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  1. May 2023
  2. Apr 2023
    1. Raindrop also has an excellent browser extension that allows you to save a webpage to any of your link collections, tag it, mark it as a favorite, access highlights, set reminders, and even save multiple tabs simultaneously.

      Which can be triggered by perhaps the most reliable Safari Extension keyboard shortcut (on iOS/iPadOS) to date: ⌘⇧E.

  3. Oct 2022
    1. You can control Things on your Mac and iPad with keyboard shortcuts.

      Yes, iPhone too, folks! I intend to test the entire suite out on my phone very soon. Kick my ass if I forget.

  4. Jun 2022
    1. Bluetooth Keyboards Several keyboard shortcuts are supported when used with an external hardware keyboard, like a Bluetooth keyboard, including the following. This applies when using TextExpander in the TextExpander app, or any app with built-in TextExpander support. This will not work when using the TextExpander custom keyboard. Third-party keyboards do not have access to use Bluetooth hardware keyboards. ⌘Return : When expanding a fill-in snippet, this will complete the expansion the same as tapping Done. ⌘N : create a new snippet, Snippet Group, or note. ⌘T : switch between the Notes and Snippet Groups screens. ⌘+, ⌘- : Will increase or decrease the size of selected text. Arrow up, Arrow Down : Navigate through a list of snippets or notes. Escape : When expanding a fill-in snippet, this will cancel the expansion.
    1. No additional considerations for iOS, macOS, or tvOS.

      Believe it or not, finding this sentence, just now was actually a huge breakthrough in my iPhone Keyboard Reference project...

      Proud of you, bastards, for actually saying one sentence!

  5. Sep 2021
    1. How to use keyboard shortcuts   You can use shortcuts in your Twitter app through a bluetooth keyboard connected to your iPhone or iPad. Additionally, you can use the Smart Keyboard or other compatible keyboards for your iPad. Tip: on an iPad, hold down the command key to see the full list of available keyboard shortcuts.  Navigation cmd-1  =  home (press again to scroll to top)cmd-2  =  Explore tab (press again to scroll to top)cmd-3  =  Notifications tab (press again to scroll to top)cmd-4  =  Direct Messagescmd-`  =  navigation menu space  =  page downshift-space =  page up⇧  =  scroll page up⇩  =  scroll page downcmd-  =  back cmd-  =  go to topcmd-shift-]  =  next sub tabcmd-shift-[  =  previous sub tabcmd-F  =  search cmd-,  =  settingscmd-R  =  refreshcmd-M  =  enable/disable dark modecmd-\  =  account listcmd- + =  increase text sizecmd- - =  decrease text sizecmd-0  =  default text sizecmd-W  =  closeesc  =  close   Moments and media view   =  navigate through Moments, media viewer   Tweet detail and media view R  =  ReplyT  =  RetweetL  =  Likecmd-U  =  Go to user profile   Tweet composer cmd-N  =  new Tweetcmd-return  =  send Tweet   Direct Message cmd-N  =  new Direct Messagereturn  =  send Direct Message


      I really don't want to do it again for this one...

      I do NOT want to now go and test each of these.