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    1. Apple's Maps application is also expected to receive an upgrade which will allow users to add notes to specific locations. With these new place notes, users can add the key information about a place that could only be relevant to them.
    2. AppleInsider has received the exact details of Siri's new functionality

      How very confident.

  2. Apr 2024
    1. Ain't it possible that every message I send or forward will just be replaced to the outbox and will be send by Thunderbird in the background ? I really hate it that every message sends itself away, running on top of all other windows, and it makes me wait till it has been sent from reading my other messages...
    1. Compacting folders does nothing for me -- I don't know why. I compacted them today for the first time in about a year, and the folder size remained unchanged. I don't generally delete emails, so that's likely why, but that doesn't mean I need to keep local copies of 12.5GB of emails.
  3. Mar 2024
    1. In 1554 and again in 1556,[1] Ferdinand named Busbecq ambassador to the Ottoman Empire under the rule of Suleiman the Magnificent. His task for much of the time he was in Constantinople was the negotiation of a border treaty between his employer (the future Holy Roman Emperor) and the Sultan over the disputed territory of Transylvania. He had no success in this mission while Rüstem Pasha was the Sultan's vizier, but ultimately reached an accord with his successor Semiz Ali Pasha.

      Ogier was an ambassador mediating between Ferdinand and Suleyman.

    1. quote from Schopenhauer’s essay, ‘How to think for oneself’, §268:“the most beautiful thought, if not written down, is in danger of being irretrievably forgotten.”It’s from the passage where he observes that Lichtenberg thought for himself in both senses of the phrase, unlike Herder.The original essay, “Selbstdenken” was part of Schopenhauer’s book Parerga und Paralipomena II. Last authorised edition, Erstausgabe Berlin, A. W. Hayn 1851, online textLooks like Povarnin was a Schopenhauer fan!
    2. 'картотек' (card index), to find the relevant section (it's section 51. The fascination with index cards, p.68). This is pretty much the only part of the booklet that discusses index cards, though.

      card index in Russian is 'картотек'

    1. 詹益鑑 Verified account  · 45m  · Shared with PublicAI 真的取代了一些工作嗎?或者造成一些工作的薪資降低?今天看到這篇實際分析的文章,從2022 年11 月1 日(ChatGPT 發布前一個月)到2024 年2 月14 日,在 Upwork 的自由工作者資料中,分析出幾個事實:1. 下降幅度最大的 3 個類別是寫作、翻譯和客戶服務工作。寫作職位數量下降了 33%,翻譯職位數量下降了 19%,客戶服務職位數量下降了 16%2. 影片編輯/製作工作成長了 39%,圖形設計工作成長了 8%,網頁設計工作成長了 10%。軟體開發職缺也有所​​增加,其中後端開發職缺成長了 6%,前端/Web 開發職缺成長了 4%3. 翻譯絕對是受打擊最嚴重的工作,每小時工資下降了 20% 以上,其次是影片編輯/製作和市場研究。平面設計和網頁設計工作是最具彈性的。兩人不僅數量增加了,而且時薪也增加了一些。4. 自 ChatGPT 和 OpenAI API 發布以來,與開發聊天機器人相關的工作數量激增了 2000%。如果說當今人工智慧有一個殺手級用例,那就是開發聊天機器人。

