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  1. Mar 2020
    1. Using our privacy policy software implies having a third party integrate into your site. This post explains what kind of data is and is not tracked by iubenda.
    1. Ruby's current handling of Dates and Times is all over the map. We have Date, Time, DateTime, ParseDate, and more, not to mention all the other common extensions running around out there. Ruby needs an improved class that incorporates them all.
    1. Instead of re-opening Ruby classes like that (I get involuntary twitches), for our little exercise we are going to invent another name

      IMHO, re-opening classes is okay. Certainly better than duplicating an entire core Ruby class and giving it a silly, less-meaningful name. (Though I'm not sure he actually intended people to use Lax instead of Lazy. I think he was just showing how easy it is to implement Lazy from scratch in Ruby.)

  2. Feb 2020
    1. Mais qu’est-ce donc que je suis ? une chose qui pense. Qu’est-ce qu’une chose qui pense ? c’est une chose qui doute, qui entend, qui conçoit, qui affirme, qui nie, qui veut, qui ne veut pas, qui imagine aussi, et qui sent.

      The fact that thinking is the production of a human being derives from the necessity of knowing what an human being is. Descartes wants to answer the question: who am I. Thus he takes what seems to be the more material and certain thing: thinking. Then he says: I am something who thinks. But actually this is a paralogism.

  3. Jan 2020
  4. Dec 2019
    1. Capitalists and market-thinkers inevitably seek to enclose the commons, privatizing benefits and externalizing costs onto society.
  5. Nov 2019
    1. This book is current from 2015 and is one stop shopping for technology integration in schools. Integrations and Blooms taxonomy theory, ISTE standards, pathways (yes, it is still a slow process), understanding about classroom set up when using technology and learning theories, online, web 2.0, teacher resources, multilingual tools, different screens, digital cameras, and COPPA, Privacy, and Copyright laws. If you are looking for a job in technology integration in schools this is a must read and resource manual. rating 10/10

    1. This is one of my favorite articles about creating a faculty boot-camp for the adoption of technology in higher education. The article brings out the barriers and anxiety for educators in using techonology in the classroom. In addition, you learn how to incorporate learning theories in adult learner engagement. The boot-camp is three day's, follows "Knowles principles of adult learning," and included research, using online tools, and putting it all together. What is it? At the end they educators create an online course that they will use the following year! 9/10

    1. This article presents how to build a technology learning community in support of three rural schools.It incorporates teacher development, and uses many important strategies in understanding success. I would use this article as reference for conducting a study to understand outcomes. The used processes include: Stages of Adoption Inventory classroom observations, the Questionnaire for Technology Integration, interviews, STAR evaluations surveys, teacher survey perceptions study on the impact of the project on student achievement, and force field analysis. Using professional learning communities is imperative in professional development, culture, and productivity. This article unfolds in detail a plan and the results, which could be adopted as a success for creating professional learning communities. Ratings 10/10

  6. Oct 2019
    1. fighting—with her parents

      I hate this feeling. Its a feeling you cannot replace. I, myself use to fight with my parents all the time and it wasn't pleasant. I don't think fighting with anyone/parents will solve anything.

    1. “To measure the head, the height, etc., does not indeed mean that we are establishing a system of pedagogy, but it indicates the road which we may follow to arrive at such a system, since if we are to educate an individual, we must have a definite and direct knowledge of him.”

      This is obviously done incorrectly in schools nowadays, referring to the large class sizes and common core putting restrictions on mostly everything. This raises the question, though, does homeschooling produce a better pedagogy? Or is it dependent on the specific educator?

  7. Sep 2019
  8. Aug 2019
    1. One of these species was the aurochs, a grazing animal like a buffalo that stood about six feet tall at the shoulder. The wild aurochs is now extinct. Although at first it was probably hunted for its meat, aurochs were different from other prey animals. Aurochs were a social species and some would accept humans as the leaders of their herds. The aurochs could be bred in captivity, and they gradually lost their fear of people and allowed themselves to be herded. Over time, in exchange for prime grazing lands and protection from predators, aurochs even allowed themselves to be milked. After hundreds of generations, the wild aurochs became domestic milk-cows.

      I find this section particularly interesting considering I come from a agricultural background. to look at the larger farming operations we see today and how we have evolved from using animals to survive and feed small groups of people to mass production from larger farms to feeding large quantities of people.

