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    1. there's this broader issue of of being able to get inside other people's heads as we're driving down the road all the time we're looking at other 00:48:05 people and because we have very advanced theories of mind
      • for: comparison - AI - HI - example - driving, comparison - artificial i human intelligence - example - driving
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    1. with their new different and perhaps bigger brains the AIS of the future may prove themselves to be better adapted to 00:19:05 life in this transhuman world that we're in now
      • comment
        • Is this not a category error in classifying inert technology as life?
        • When does an abiotic human cultural artefact become a living form?
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    1. and as a result, the requirement to use this tracking permission will go into effect early next year.

      Looking forward to the feature

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    1. This model is the most flexible and open-ended of the four; your goal as an instructor is not to design a full-fledged semester of material, activities, and assessments. Rather, your goal is to work with your class to design and become a learning community, working collaboratively and individually towards your determined learning goals. For this to work you should have: a set of possible/preferred learning objectives for your classa library of course materials, preferably with as much as possible in digital formata suggested list of digital tools and technologies that you’re comfortable from with a list of possible assignment/project/assessment ideas that are related to your learning objectivesa willingness to experiment and invite your students into the teaching & learning process. At the onset of class you will need to facilitate a conversation among you and your students about how the class will unfold. This can be done in small groups f2f, via an online communication tool, or in a hybrid mix of both. As a community you should plan on addressing the following: what are our objectives as a learning community? what kind of work could we engage in to meet these objectives? what physical/virtual spaces would we like to work in? how/when do we want to meet in these spaces?how do we want to measure (assess) if an objective has been met?what rules and policies should govern our work? how will we work virtually and respect everyone’s boundaries and personal situations? how will we work f2f and respect public health recommendations and personal situations? You will probably need to spend at least the first 1-2 weeks answering these questions together and then designing a plan for your course. Make sure you and your students talk through various complications: what if the university’s policies about meeting f2f change? what if classes are forced to move entirely virtual/remote? what someone (students or professor!) gets sick?

      This is the one for me!!!!

    2. c

      Apologies for highlighting whole swaths of paragraphs but it can't be helped sometimes lol.

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    1. FormHelper features an extensible widget system that allows you to create new custom input widgets and augment the built-in ones.

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    1. Plot a course through the genome Inspired by Google Maps, a suite of tools is allowing researchers to chart the complex conformations of chromosomes.

      mentioned tools are focused on (capture) Hi-C data

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    1. correlates

      one thing affects or depends on another

    2. Those who believed more strongly that they were in control of their own actions showed up on time for work more frequently and were rated by supervisors as more capable

      what about those workers that don't believe that they are in control of their own actions?

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    1. Dan Zahavi:I have just completed a new book entitledSelf and Other: Exploring Subjectivity, Empathy andShame. It will soon be out with Oxford University Press. By engaging with debates and findings in classical phe-nomenology,

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    1. , as just another feature of modernist space

      Unlike the Victorians, Pike argues, Modernists, such as Hitchcock, flatten space: the under and above grounds differ little.

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    1. Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen,

      This speech while a cry to end the war in Vietnam also pointed out some major flaws that lied within America at the time. King points out that we cannot give the vietnamese their freedom, nor can we give everyone in our country freedom(the blacks and women). He believes that this is a huge problem. The Government is to focused on money and foreign affairs. As a country we are to arrogant to address the many issues at home. King simply wonders how we can fix another broken nation when we are one ourselves. The government spends millions of dollars on fighting a war we should not be fighting instead of using that money on something that matters. Why not spend the money at home and try to create a better society for everyone? Our priorities were out of line during the time and I believe that King realized this even though the government itself did not.

      Just my opinion but i think amid all the tensions with the soviets etc. America was just trying to flex its muscles to show the soviets what we were capable of.