      下降幅度最大的 3 個類別是寫作、翻譯和客戶服務工作

      寫作職位數量下降了 33%,翻譯職位數量下降了 19%,客戶服務職位數量下降了 16%

      翻譯絕對是受打擊最嚴重的工作,每小時工資下降了 20% 以上

  4. Feb 2024
    1. Also unclear why the answer is criticized for providing a "more general case" since the OP said "You are right, this [base64] was just used as an example, though.
    2. The lonesome cat isn’t useless.  UUOCs are typically characterized by having exactly one filename argument; this one has none.  It connects the input to the function (which is the input of the if statement) to the output of the if statement (which is the input to the base64 –decode statement)
    3. If one had to deal with the drain of such critique for every answer, perhaps site usage would go down. People have lives to lead and the OP is apparently already happy. IMO, it is time to move on.
    4. The title of the question is what triggered the process of finding this Q/A for material that aided development of the above to solve a real life problem described by the title. The OP declared that base64 decode was not the "real" problem; pedantic constraint of answers to a particular "example" seems less helpful. When this question and its answers were key to helping solve real problems, alternate answers can be gifts to the community in recognition of the fact that many more people will use this Q/A to solve problems. Since the answer is on-topic per the title, I feel it is "game on".
    5. The answer credits others while solving a problem that wasn't optimally solved by other (helpful) answers at the time. I shared to help others. It is up to a reader to select answers and review for appropriateness to their needs. This almost looks like an attack when all that was required was an alternative answer standing on its own merits or demerits.
    1. 12:30 Tughril Beg acting as Islamic leader rather than steppe warlord. He proclaims himself Sultan and asks guidance of Islamic judges.

  5. Jan 2024
    1. Early life in the Archean and earlier is poorly documented in the fossil record, but chemical evidence and evolutionary theory state that this life would have been single-celled photosynthetic organisms such as cyanobacteria in stromatolites. Fossil cyanobacteria in these stromatolites produced free oxygen in the atmosphere through photosynthesis. Cyanobacteria are prokaryotes, i.e. single-celled organisms (archaea and bacteria) with simple cells that lack a cell nucleus and other organelles.

      Fossil Cyanobacteria produce free oxygen in the atmosphere through photosynthesis is very amazing to me how that works

    1. These are little things, of course; but they show nevertheless that these Peoples [149] are not quite so rude and unpolished as one might suppose.

      I like how the missionaries find the good in the indigenous people making them believe they have social awareness and are like minded in some ways.

    1. idebar by clicking the button in the location bar


    1. one of King’s note cards on the Old Testament’s Book of Amos which includes the linesBut let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. These lines would feature in many of King’s speeches—including his famous “I Have a Dream Speech,” where King said: …we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.

      Some of King's note cards later figured in his speeches including his "I Have a Dream" speech.

    1. Argyris og Schön (Morgan, 2004)

      Morgan, 2004 finnes ikke i referanselisten.

      Nærmeste man kommer er Morgan, G (2016). Organisasjonsbilder. Innføring i organisasjonsteori. Oslo: Gyldendal akademisk

  6. Dec 2023
    1. I-CIRCLE ... find the right people and found the Implementation-CircleWhen funding is granted, you as the initiator together with the SoNeC Facilitator identify potential mem-bers and create an Implementation Circle for the whole city which consists of 10 – 12 people
      • for: definition - I-Circle, city-scale group

      • definition: I-Circle

        • The I-Circle is the Implementation Circle for the whole city and consists of a dozen people
    1. 台式英語: Could you kindly reply by Tuesday? (可以請你周二前回信給我嗎?) 道地英語: Could you reply by Tuesday? Or, if you want to be very polite: Would you be able to reply by Tuesday? 用法: 很多台灣人在書信往來中常常會寫 "please kindly" ,以為這樣更客氣,但其實kindly,一點也不kind。在英文的用法中,加上kindly代表一種警告,例如 “Please kindly refrain from smoking on the premises (請不要在這裡抽菸)”  若你想要禮貌一點,只需要用 "please" 或是用 "Could you 或 Would you be able to"


  7. Nov 2023
    1. We didn't add this initially because Google is not the only form of authentication we offer and it could get annoying for users that sign up with GitHub or username and password to see the Google popup all the time.
    1. The problem is that when I want to create OAuth client ID in google, it does not accept ".test" domain for "Authorized redirect URIs". It says: Invalid Redirect: must end with a public top-level domain (such as .com or .org). Invalid Redirect: domain must be added to the authorized domains list before submitting. While it accepts .test domain for "Authorized JavaScript origins" part! I saw most of the tutorials when using socialite and google api they set these in google console. http://localhost:8000 and http://localhost:8000/callback/google and google accepts them without problem with domain and generate the key and secret but I am not using mamp and I am going to continue with valet. I would be so thankful if you guide me about what is the alternative domain for .test which works fine in valet and also google accepts it?
    1. as I fight the system in which I live and think of all the people out marching for black lives matter and good on them for doing it but am i ignoring the system that lives 01:03:54 in me that is am i pretending that that system is out there and is evil and I'm pure or am i recognizing even as I proclaimed that black lives matter and 01:04:07 the system must change that I and those who march with me are part of that system and participate in it far more than we are there acknowledge
      • for: internal and external change, whole system change - internal and external, wicked problem, meme - the system that lives in me