    1. What I UseThe following is a selection of my tools that I use for my professional work.
    1. Suspending is built on the mechanism as error boundaries. In fact, we recently (like last week) completely rewrote error handling to prepare for this feature. It's also built on the same "expiration time" model we use for CPU scheduling. I love it when features compose together!
    1. Last, we were after something that was happening at x=1x=1x = 1 and we couldn’t actually plug x=1x=1x = 1 into our formula for the slope. Despite this limitation we were able to determine some information about what was happening at x=1x=1x = 1 simply by looking at what was happening around x=1x=1x = 1. This is more important than you might at first realize and we will be discussing this point in detail in later sections.

      This reminds me of the exercise we had this morning in class.

    2. Likewise, at the second point shown, the line does just touch the graph at that point, but it is not “parallel” to the graph at that point and so it’s not a tangent line to the graph at that point.

      A visual representation of a Tangent Line is very useful, I honestly wasn’t visualizing what a Tangent Line was, in my head.

    1. We will be seeing limits in a variety of places once we move out of this chapter.

      Will the L’Hospital method be explained in this chapter?

  9. May 2019
    1. daß nämlich ein irrendes Gewissen ein Unding sei. Denn in dem objektiven Urteile, ob etwas Pflicht sei oder nicht, kann man wohl bisweilen irren; aber im subjektiven, ob ich es mit meiner praktischen (hier richtenden) Vernunft zum Behuf jenes Urteils verglichen habe, kann ich nicht irren, weil ich alsdann praktisch gar nicht geurteilt haben würde;

      Irgendwie störe ich mich daran. Mir fällt zwar kein konkretes, dies wiederlegendes Beispiel ein, aber das mag ja einer anderen vielleicht anders gehen. Zumindest nehme ich aber schon an, dass sich eine Gewissensverirrung passieren kann, und bin unschlüssig beziehunsgweese unverständig, was Kants Begründung gegen diese angeht. Vielleicht verstehe ich aber auch seinen Begriff vollkommen falsch.

  10. Apr 2019
    1. ​Technology is in constant motion. If we try to ignore the advances being made the world will move forward without us. Instead of trying to escape change, there needs to be an effort to incorporate technology into every aspect of our lives in the most beneficial way possible. If we look at the ways technology can improve our lives, we can see that technology specifically smartphones, have brought more benefits than harm to the academic and social aspects of teenagers lives, which is important because there is a constant pressure to move away from smart devices from older generations. The first aspect people tend to focus on is the effect that technology has on the academic life of a teen. Smartphones and other smart devices are a crucial part of interactive learning in a classroom and can be used as a tool in increasing student interest in a topic. For example, a popular interactive website, Kahoot, is used in many classrooms because it forces students to participate in the online quiz, while teachers can gauge how their students are doing in the class. Furthermore, these interactive tools are crucial for students that thrive under visual learning, since they can directly interact with the material. This can be extended to students with learning disabilities, such as Down Syndrome and Autism,​ research has shown that using specialized and interactive apps on a smart device aids learning more effectively than technology free learning. Picture Picture Another fear regarding technology is the impact it has on the social lives of young adults, but the benefits technology has brought to socializing outweighs any possible consequences. The obvious advantage smartphones have brought to social lives is the ability to easily communicate with people; with social media, texting, and calling all in one portable box there is no longer a struggle to be in contact with family and friends even if they are not in your area. Social media can also be used for much more In recent years, social media has been a key platform in spreading platforms and movements for social change. Because social media websites lower the barrier for communicating to large groups of people, it has been much easier to spread ideas of change across states, countries, or the world. For example, after Hurricane Sandy tore apart the northeastern United States, a movement called "Occupy Sandy" in which people gathered to provide relief for the areas affected was promoted and organized through social media. Other movements that have been possible because of social media include #MeToo, March for Our Lives, #BlackLivesMatter, and the 2017 Women's March. ​

  11. Feb 2019
    1. this

      I thought the point that the father made about why he put his son in the art of boxing to teach him about being a man at 7 years old. I mean i agree with the lady about him getting hurt in boxing at the age of 7 years old.

  12. Jan 2019
    1. If performativity is linked not only to the formation of the subject butalso to the production of the matter of bodies,

      Dr. Rivers, please freaking help.

      Am I reading Barad right? Is she saying here "If not only the internal workings of the mind of the subject and the subjects actions are shaped by performativity, but also the physical compilation of the universe, then it is all the more important that we understand performativity and how it causes this shaping of the physical world."

    1. enforce some kind of coherence

      This is where the Enlightenment, which thinks of divisions and categories as things discovered by the rational mind, is in trouble, because those rational minds start turning inward on themselves.

