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    1. FormHelper features an extensible widget system that allows you to create new custom input widgets and augment the built-in ones.

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    1. Plot a course through the genome Inspired by Google Maps, a suite of tools is allowing researchers to chart the complex conformations of chromosomes.

      mentioned tools are focused on (capture) Hi-C data

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    1. correlates

      one thing affects or depends on another

    2. Those who believed more strongly that they were in control of their own actions showed up on time for work more frequently and were rated by supervisors as more capable

      what about those workers that don't believe that they are in control of their own actions?

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    1. Dan Zahavi:I have just completed a new book entitledSelf and Other: Exploring Subjectivity, Empathy andShame. It will soon be out with Oxford University Press. By engaging with debates and findings in classical phe-nomenology,

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    1. , as just another feature of modernist space

      Unlike the Victorians, Pike argues, Modernists, such as Hitchcock, flatten space: the under and above grounds differ little.

  11. Mar 2016
    1. Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen,

      This speech while a cry to end the war in Vietnam also pointed out some major flaws that lied within America at the time. King points out that we cannot give the vietnamese their freedom, nor can we give everyone in our country freedom(the blacks and women). He believes that this is a huge problem. The Government is to focused on money and foreign affairs. As a country we are to arrogant to address the many issues at home. King simply wonders how we can fix another broken nation when we are one ourselves. The government spends millions of dollars on fighting a war we should not be fighting instead of using that money on something that matters. Why not spend the money at home and try to create a better society for everyone? Our priorities were out of line during the time and I believe that King realized this even though the government itself did not.

      Just my opinion but i think amid all the tensions with the soviets etc. America was just trying to flex its muscles to show the soviets what we were capable of.