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    1. Randomly draw as many trials from this combined data set as there were trials in condition 1 and place them into subset 1. The remaining trials are placed in subset 2. The result of this procedure is called a random partition.

      This is confusing because other explanations indicate the samples are also permuted, not just trials....

    1. Using regularized LDA for retraining the classifier after each trial during online operation as in Vidaurre and Blankertz (2010) would hardly be possible without the analytical solution.
    2. Parra et al., 2008, Parra et al., 2003


    3. For a comprehensive review on spatial filters and linear analysis of EEG we refer to Parra et al. (2005) and for a tutorial on optimal spatial filters for features based on oscillatory brain activity (cf. Blankertz et al., 2008c).