      • meme

        • Am I ignoring the system that lives in me?
    1. lib/ is intended to be for non-app specific library code that just happens to live in the app for now (usually pending extraction into open source or whatever).
    2. And if it's app specific, for some reason, then app/models is fine. I don't think the trade-off here is worth it
    3. Stuff like a generic PhoneNumberFormatter is exactly what lib/ is intended for.
    4. The criteria for code in lib is what @dhh said above: non-app specific library code that just happens to live in the app for now (usually pending extraction into open source or whatever)
    5. (BTW, the app/models directory is there to organize the model layer. The model layer is greater than the persisted models.)
    6. Everything has a place so do better and find it. There is a certain belief that everything within app should be organized into functionally-named directories and any files placed in app/lib actually belongs in app/services or app/interactors or app/models or someplace if the developers just tried harder. The implication is that developers are bad developers if they don’t yet know what kind of constant they have and where its forever home should be. I reject this. Over the lifespan of an application, there will be constants that have not yet found their functional kin, if those kin ever come to exist at all; sometimes you simply need some code and a place to put it. app/lib can be the convention for where those constants can live temporarily or as long as necessary. Autoloading is really nice, let’s treat them to it.
    1. Jedną z możliwości jest to, że wzajemne powiązania między LC a komputerami móżdżku odgrywają zasadniczą rolę w tym względzie, wskazując na możliwą skuteczność leczenia ukierunkowanego na NE u większości osób z ASD i być może u mniejszości populacji ADHD

      Rola móżdżku i Noradrenaliny

    2. ASD i ADHD wykazują nakładanie się genetycznych czynników ryzyka (Ronald i in., 2008; Niklasson i in., 2009; Geschwind, 2011) i istnieje wysoki poziom współwystępowania między tymi dwoma zaburzeniami (∼41–78% osób z ASD doświadcza objawów ADHD; Clark i inni, 1999; Simonoff i in., 2008; Murray, 2010; Rommelse i in., 2011; Antshel i in., 2013; van Steensel i in., 2013; Stevens i in., 2016).

      Współwystępowanie ADHD i ASD

    1. Ausstieg Deutschlands aus dem UN-Migrationspakt

      besser: ausstieg aus der UN

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7D_SnySls0<br /> Coin Bureau – Who Controls The World?

      7:02 die UN wird kontrolliert von den veto-mächten (frankreich, russland, china, USA, england)<br /> also deutschland ist nur eine kolonie der USA<br /> (dabei sollte deutschland eine kolonie von russland sein, weil russland ist viel näher…)

      23:31 countries that have imposed sanctions on russia: USA, canada, germany, UK, australia, japan, …

  8. Oct 2023
    1. In 1511, it was forbidden for its stimulating effect by conservative, orthodox imams at a theological court in Mecca.[15] However, these bans were to be overturned in 1524 by an order of the Ottoman Turkish Sultan Suleiman I, with Grand Mufti Mehmet Ebussuud el-İmadi issuing a fatwa allowing the consumption of coffee.[16]

      coffee bans were overturned by Sultan Suleyman I in 1524

    1. nthropology of space and place contributes to criticalspatial studies with a wealth of ethnographic scholarship onthe cultural production of space

      Focus on cultural production of space, is that what they mean?

