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  1. Jan 2023
    1. you you have to back politicians who are   00:52:41 willing to change this and unfortunately there's  no party that's uh in favor of canceling student   debt or any kind of debt in the united states  because the political parties are subsidized   by the banking in the financial sector so  uh i don't see uh i don't see a way out

      !- Michael Hudson : The realities of debt writedown of any kind - Not pragmatic because no political party will support it because all political parties are subsidized by banking and financial sector

  2. Dec 2022
    1. If a contact ever reaches out and is no longer receiving messages because they accidentally marked one of your campaigns as spam, you can reach out to Product Support. We can remove them from the suppression list for you. 

      why not allow user to do it directly instead of force to contact support? If they'll remove it for you because you said the user asked you to... why not just let you remove the suppression yourself? Mailgun lets you directly delete suppressions via their API.

  3. Nov 2022
    1. partnerships, networking, and revenue generation such as donations, memberships, pay what you want, and crowdfunding

      I have thought long about the same issue and beyond. The triple (wiki, Hypothesis, donations) could be a working way to search for OER, form a social group processing them, and optionally support the creators.

      I imagine that as follows: a person wants to learn about X. They can head to the wiki site about X and look into its Hypothesis annotations, where relevant OER with their preferred donation method can be linked. Also, study groups interested in the respective resource or topic can list virtual or live meetups there. The date of the meetups could be listed in a format that Hypothesis could search and display on a calendar.

      Wiki is integral as it categorizes knowledge, is comprehensive, and strives to address biases. Hypothesis stitches websites together for the benefit of the site owners and the collective wisdom that emerges from the discussions. Donations support the creators so they can dedicate their time to creating high-quality resources.

      Main inspirations:

      Deschooling Society - Learning Webs

      Building the Global Knowledge Graph

      Schoolhouse calendar

    1. Scaffolding is the act of providing learners with assistance or support to perform a taskbeyond their own reach if pursued independently when “unassisted.”

      Wood, Bruner, & Ross (1976) define scaffolding as what? (Metiri Group, Cisco Sytems, 2008) The act of providing learners with assistance or support to perform a task beyond their own reach if pursued independently when "unassisted."

      What term do Wood, Bruner, & Ross (1976) define as "The act of providing learners with assistance or support to perform a task beyond their own reach if pursued independently when 'unassisted.'"? (Metiri Group, Cisco Sytems, 2008) Scaffolding

  4. Oct 2022
  5. Sep 2022
    1. To be fair, for a $30 asset I don't really expect that much support, but the problem here is that because of the lack of docs and hard to parse and modify codebase, folks are way more dependent on the developer than for other assets with proper docs, field tooltips, and maintainable code.
    1. Jones would come back!

      appeal to emotion: fear

    2. Unfortunately, Lauren was not able to continue with her bid for Cherry Queen. Instead, she fought bravely to save her own life and the following winter died from the cancer, which had spread to her brain.

      Appeal to emotion

    3. In the long run, schools with | less funding become less important to students and less important within the community as a whole. The summer recreation program is just one example of this subtle, or silent, | breakdown.

      Appeal to logic

    4. his, it seems, is merely a matter of constitutional law

      Appeal to logic

    5. Imagine three students all achieve a 4.0 in a class. James's final score was 93%, Tonya’s 95%, and Will's 100%. The 4.0 final grade would not reflect the broad range of performance between James and Will, In fac


    6. In the 1980s, commercial music boasted a beguiling host of sexy pop chicks like Deborah Harry, Belinda Carlisle, Pat Benatar, and a charmingly ripe Madonna. Late Madonna, in contrast, went bourgeois and turned scrawny. Madonna's dance-track acolyte, Lady Gaga, with her compulsive overkill, is a high-concept fabrication without an ounce of genuine eroticism.


    7. We have even laundry so we don't have to leave our cars. We have drive-thrus for food, banking, to wait in line. And now, different u-scan checkouts at grocery stores so We don’t have speeds at which we can choose to move through life.


    8. The annual number of breast enlargements actually grew, hugely, from 32,607 in 1992 to 225,818 last year.


    9. The study, which tracked the effect of confusion and other emotions on students’ responses, showed that a higher percentage (68%) of learning gains were achieved when the students were met with confusion (4).


