime

      Arg3: les enjeux vitaux des chokes points pour l'économie mondialisée et le CM Connecter espaces de prod°/conso° Espaces maritimes très réduits concentrent trafic maritime:

      • Canaux; Suez, Panama
      • Détroit, Ormuz, Gibraltar, Bab el Manbed, Bering, Malacca
      • Caps: Bonne espérance, Horn

      Détroit de Malacca selon Institut Supérieur d'économie marine (2017) 14M barils / jours Port Klang (Malaisie) = 12e port à conteneurs mondial "Dilemme de Malacca" selon Hu Jintao 20 - 25% du trafic mondial / an

      Dépendance = ouverture permanente des passages stratégiques Mauvaise situations: insécurité, piraterie, conflits, tensions géopolitiques sinon = perturber approvisionnement marchandises + matières premières = - économie mondiale EX: 1967 -> 1974 = pas Canal de Suez (G6jours) alternative = Cap de Bonne Espérance (+ temps, +argent)

    10. Argument 2 : La maritimisation renforce la littoralisation et le rôle des façades maritimes

      Arg2: Maritimisation = littoralissation + importance facades maritimes littoralisation: 60% pop in moins 60km côtes (3,6 Milliards hab) 14/16 aires urbaines

      **Secteurs économiques 1st = pêche 2nd = ZIP (Port de Pirée, Port de Marsaxlokk à Malte), accesibilité, entreprises de raffinages et sidérurgiques = matières premières Services = tourisme, aménités, héliotropisme, haliotropisme => stations balnéaires

      Rôle des ports: HUB dans le processus de M°

      • grande capacité portes conteneurs (1st = Shanghai Yangshan, St Expuéry par CMA CGM) MAIS nécessitent port adaptés (ports en eaux profondes de Kribi, espaces de stockage, portd de transbordement, plateformes intermodales: Port de Rotterdam)

      Rôle façades maritimes = lieu de concentration CMM Northern Range: Have - Hambourg Cote Est des EU: Nord de Boston - Miami Cote ouest des EU: Puget Sound - Californie Asie de l'Est et Japon: Tokyo - Singapour