    2. mobilization in Black communities

      Black communities seem to be moving, possible because of urban development

    1. If it requires too many words, you have not seen theunity but a multiplicity.

      How are they defining "multiplicity" here? There seems to be a tacit definition with respect to being in opposition to "unity" (of a work), but not an explicit one. It also seems to be a shaded meaning with respect to the more common one.

      unity: essence, core, coherence, oneness

      They use the word "multiplicity" in the usual sense of large number or multitude on p55: "The multiplicity of the rules indicates the complexity of the one habit to be formed, not a plurality of distinct habits."

      They also revisit it in the upcoming section: "Mastering the Multiplicity: The Art of Outlining a Book" on p88

      Perhaps its just me but there's a linguistic "softness" of the uses of unity and multiplicity here with respect to 2023. Though these two opposites fit the dictionary definitions of their words, is it possible that this softness is the result of a sort of historical linguistic shift I'm feeling in these words? I can't quite put my finger on it, but perhaps it's the relationship of unity to religion? Neither seem to be frequently used these days.

      The Ngram Viewer shows peaks for the use of unity in 1660 and 1960 of almost 75% higher usage compared to a broader historical average. It is generally waning since. Multiplicity has about 1/4 the use of unity and has remained flat over time. What caused the peaks in the use of "unity" during these periods? This 1972 use was on the downslope of the 1960s peak. Was it used in the 1940 version?

      The 20th century increase in the use of unity begins around 1914 and may have been related to political shades of meaning going into WWI with another marked rise in the lead up to WW2.

    1. as a native speaker I'd probably tend to refer to his drug dependency, but his dependence on drugs (maybe because I see one as a problem he has, and the other as something he's doing, I don't know).
    2. I think that "dependency" is usually the thing that you depend on, whereas dependence is the state of depending on it. But there are certainly cases where you could use either interchangeably.
    1. I don't understand the distinction between quality and state.

      Now that I mention it, neither do I. What's the difference between a quality and a state?

  9. Sep 2023
    1. I think it is absolutely absurd that Apple still(?) chooses to publish "complete" ""feature lists"" in Portable Document Format, of all motherfucking things, but - as always - thank fucking God for mr Hypo Thesis over here!

    1. It is forthis reason that when our schools areseparate, the control of the teachingforce, the expenditure of money, thechoice of textbooks, the discipline andother administrative matters of thissort ought, also, to come into ourhands, and be incessantly demandedand guarded.

      Does this mean that schools are separate so they can control who gets what.

    2. Less than a halfmillion are in mixed schools in theNorth, where they are taught almostexclusively by white teachers.

      I infer that this is around the 1950s and 60s because of the separated schools

  10. moodle.lynchburg.edu moodle.lynchburg.edu
    1. Dress and grooming standards will be determined bya group of a) students and b) parents.

      I assume this is talking about a dress code

    2. Bilingual-Bi-cultural education will be compulsory forMexican-Americansdmthe;Los Angeles City SchoolSystem where there is a majority of Mexican-Americanstudents.

      I'm assuming this is used so that people that are not Mexican Americans can learn about their culture.

  11. moodle.lynchburg.edu moodle.lynchburg.edu
    1. No matter who starts it, thewhites will be blamed. We must not have it.

      I think this is saying white people are acting as the victim in this case, while in reality they've been the villain

    2. but it gave nodeadlines

      I expect this means that schools waited as long as possible to integrate

    3. But | should have realized the white authorities would know about it.

      I can only assume how upset the white people were

    4. he Prince Edward story is not so well known because it doesn’t have “the essentialingredients of a standard civil rights story,”

      A reason for that is because Alabama might have been worse than Virginia, as hard as that is to believe.

    5. Moton High School

      I'm assuming this eventually became the Rober Russa Moton Museum.

  12. moodle.lynchburg.edu moodle.lynchburg.edu
    1. There was an entrance where adoor once was, and within, a massive rickety fireplace; great chinks between the logs served aswindows. Furniture was scarce. A pale blackboard crouched in the corner. My desk was made ofthree boards, reinforced at critical points, and my chair, borrowed from the landlady, had to bereturned every night. Seats for the children—these puzzled me much

      Definitely not the nicest school, probably an only African American school, and the whites definitely had a different school with nicer materials.