    10. ccording to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2002 Salary Survey, starting salaries for some majors exceed $50,000—chemical engineering: $50,387; computer science: $50,352: mechanical engineering, management information systems! business data processing, accounting, civil engineering, and economics/finance all start above $40,000 (Geary).


    11. According to the League of Education Voters, in the state of Washington, for example, from 1993 to 1999 state funding per student increased $528, Yet because of inflation, there was actually a decrease—of $527.


    12. Ann Donnelly,


    13. David Tennebaum, a science, health, and environment writer (for ABCNEWS.com, Technology Review, Bio-Science, Environmental Health Perspectives, American Health, and other publications).


    14. “primary emotions”—-feelings such as aggression and fear that are instinctive and require no conscious thought.


    1. The North American Division has put together a series of links to offer guidance about vaccines from national and international health organizations, the General Conference, and healthcare experts — with the COVID-19 vaccine highlighted in particular.
  6. Aug 2022
    1. Each student continues to practice until she or he reaches the standard of mastery for the skill. Upon reaching the standard, the student returns to the “project space” where time is unfrozen, to apply what has been learned to the project and continue working on it until the next learning gap is encountered,

      I believe the "automaticity" that is being referenced in the 3rd problem with PBI is better supported by this statement. PBI does not allow for this repetition so that these processes can become second nature to the learner and be applied broadly for "real world scenarios"

  7. Jul 2022
    1. 4.5 Getting the right people in the right roles in support of your goal is the key to succeeding at whatever you choose to accomplish.

      4.5 Getting the right people in the right roles in support of your goal is the key to succeeding at whatever you choose to accomplish.

    1. Eighteenth century European Civilisation rode on the horse of scientific temperament and logical positivism, trampling the remaining ruins of Christian values, ethics, morals and subjective human experience, thus declared that now reason and science alone can solve all human problems both material and spiritual.

      how human subjective experience declined due to scientific reasoning?

  8. Jun 2022
    1. The main problem of the Linux community is that it is divided. I know this division represents freedom of choice but when your rivals are successful, you must inspect them carefully. And both rivals here (MacOS and Windows) get their power from the "less is more approach".This division in Linux communities make people turn into their communities when they have problems and never be heard as a big, unified voice.When something goes wrong with other OSes, people start complaining in many forums and support sites, some of them writing to multiple places and others support them by saying "yeah, I have that problem, too".In the Linux world, the answers to such forums come as "don't use that shitty distro" or "use that command and circumvent the problem".Long story short" average Linux user doesn't know that they are:still customers and have all the rights to demand from companiesthey can get together and act up louder.Imagine such an organizing that most of the Linux users manage to get together and writing to Netflix. Maybe not all of them use Netflix but the number of the Linux users are greater than Netflix members. What a domination it would be!But instead we turn into our communities and act like a survival tribe who has to solve all their problems themselves .
    2. Big Software companies like Adobe or Netflix do two things that are relevant for us and currently go wrong:They analyse the systems their customers use. They don't see their Linux users because we tend to either not use the product at all under Linux (just boot windows, just use a firertv stick and so one) or we use emulators or other tools that basically hide that we actually run Linux. --> The result is that they don't know how many we actually are. They think we are irrelevant because thats what the statistics tell them (they are completely driven by numbers).They analyze the feature requests and complains they get from their customers. The problem is: Linux users don't complain that much or try to request better linux support. We usually somehow work around the issues. --> The result is that these companies to neither get feature requests for better Linux support nor bug reports from linux users (cause its not expected to work anyways).
    1. shelving in my work area at home, which holds my audio equipment, hundreds ofmusic CDs, and piles of musical scores, is not mere heavy-gauge industrial shelving;it’s scaffolding equipment, strong enough for painters to stand on when they’reworking on the exterior of a house. In other words, the shelves are built for hardwork. That’s a personal aesthetic choice. I want everything around me, from mydancers to my dances to my shelves, to be strong and built to last

      I like cardboard file boxes for a bunch of reasons, all willfully idiosyncratic. The

      Twyla Tharp's creative note taking system not only entails notes and ideas in boxes, but extends physically to a heavy-gauge industrial shelving which also holds her other tools for work including her "audio equipment, hundreds of music CDs, and piles of musical scores".