    1. Automatic Sequence Computer

      The Harvard Mark 1 was an ASCC or an Automated Sequence Controlled Calculator(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvard_Mark_I) - so Clarke was using this term for what was possibly the most powerful computer during his time. Our smartphones now are more powerful than several of these ASCCs

  13. Nov 2018
    1. By 2007, SHM had launched Project BOOST (Better Outcomes by Optimizing Safe Transitions), an award-winning mentored-implementation program to reduce LOS, adverse events, and unnecessary 30-day readmissions. Other mentored-implementation programs followed. The Glycemic Control Mentored Implementation (GCMI) program focuses on preventing hypoglycemia, while the Venous Thromboembolism Prevention Collaborative (VTE PC) seeks to give practical assistance on how to reduce blood clots via a VTE prevention program

      Other SHM Mentored Implementation programs -

      • Atul Gawande
      • I-PASS
      • PFC I-PASS Link this to
      • Dissemination and implementation of research findings
      • Twenty years since to err is human
  14. Oct 2018
    1. each person will try to reshape the given work so that it is understood or seen in a new way

      is this act an annotation? an interpretation? or i guess a deformance that also illuminates an aspect of the text?

  15. Jul 2018
    1. “I don’t feel badly at all,” she said. “I’m doing this with such a big heart, dignity, precision and research. I waited a long time to find the right way to make this work. I don’t see colour; to me, it doesn’t exist, physically or in music.

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    1. “I wish to God the Diamond had never found its way into this house!” I broke out.

      "I" is tired of the issues about the diamond , which influenced every one. Every one in the house become worried, upset and serious because of the diamond. Especially for"I", as a holder of the house: a old father and husband.

  17. Mar 2018
    1. En esta tesis se expone la problemática existente y una solución propuesta por un prototipo, del cual se especifíca todo lo necesario para su construcción, además de los principios que conlleva el funcionamiento adecuado del propio horno solar, Las condiciones a las cuales se llevaron las pruebas de calidad del mismo deberían de ser en ambientes menos controlados, puesto que al aplicarlo en un hogar, hay muchas variables que no pueden ser controladas que en esta tesis si se toman en cuenta.

  18. Feb 2018
  19. Dec 2017
    1. Irwin Consulting Services Review - Hvordan sikre husholdningenes sikkerhet i løpet av høytiden

      Mange av oss ser virkelig frem til høytiden fordi det er den tiden da folk er flittig i å fylle husene sine med ferie dekorasjoner, forberede gaver, søke på nettet for mer deilige oppskrifter, og mye mer aktiviteter knyttet til denne sesongen . Det er virkelig den tiden av året for nytelse, deling, gi og kjærlig sammen med familie og venner.

      Men til tross for alle de positive tingene vi venter til denne sesongen, kan ulykker fortsatt skje. Denne sesongen inneholder også utfordringen av det kalde været. Og fordi folk ønsker å oppleve mer varme, andre noen ganger misbruke ovner og elektriske tepper og forårsake ulykker på varme ildsteder. Irwin Consulting Services, et konsulentfirma som er forpliktet til offentlig sikkerhet, utarbeidet noen viktige tanker under som kan hjelpe deg å opprettholde sikkerheten til hele familien i løpet av denne høytiden.

      Det er nødvendig å utøve riktig omsorg og forsiktighet i løpet av denne sesongen for å unngå kjøkken branner, elektriske branner og branner forårsaket av brennbare gjenstander plassert for nær varme kilder. Du kan forhindre at kjøkken branner ved å være fokusert og forsiktig når du koker. Cooking krever konstant oppmerksomhet så ikke la noe distrahere deg mens du forbereder mat til familien for å unngå ulykker. Hold alt i orden og ikke koker en masse retter på samme tid siden det kan føre til uorden. Aldri ta med utendørs griller i hjemmet ditt fordi det kan være svært farlig.

      Live juletrær var ofte valget for mange husholdninger fordi det gir en frisk følelse og selvfølgelig en fortryllende utseende, men dette kan være den største brannen fare i et hjem. Oppbevar den vannet hver dag og sikre at den kan absorbere vann opp til bagasjerommet. Dekorative lysene på treet må være merket for innendørs bruk og ble godkjent for sikker bruk gjennom en UL-liste. Som sagt tidligere, brann ulykker kan være en mulighet med denne type treet, så sørg for å installere den på et sted borte fra ildsteder og rom varmeovner. Lag en klar sti som fører til utgangsdører også. Ikke sett levende stearinlys på levende trær for å hindre tenning av en brann. Irwin konsulenttjenester vil også gjerne at du skal gjøre det til en vane å slå av og koble fra dekorative lysene når familien din går utenfor eller går til sengs.