    2. I feel my heart sink heavily as Ihear again and again, “Got a teacher? Yes.”

      No job opportunities, and I assume it had something to do with his race.

    1. We have no right tosit silently by while theinevitable seeds are sownfor a harvest of disasterto our children, black andwhite.

      I assume this was a quote to motivate other black people to fight for the rights of education for all children.

    1. For me, I don't have an issue, but there was one syntax situation I found awkward: I need to sometimes know whether it is a class or a module that I am modifying. So I may have code: module Foo module Bar class Baz versus: class Foo::Bar::Baz It's not a huge issue, but ruby would yield an error if I specify a class or module incorrectly (which can happen if you spread code out into different .rb files, so I understand why there is an error message shown, to avoid accidents). But I then also wondered why I have to care whether it is a module or class, if my primary goal is to modify something, such as by adding a method. If I want to add a method: def foobar; end then I really should never be required to have to know whether I am modifying a class or a module.
    1. "Surrendering" by Ocean Vuong

      1. He moved into United State when he was age of five. He first came to United State when he started kindergarten. Seven of them live in the apartment one bedroom and bathroom to share the whole. He learned ABC song and alphabet. He knows the ABC that he forgot the letter is M comes before N.

      2. He went to the library since he was on the recess. He was in the library hiding from the bully. The bully just came in the library doing the slight frame and soft voice in front of the kid where he sit. He left the library, he walked to the middle of the schoolyard started calling him the pansy and fairy. He knows the American flag that he recognize on the microphone against the backdrop.

    1. I'm curious: what is the reason for Yahoo discontinuing the "@ymail.com" domain?I'm aware that there's now a 2nd domain option available, "@myyahoo.com", and I recently took advantage of that to create a new address. But "@ymail.com" honestly looks more appealing to me than either of the "yahoo" iterations.
  13. Aug 2023
    1. I find the use of the term “session” within integration tests a bit unfortunate (open_session, etc), since there are also these session objects, which are however different. Maybe replace by “user_session” ?
    1. rendered.should have_selector("#header") do |header| header.should have_selector("ul.navlinks") end Both of which silently pass - however, capybara doesn't support a :content option (it should be :text), and it doesn't support passing blocks to have_selector (a common mistake from Webrat switchers).
  14. Jul 2023
    1. This release removes the built-in TextExpander support. If you rely on TextExpander, please use their new TextExpander keyboard for iOS.


    1. a custom alarm, appliance, or doorbellYou can also set up iPhone to recognize a custom alarm, appliance, or doorbell if they aren’t recognized automatically.Go to Settings  > Accessibility > Sound Recognition > Sounds.Tap Custom Alarm or Custom Appliance or Doorbell, then enter a name.When your alarm, appliance, or doorbell is ready, place iPhone near the sound and minimize background noise.Tap Start Listening, then follow the onscreen instructions.
    1. One federal judge in the Northern District of Texas issued a standing order in late May after Schwartz’s situation was in headlines that anyone appearing before the court must either attest that “no portion of any filing will be drafted by generative artificial intelligence” or flag any language that was drafted by AI to be checked for accuracy. He wrote that while these “platforms are incredibly powerful and have many uses in the law,” briefings are not one of them as the platforms are “prone to hallucinations and bias” in their current states.

      Seems like this judge has a strong bias against the use of AI. I think this broad ban is too broad and unfair. Maybe they should ban spell check and every other tool that could make mistakes too? Ultimately, the humans using the tool shoudl be the ones responsible for checking the generaetd draft for accuracy and the ones to hold responsible for any mistakes; they shouldn't simply be forbidden from using the tool.

    2. New York-based startup DoNotPay created an AI-based way for people to contest traffic tickets—a user would wear smart glasses that would feed it information to say in court generated by AI—but before the creator could introduce it in court, he said he got threats from multiple bar associations about “unauthorized practice of law,”
    1. Wilhelm II. (England)

      Er regierte als Nachfolger seines Bruders, Wilhelm II., genannt William Rufus.