    1. But the majority of families struggle with low-paying jobs, a lack of affordable childcare and housing, lack of paid family leave. And these struggles are caused by systems and governments that allow them to continue. These systemic inequalities result in kids who spend time in daycare or after care, who don't have a reliable caregiver there to help with homework, and who may need to rely on screens as a babysitter.

      Evidence of systemic inequality

  9. May 2022
    1. Removed UI Sounds


      Day One’s UI sounds are/were literally the best in the business. :(

  10. Apr 2022
    1. Which Components of IT Infrastructure do we need for DevOps?

      Many companies that want to move to DevOps eventually struggle with the question “What are the Components of IT Infrastructure we need? The use of DevOps stems from the desire to be able to release software more often and faster. The traditional Operations Team (OPS) however will not wholeheartedly embrace this because they would rather benefit from maintaining a stable infrastructure and its maintenance.

  11. Mar 2022
    1. NVIDIA periodically drops older cards off of its support matrix for NVENC/NVDEC, even if they do have the required hardware. This makes it appear, at first glance to current information sources, that Kepler GPUs do not support NVENC, so we responded as such.
    1. The idea that Russia has a particular responsibility for the Russian communities outside Russia became a core part of the identity of Moscow’s foreign policy elite in the early 1990s and has been a key driver in the evolution of Russia’s approach to its neighbourhood.

      The alleged rationale for invading Ukraine is not new. What's different now is the complete lack of popular support combined with unrelenting violence -- disregarding reality.

  12. Feb 2022
  13. Jan 2022
    1. Why is the 60-minute workshop the gold-standard in faculty development/learning?

      Excellent question. How do we communicate "this is worthy of more time" as well as "this really shouldn't take that long"?

    2. Folks would sometimes show up with specific pedagogical or technical questions about the work of designing and teaching online courses, but mostly, they showed up to laugh, cry, and vent together.

      This seems like a deep and troublesome tension. "Support" meaning "show me how to make this task better" is different from "emotional support" or even the previous paragraph's "support meaning collaboration".

  14. Dec 2021
  15. Nov 2021
    1. in the old view of enlightenment reason emotion got in the way of reason and motion was the 00:08:34 enemy of reason reason was what you know sort of like mr. Spock on Star Trek you know who is you know super reason no emotion or whatever not true suppose 00:08:49 that you had a stroke or a brain injury that wouldn't allow you to feel emotion and there are such strokes and brain injuries rep Antonio Damasio and his 00:09:01 wife Hana figured out some years ago and published in a book called des cartes error is that you can't reason without emotion emotion is necessary and it's 00:09:14 easy to see why if you cannot feel emotion then like and not like mean nothing to you and you do not know what to want think about it 00:09:27 if you couldn't feel anything if you wouldn't know what it meant to like or not like something or if somebody else or you couldn't tell if someone else would like or not like what you were doing you wouldn't know what to want you couldn't set a goal and this is what 00:09:41 happens to people with such brain injuries they act randomly they don't know how to plan they don't know how to structure their lives or set rational 00:09:53 goals because rationality requires emotion very very deep finding

      "If you do not feel emotion, you do not know what you like or not like, and you do not know what you want.....you couldn't set a goal...and this is what happens with people with such brain injuries. They act randomly. They don't know how to plan. They don't know how to structure their lives or set rational goals, because rationality requires emotions."

      This is a hugely profound statement that Lakoff talks about. Without emotions, we cannot make choices, and without choices we cannot set goals and without goals there can be no intentionality behind actions.Can one imagine a human life without setting goals? We take this so much for granted as a normative human behavior, but our social lives would be profoundly different without this intimate connection between emotion and rationality.