      Barn bør ikke også leke med dekorative stearinlys, så så mye som mulig sette de på steder som er utenfor rekkevidde for små barn. Organisere dekorative lys bør gjøres med en forsiktig prosess for å sikre en skikkelig elektrisk kabling. I stedet for spiker, hang dekorative lys med plast klipp for å hindre ulykker av neglene gjennomtrengende gjennom ledninger og resultere i shorts. Sjekk vilkårene for hver streng med wire og bekrefte om alle er trygge å bruke for å unngå overbelastning og feil ledninger. Du må ikke plugge en skjøteledning til en annen skjøteledning fordi dette kan føre til spenningsfall og overopphetes, så vær ekstra forsiktig i bruk av slike ledninger. Både innendørs og utendørs lightings er mye tryggere hvis tilkoblet gjennom grenuttak. Andre viktige ting å huske inkluderer å sørge for at røyk alarmer i huset var i god stand og fungerer, og at brannslukkingsapparater var i lett å nå steder. Det er også anbefalt å kjøpe værvarsling radioer så anser det som well.

      Ikke glem å sette en rist eller skjermen foran ildstedet og se til at skorsteinen flue var riktig rengjort. Unngå å sette strømper og andre ferie dekorasjoner nær en tent ildsted. Juletreet og haugen av gaver bør samles på ett trygt sted som er borte fra ildstedet.

      Gjør skape en god Escape plan en prioritet også, og når du er ferdig med det, diskutere det med familien din, og hvis du skal ha mange besøkende denne høytiden, kort det til dem. Stien som fører til dørene bør ikke kompileres med store møbler og dekorasjoner for å unngå hindring og blokkering i tilfelle kriser. For å garantere en trygg bruk av varme i huset ditt, sørg for at gass linjene ble sjekket av fagfolk. Brannslukkingsapparater skal være tilgjengelig i hjemmet ditt, og må lades. Røyk alarmer og karbonmonoksid detektorer var også en nødvendighet for å sikre sikkerheten til hele familien. Velg plass varmeovner med tip-over brytere og legg dem på et trygt sted uten brennbart materiale i nærheten av den. Du må ikke bringe utendørs varmeovner inne for innendørs oppvarming; materialer ment for utenfor bruk bør forbli der.

      Irwin Consulting Services ville at du skulle tilbringe høytiden med venner og kjære med et stort smil på ansiktet og fred i ditt hjerte. Nyt denne sesongen uten bekymringer i å holde hele familien trygt ved å gjøre riktige forberedelser og følge instruksjonene fra fagfolk og lokale myndigheter.

    1. Still at a starting point, we have neither ‘advanced’ nor remained unmoved.

      The cover of Ken Macrorie's textbook, The I-Search Paper, has a moebius strip on it, reflecting this sentiment nicely.<br>

      But the conceit of the moebius strip extends from the back cover as well

      So, you start reading this book on the back cover, nice twist, just like in a moebius strip. You work through the text by doing. Then when you are done, you get to the end and out the back of the book you go onto the back cover, to enter again. Escher would approve. That is what I see happening here. In the end this process serves the product, the text that is produced for anyone concerned.

  20. Nov 2017
    1. Law of Nature & Nations

      When I saw these two ideas of nature and nations put together in this document I was unsure about what the founders meant. The laws that I immediately associate with nature are laws of physics, biology, or even philosophy; whereas, the laws I associate with nations are more related to international relations and political thought and philosophy. My best speculation of the meaning of this branch of learning is that the founders wanted people to investigate the natural reasons for why the U.S. became a nation. The country was so newly created when UVA was being founded that I think that understanding the justifications for why the U.S. became a nation would be important for students who were going to be future leaders to understand. Understanding how other nations work and develop may also be useful for the future leaders of America to know considering how much the U.S. interacted with other countries back then.

  21. Oct 2017
    1. 5 µg per square meter per day in relapsed NHL patients led to an elimination of target cells in blood

      5 ug/m2 phase 1 eliminated target cells in blood short serum half life

  22. Sep 2017
    1. This is the story of 16th century Europe, and the political earthquake that was protestantism. The overarching historical narrative unfolds around the lives of fictional characters who might have lived in this historic period.