    1. There are two ways of establishing a chord–scale relationship for ii 7 –V 7 or ii≤57–V 7progressions: either select a mode that works for V7 or select a mode that works for ii7or (ii≤57). As shown in Figure 18.4, mm. 2–4 feature a descending sequence of incompleteII–Vs connecting the tonic on I with the predominant on IV. Each II–V progressionestablishes a chord–scale relationship with the corresponding dominant 7th. Notice that,in m. 2, the use of Mixolydian ≤13 fits the underlying context much better than the diatonicMixolydian mode. The tonic note F4 functions as the ≤13th of Mixolydian ≤13 and isretained as a common tone in mm. 1–2. The second A section (mm. 9–16) demonstratesa different approach to chord–scale theory. The selection of modes for the II–V pro-gression in Figure 18.4 is based on the quality of the predominant chord. Thus, inm. 10, Emin7(≤5)–A7 uses E Locrian, while in m. 11, Dmin7–G7 establishes a chord–scalerelationship with D Dorian, etc

      The bridge of “Confirmation” (mm. 17–24) features two four-bar phrases with ii7 –V7 tonicizations of the IV and ≤VI key areas. The chord–scale relationship for the bridge in Figure 18.4 includes a different selection of modes: Dorian, Mixolydian, and Ionian for Cmin7–F7–B≤Maj7, and Dorian, Altered, and Lydian for E≤min7–A≤7–D≤Maj7. Tonal and contextual considerations are particularly evident with the choice of Altered mode in m. 22, which accommodates notes from the tonic key and prepares the arrival of FMaj7 in m. 25. The last A section (mm. 25–32) features a much bolder selection of modes. The choices of A Altered in m. 26 and F Locrian in m. 28 are particularly poignant. The former injects chromatic notes into the structure of dominant 7th chord. The choice of F Locrian over Cmin7–F7 in m. 28 might seem out of place because neither chord (at least not in the present form) establishes a convincing relationship with this mode. But, the F Locrian mode forms a chord–scale relationship with F7(≤9≥9)sus, which is an effective harmonic substitution for Cmin7–F7. While the selection of modes in Figure 18.4 is overcrowded with different options, an improvisation may focus on only a few modes. In fact, each A section contains a selection of modes that could be implemented in the course of an entire solo. In establishing a successful chord–scale relationship for the tune, be mindful of three important con- siderations: (1) modal hierarchy, (2) chromatic treatment, and (3) voice leading. Chromatic modes, for instance, contain notes that might need preparation. This preparation usually takes place anywhere from one beat to one measure before the chromatic notes occur. The succession of modes in mm. 5–6—B≤ Mixolydian and D Mixolydian ≤13—illustrates such a case. The latter mode contains the chromatic ≤13th that was introduced as ≤7th of B≤7 in m. 5. “CONFIRMATION” 239

  15. Jun 2023
    1. With the exception of the blues, the rhythm changes progression is probably the mostimportant chord progression in jazz. The term “rhythm changes” refers to a 32-bar AABAform based on the harmonic structure of “I Got Rhythm” by George and Ira Gershwin.The song appeared in the Aarons and Freedley production Girl Crazy (1930) andoriginally featured a 34-bar AABA form with a two-bar extension in the last A section.The two-bar extension was eventually cut and the chord changes of the last A sectionreplicated those from the second A. A newly composed line based on the rhythm changesprogression is known as a contrafact. The enormous popularity of rhythm changes hasbeen well documented by an ever-increasing number of composed contrafacts andrecordings
    2. invertible potential of the guide tones.
    3. Guide-tone lines in the right hand (R.H.).• Roots of chords in the left hand (L.H.) in 1:1 ratio with the R.H.Figure 12.1 demonstrates Model I using the major and minor versions of the II–V–Iprogression. Notice that the R.H. explores the invertible potential of the guide tones
    4. Chapter 19 provides an analysis of Charlie Parker’s “Moose the Mooche” and Hank Jones’simprovised solo on the tune. This chapter also proposes a pedagogy of rhythm changesimprovisation.
    5. Chapter 6 investigates the most important progression in jazz—the II–V–I—and its twotonal variants: ii7–V7–Imaj7 and ii≤57–V7–i7. A discussion of guide tones, secondary dominant7ths, and diminished 7th chords and their subsequent voice-leading transformations furtheramplifies the importance of the progression
    1. I think we have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but also to each other, to our community, not to use Ruby only in the ways that are either implicitly or explicitly promoted to us, but to explore the fringes, and wrestle with new and experimental features and techniques, so that as many different perspectives as possible inform on the question of “is this good or not”.
    1. Morrison Robblee, 25, a middle school teacher in Massachusetts, resigned after facing antisemitic harassment by a 12-year-old student who allegedly made made hateful drawings, including a Hitler sketch, and gave him an insulting note.Courtesy of Morrison Robble