    1. two groups of students:The groups could be labeled as (1) independentlearners and (2) more-support-needed learners.

      analysis of the quantitative data

      consistent with the findings in Australia Drane, C. F., Vernon, L., & O’Shea, S. (2021). Vulnerable learners in the age of COVID-19: A scoping review. The Australian Educational Researcher, 48(4), 585–604. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13384-020-00409-5

  16. Oct 2021
    1. The discursive approach has an advantage over less reflexive methods in that it can attempt to uncover the hidden assumptions and biases of language and

      Nice quote



    1. power operates at discursive and structural levels to exclude particular knowledges and experi-ences (Foucault, 1977)

      Relationship of the IBPA to Foucault discursive analysis.



    1. were of aid in this approach, especially anglo- phone object relations theory, which maybe did more for U.S. socia

      Object Relations Theory.

    2. ht our own doctrines of objective vision. Marxist starting points offered a way to get to our own versions of stand- point theories, insistent embodiment, a rich tradition of critiquing hegemony without disempowering positivisms and relativisms and a way to ge

      use of Marx to challenge hegemony.

    1. The picture lacks the hyper perfection that is so often associated with fashion imagery. If one looks closely, it’s possible to see an errant strand of hair, a laugh line. The humanity hasn’t been airbrushed away, and that gives it a patina of emotion.

      I chose to call this one support as well because it backs the issue of lack of formality when focusing on one of the nation's leaders, as the cover "lacks hyper perfection".

    2. The digital cover shows Harris looking directly into the camera dressed in a pale blue blazer and matching trousers by Michael Kors. She has her arms folded across her chest, an American flag pin on her lapel and a genial smile on her face.

      I decided that this is support as it describes one side of the story or in this case one of the covers for the Vogue magazine, which is the main idea for this article.

    1. Good user support case study.


      • premium versus gratis support
      • rude, abusive, or demanding users
      • Discourse as a medium for handling support requests
      • asking bad questions versus how to ask good questions
  17. Sep 2021
    1. Inside of the PAS, owner-occupancy increased slightly from 14.53% in 1990 to 17.84% by 2010; conversely, homeownership rates fell outside of the PAS catchment. Despite claiming incrementally more owner-occupants than the PAS area in 1990 (17.89%) and 2000 (19.13%), the homeownership rate outside of the PAS decreased to 16.01% in 2010.
    2. Etienne’s (2012) book, Pushing Back the Gates, represents one of the most visible critical accounts of university–community engagement.

      Critical of university- community engagements .

    3. is “enlightened” self-interest (Sungu-Eryilmaz 2009) has sparked a new ethos of university–community engage-ment, a

      University-self-interest guided by community engagement ethos.

    4. ohns Hopkins University is collaborating with a number of philanthropic and government stakeholders to pursue the redevelopment of a severely disinvested neighborhood in East Baltimore. The partners established a separate nonprofit entity, East Baltimore Development, Inc. (EBDI),

      John Hopkins in East Baltimore

    5. For instance, Harvard University is investing in neighborhood revitalization as part of its campus expansion plans in Boston’s Allston neighborhood. In addition to investing in new uni-versity facilities, Harvard is leveraging private development to generate new activity along an underutilized commercial corridor and contributing to neighborhood stabilization through a community benefits agreement. Syracuse University is supporting a multifaceted community revitalization initiative, executed by a separate community-focused nonprofit organization.

      Supporting evidence with examples



    1. a unit of analysis.

      Unit of analysis is dif than quant. It can be a sentence, multiple sentences in a chunk. Any block of data. Caution against over coding.

    2. Whether codes are created and revised early or late is basically less important than whether they have some conceptual and structural order. Codes should relate to one another in coherent, study-im- portant ways; t

      codes should be conceptual and structured.



    1. There are two broad but related justifica-tions for incentives (Eisinger, ).

      Theoretical support: 2 justifications: 1) new jobs and demand for goods and services 2) Improved tax base and thus better services.



    1. all political movements which attempt to rely upon volunteer labor to supplant political powers institutionalized through a system of vested economic interest, antigrowth movements are probably more likely to succeed in those places where volunteer reform movements have a real- istic constituency-a leisured and sophisticated middle class with a tradi- tion of broad-based activism, free from an entrenched

      Anti-growth requires vounteer refomers - middle class activists - not tied to the growth machine interests.



