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  1. Feb 2023
    1. all the data about how people how much 00:30:19 people ask for the values become creates a ranking of values according to the culture to the people so if you're from korea from taiwan from uk 00:30:32 from from italy uh it's different and so this is a periodic table of values where the values are organized in a hierarchy based on how people collect them 00:30:44 and and and then the values become of course words and this is a calligraphy of values that result from the process of using eeg
      • values from different culture are displayed via eeg

      -Comment - this display would make an excellent BEing journey to explore perspectival knowing, situatedness and the misunderstandings that emerge from different ways of seeing the world, different meanings attached to the same words, and different saliencies and priorities

    2. the public is invited to use eeg headband and this is a show in a in taipei mocha taipei and they have to give 00:28:08 shape to human abstractions and even to human values so to give shape is not giving shape by designing but giving shape by assessing the shape 00:28:20 so is the appreciation of the shape according to a concept a human concept
      • another of Maurice's installation uses = EEG headbands
      • to give shapes to concepts

      • Comment

        • this is quite literally neuroart