      the handwriting says:

      Dear Mr. Robblee<br /> I personally<br /> hate you and you weird.<br /> No cap, man bun!.<br /> So I switched.<br /> Telling a teacher<br /> I don’t appreciate you : )

    1. un allarme aereo

      Air raid sirens were a common occurrence in Monowitz from the summer of 1944. Air raids gave prisoners a chance to escape, to meet and speak to fellow prisoners, to steal food, to gain some respite from their labours and the torment of the Kapos. Some prisoners welcomed the air raids as a sign that the Third Reich was obviously nearing its end. The air raids also frightened their tormentors, the SS guards.

      There were large scale air attacks by the US Air Force against the I. G. Farben synthetic oil plant in Monowitz on 20 August, 3 September, 18 December and 26 December 1944, and on 19 January 1945, the day after the beginning of the evacuation of the camp. During the raid of 20 August, seventy-five prisoners were killed and a hundred and fifty injured; on 3 September, three hundred people, including SS and prisoners, were killed or injured. The high number of prisoner casualties was in part due to I. G. Farben employees forbidding prisoners to take cover in makeshift shelters.


      Subcamps of Auschwitz project

    2. Passò una SS in bicicletta

      This sentence suggests Sunday afternoon bicycle rides and walks with family in bourgeois pre-war Germany. Levi’s subsequent use of the SS man’s first name in the next sentence (‘È Rudi’) also suggests a relatively relaxed atmosphere, as if Levi sees a friend on that Sunday afternoon ride or walk.

      The picture painted of a quant Sunday afternoon bicycle ride is highly ironic. By 1943, Germany was struggling to keep its armed forces and economy operating. There was a serious lack of fuel for the vehicles of the Wehrmacht and the factories of the Third Reich. Resort was made to the use of the horse and bicycle for transport, wood gas for powering automobiles, and, above all, there was rationing. Synthetic oil production was seen as an alternative to overcome the lack of access to natural resources, including oil. I. G. Farben, the giant German chemical conglomerate, took the decision in 1941 to build a synthetic oil plant at the village of Monowitz, near Auschwitz, utilising the slave labour from the Auschwitz camps and the local abundance of coal and water. As the war progressed and the fuel shortage worsened, the importance of the synthetic oil plant at Auschwitz surged. This was visible in the increasing number of Auschwitz prisoners assigned to work at the I. G. Farben plant, and the creation of a Monowitz sub camp of Auschwitz in 1942 and, subsequently, an independent camp, Auschwitz III–Monowitz in 1943. By 1944, ten thousand Auschwitz prisoners were housed at the concentration camp Auschwitz III–Monowitz, working solely for I. G. Farben.

      ‘Rudi’ is riding his bike as there is little petrol for vehicles, even for the SS and the concentration camps, and even at the plant supposedly producing synthetic oil.


      Subcamps of Auschwitz project

    1. What's the structure of the URL of a shared link?https://chat.openai.com/share/<conversation-ID>

      I've never seen a website document something like this before... especially as part of a FAQ.

      How/why is this information helpful to people?

  16. May 2023
    1. Enabling "Detect Clipboard Content" can no longer cause continual permission prompts

      God bless.

      I suspect - assuming this is accurate about solving its issue - that Flexibits' work would help other app devs figure out how the fuck to correctly appease the OS about accessing the system clipboard.