      Follett's literary reenactment explores the intricacies of the Protestant Reformation through a cast of strategically diverse characters, whose stories span across multiple continents, nations, and cities. Each character is an important harbinger of larger historical trends. Within the masterfully established geo-political reality, each of their decisions serve to gradually reveal their distinct personalities and temperaments, belief systems and ideologies, and cultural identities.

    2. Elizabeth clings precariously to her throne and her principles, protected by a small, dedicated group of resourceful spies and courageous secret agents.

      Think: Daenerys Targaryen

    1. How can we draw many different bootstrap samples from the original sample if each bootstrap sample must contain the same number of cases as the original sample? If we allow every case in the original sample to be sampled only once, each bootstrap sample contains all cases of the original sample, so it is an exact copy of the original sample. Thus, we cannot create different bootstrap samples.

      So, bootstrapping without replacement doesn't allow for ANY bootstrapping regardless of sample size?

    1. Which type of sampling is better here: with or without replacement? Justify your answer.

      With replacement simply has more "bootstrapping" power than without correct? But with a large enough sample is there any other effect replacement or non-replacement has on the "outcome?" Or is the effect insignificant with large enough samples.

  23. Jul 2017
    1. You will keep the fail log in a repository on Github

      Will you and others have access to our fail logs or is it for our own personal records? If others need access am I missing the step with how to connect with others?

  24. May 2017
    1. Bregoli’s angry, indignant face is the background of the website, making all of the below images even more aggressive. Somehow, this helps to sell them.

      If this is what helps sell her merchandise, then I have to ask if this is actually the person that she is or if its just a front. A big part of business, as we've learned this term, is shaping your products and sales pitch to what the people want, rather than what you want to produce.

  25. Apr 2017
    1. Minority rights are essential in a democratic, pluralistic polity because as Franklin Roosevelt reminded us, “no democracy can long survive which does not accept as fundamental to its very existence the recognition of the rights of minorities”
  26. Feb 2017
    1. It may be conceived by some that the dcvoced Christian female, who is willing thus to be led by the Spirit into paths of usefulness, may Jose, in some degree, lhose lovely and becoming lraits of character, which we admire in the female sex.

      Some might argue that a woman loses her character the more she follows the Holy Spirit, yet Palmer insists that nothing could be further form the truth. Religion, she argues, actually strengthens a lady's resolve.

  27. Jan 2017
  28. Nov 2016
    1. the forsythia bush

      Another thing in a certain place in the neighborhood where she lived. Now I think the poem's first 2 1/2 lines were purposely provocative. They keep you guessing, and make you keep reading.

    2. under the back porch

      Oh. I guess she's listing things and places in her life.

    3. I am from clothespins, from Clorox and carbon-tetrachloride.

      What? How can you be from clothespins?

  29. Sep 2016
    1. Public education and engagement could also serve to bring more awareness to the fact that the built environment often excludes. This Article seeks to serve that end by offering examples of architectural exclusion with the hope that citizens,

      And its one of the ways you could approach your assignments.

    1. We have all seized the white perimeter as our ownand reached for a pen if only to showwe did not just laze in an armchair turning pages; we pressed a thought into the wayside,planted an impression along the verge.

      What does this stanza mean to you?

  30. Jun 2016
    1. In the following article, I want to make a case for why we should talk about affect when we talk about writing, reading, and literacy
  31. May 2016
    1. Scratching around...

      This is a feldgang, but with a twist. I see you taking on different identities, passing on to the next one some "baton" and then carrying on the conversation within that new set of bones. Or maybe it is a strawberry runner putting down roots and making a rhizomatic mat and carrying on, passing on hyphae and rooting ever on. All I know for sure is that I want to draw a random walking line down your post's page. I don't know why, but that is what I see in my crystal self.

  32. Apr 2016
    1. the proposal called for paving one of the main paths through the conservancy

      There's the issue the students selected!

    2. emphasize students as designers.

      If you haven't read the rest of the article yet,

      what issues do you think the students might address?

  33. Mar 2016
  34. Jan 2016
    1. No molestarás, intimidarás ni acosarás a ningún usuario.

      Gracias facebook por garanzatizar que nadie acose ni moleste a nadie

  35. Sep 2013
    1. physical training for the body, of which gymnastics is a part, and, for the mind, philosophy, which I am going to explain. These are twin arts—parallel and complementary—by which their masters prepare the mind to become more intelligent and the body to become more serviceable, not separating sharply the two kinds of education, but using similar methods of instruction, exercise, and other forms of discipline.