    1. Learning happens through discussion, reflection, collaborative teamwork, and most importantly, taking initiative and responsibility to listen, question, and think critically within the community of fellow learners.

      I agree that learning happens best through thorough discussions due to the fact that students are able to bounce ideas back and forth and use their collaboration to grow in what they are learning. I feel I learn best when discussing topics, ideas, and problems with my peers because I can get another view point and can also share mine with others.

    1. Robert Granger

      How do we know if community initiated change initiatives have worked??? If a CCI program results in changes that theory predicts, then the theory behind the initiative is correct. Evaluative criteria: 1) Was the change plausible = and did outcomes get reached for community, institutions, and residents. 2) Was the CCI implementation to the desired extent? 3) Was the early, intermediate and long-term change predictably tied to the implementation 4) No other obvious factor could be attributed to such changes?

    2. theory underlying the intervention

      These theorist note that it's wise to specify the design and goal at the onset of an initiative.



    1. The current supported languages out-of-the-box are Sass, Stylus, Less, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Pug, PostCSS, Babel.
    1. Remote Access is something that we are really excited about because it will allow our support team to give you a seamless and high level of support that is truly unmatched. When you need extra help, you can enable the Remote Access toggle with a single click. This will send a secure token to the Elegant Themes support staff that they can use to log in to your WordPress Dashboard. No passwords are shared and there is no need to send the token to our team yourself. It all works seamlessly in the background. While remote access is enabled, our team will be able to log in to your website and help explore whatever problems you are experiencing. You can even enable it preemptively before chatting with our support team so that we can jump right in if necessary. By default, our support staff will have limited access to your website using a custom WordPress support role. You can also enable full admin access if requested. Remote access is automatically disabled after 4 days, or when you disable Divi. You can also turn it off manually after an issue has been resolved, and of course, Remote Access can only be enabled by you, the website owner, and not by Elegant Themes or anyone else. The Remote Access system is wonderful because it saves tons of time during support chat, and it saves you the hassle of having to debug certain complicated issues yourself. It allows us to take a hands on approach to solving problems quickly, instead of wasting hours or days chatting back and forth.
  18. Aug 2021
  19. Jul 2021
    1. Short interview that covers the findings of a systematic review that aimed to identify the number of studies trying to replicate the outcomes of clinical decision support systems.

      Article being discussed in this piece: Coiera, E., & Tong, H. L. (2021). Replication studies in the clinical decision support literature-frequency, fidelity, and impact. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association: JAMIA, ocab049. https://doi.org/10/gmb35n

    1. EnglishArabic I live أسكُن

      During a webinar on Dynamic Language Teaching through Pressbooks, Arabic teachers pointed out some issues with the alignment of RTL content. Wonder if it's a broad PB issue, if it's a specific module used (say, Tablepress?), or if it's a textbook design issue. H5P activities from another book were deemed better.

    1. Sergio: Did the Mexican government provide help in that transition?Rodolfo: The Mexican government, they provided some help. They provided 50 pesos when I first got here. And they just give me a whole bunch of pamphlets of school and housing, right? But I feel as though independent organizations were the ones who ultimately would have helped me a lot more. When I first got off the plane, they told me about all the resources, all the help, all the things that their company or their organization did for other people, deportees.

      Return to Mexico, first impressions

  20. Jun 2021
    1. Isabel: Yeah. I mean, it's really hard to pull back on those memories. From the ones that you're more sure of like going into school, any friends or teachers that stood out?Angelo: I remember going to school, it was very scary for me because I didn't know the language. There were many times where I would just cry. The teachers would try to comfort me, but I would just scream—I didn't know what was going on. Even times when I was in pain, I couldn't tell anybody what was going on. So it was very difficult. I did have one friend, and that was my closest friend. I was very young, so it was like I needed that, to have somebody support me. You know, obviously my parents were there, but maybe they spent more time trying to get them situated, and not really introducing us to the American life. So it was, basically go to school, you're on your own and then come back in your home. So it was basically like I had to learn everything by myself.