  17. Apr 2023
    1. Raindrop also has an excellent browser extension that allows you to save a webpage to any of your link collections, tag it, mark it as a favorite, access highlights, set reminders, and even save multiple tabs simultaneously.

      Which can be triggered by perhaps the most reliable Safari Extension keyboard shortcut (on iOS/iPadOS) to date: ⌘⇧E.

    1. Sorry, I can't agree with you. If someone issues a second code, they should have two potential logins - one for each one they requested. Call me weird, but considering how cheap it is to store data, I'd rather keep around exactly what happened.
    1. If there are any date formats you regularly use that aren’t the default for Shortcuts, those are excellent choices for creating utility shortcuts.

      Hell yeah.

      I guess I could be mistaken, but I'm going to choose to interpret this as sublime validation for my "invention" and absolutely comprehensive implementation of DavodTime in the past 18 months or so.

    1. Eine neue Studie zeigt, das plötzliche Dürren, sogenannte flash droughts, in den vergangenen 20 Jahren zugenommen haben. Damit erhöht sich nicht nur die Zahl der Dürren, sondern auch ihr Charakter. Vor allem in den Tropen verdunstet in kurzer Zeit sehr viel Wasser aus dem Boden. Die Studie ergibt auch, dass sich dieser Prozess selbst bei einer moderaten weiteren Erhitzung der Erde fortsetzen wird. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/04/13/climate/flash-drought-warming.html

  18. Mar 2023
    1. “I Vitelloni,” Federico Fellini’s 1953 film about a group of young men on the brink of adulthood drifting about in a small Italian village, to George Lucas before he made “American Graffiti.”

      Tom Luddy introduced George Lucas to Federico Fellini's I Vitelloni before he made American Graffiti.

  19. Feb 2023
    1. Therefore, the stronger the wind, the longer it blows, and the larger the area of water over which it blows (the fetch), the larger the waves are likely to be.

      Lake Waves are called "Seiches." The impact of the whole Lake, depending on the intensity of the weather system, there can flooding on one end of the lake and dry conditions on the other.

    1. Approaching this project, I felt committed to writing a story that could stand on its own; a story that achieved the same things I want ANY of my stories to achieve; a story to which the response might be not, “I see what you did there”, but: “I loved this!”

      "I see what you did there" as a genre of writing is interesting for its cleverness, but many authors will prefer readers to love their work instead of admiring their cleverness in one part.

    1. https://web.archive.org/web//https://www.binnenlandsbestuur.nl/bestuur-en-organisatie/io-research/morele-vragen-rijksambtenaren-vaak-onvoldoende-opgevolgd

      #nieuw reden:: Verschillende soorten morele dilemma's volgens I&O bij (rijks)ambtenaren. Let wel, alleen rondom beleidsproces, niet om digitale / data dingen. #openvraag is er een kwalitatief verschil tussen die 2 soorten vragen, of zijn het verschillende verschijningsvormen van dezelfde vragen? Verhouden zich de vragen tot de 7 normen van openbaar bestuur? Waarom is dat niet de indeling dan? #2022/06/30

    1. Result of lots of searching on net is that pre-checkout hook in git is not implemented yet. The reason can be: There is no practical use. I do have a case It can be achieved by any other means. Please tell me how? Its too difficult to implement. I don't think this is a valid reason
  20. Jan 2023
    1. I do not care to include the epistemological status (claim, idea, quote etc) anymore as I was not actively searching for it and it was nebulous in practice, as you've found out.

      Sometimes collecting some sorts of data in one's notes (even, and particularly in digital notes) is not a useful practice as one eventually realizes that they remain unsearched and unused.

      One thing which may not come under this heading is the difference in what others say versus what you write yourself, especially as it relates to plagiarism.

  21. opentextbooks.library.arizona.edu opentextbooks.library.arizona.edu
    1. I have fallen short in many ways as I’ve worked towards the goals I have made in my life.

      It happened to me too, but as a young person, I understand that as a learning because my journey is still far from over.

  22. simondev.win simondev.win