      Time in the US, School, Learning English/ESL, Struggling, Feelings, Fear, Frustration, Despair, Sadness, Solidarity

    1. "would not presume to tell parents whose life has been forever altered by the brutal murder of a child that life imprisonment is punishment enough."
    1. : In Miss S. class, I remember there were two boys who were nice to me, J___ and— what's his name? Sorry. I still know him. He's still a good friend of mine. O___. They both kind of spoke Spanish, so they kind of helped me out as well, but I wasn't allowed to speak to anyone.

      Time in the US, Making Friends

  21. May 2021
    1. First of all, I would start off presenting yourself: Dear XYZ support team I am the web developer in charge of example.com website. By presenting you this way, you are establishing the frame to treat you, hinting that you should be presupposed to be somewhat proficient, so they could choose to answer in a more technical detail.
    2. Feel free to hint, brag, or both! The best CS reps should easily take a hint from clear language and a signature like John Appleseed, JavaScript/Ruby Developer, but any will catch on with a simple line like "I know what I'm doing, so I'd appreciate an extra-technical explanation!"
    3. One solution that fixed this issue with my ISP was that when I went through the first and second line and got in touch with the people that fixed my problem, I asked them if they could give me one of their personal numbers in case the same problem happened again. The problem did occur a couple more times, and I just directly called the same guy.
    4. Hey, I'm a PhD in [field] and do [whatever] professionally. Before calling you, I've narrowed down the problem to [something on their end], so that's what needs to be addressed. If I could speak to an engineer about [specific problem], that'd be great; but if we've gotta walk through the script, let's just knock it out quickly. If they end up requiring the script, then the best way to use your expertise is to run through it quickly. Keep the chit-chat to a minimum and just do the stuff efficiently. If they start describing how to perform some step, you might interrupt them with, "Got it, just a sec.", then let them know once you're ready for the next step.
    5. My advice is if you are looking for a quick and accurate answer ask to have the trouble ticket elevated immediately and to speak with an engineer that will recognize your knowledge and speak with you on your level.
    6. I typically request to speak with an engineer when I find myself detecting an inexperienced support person.
    7. I find most tech support is filled with inexperienced and frustrated staff who just run off a script. They're not paid well. They are Tier One support to filter out most of the incoming calls. Tech support is designed in tiers.
    8. However, what speaks against just straight up telling them that you're working as [Insert title of your position] and you know what you're talking about?
    9. In one of my internship, I got to befriend a level 2 tech support, so learned a couple thing of how it worked (in that company). Level 1 was out-sourced, and they had a script to go from, regularly updated. From statistics, this took care of 90% of issues. Level 2 was a double handful of tech people, they had basic troubleshooting tools and knowledge and would solve 90% of the remaining issues. Level 3 was the engineering department (where I was), and as a result of level 1 and 2 efficiency less than 1% of issues ever got escalated. The process worked!
    10. OP is referring to letting people know they can speak like proper adults when talking about technical terms, without going through the usual nanny-like discourse that tech support has to provide to non-techies. For instance, it happened to me with Amazon support. The speaker told me exactly where to touch in order to clear the cache of the Android Amazon App Store. Given that I work as an app developer the guy could have just said "please clear the cache". No need to go through "tap here, then here, now you should see this, tap that"...
    11. I have tried different tactics of showing the tech support that I am proficient in their field of work (I work as a web developer). Specifically: using accurate terms and technologies to show my knowledge of them and telling the support that I am the "administrator" of the website in question.
    12. How to let tech support subtly know that I am proficient without showing off?
    13. Unfortunately the tech support people you are speaking to are probably as frustrated as you are at having to go through the basic stuff with you.
    14. Large companies especially deal with the massive volume of tech support calls they receive by employing some staff on lower pay as a "buffer," dealing with simple or "known" issues so that they don't need to employ as many higher paid "second line" support staff.
    15. Very often the first people you get through to on tech support lines are reading from a script.
    1. Lawrence Gostin. (2021, April 30). Insightful talk by @doctorsoumya @P4HR webinar on #VaccinePassports @WHO is developing smart Int’l Vaccine Certificates Proof of vac Confidential & Secure Open Access Interoperable But @WHO doesn’t support requiring vacs for int’l travel until the world is more equal [Tweet]. @lawrencegostin. https://twitter.com/lawrencegostin/status/1388215713328943104