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  1. Jun 2023
  2. Nov 2022
    1. manton Interesting post by @simon@simonwillison.net that Mastodon is just blogs. Except Mastodon’s design runs counter to blog features like domain names and custom designs. I’d say Mastodon is more Twitter-like than blog-like… Which is fine, but not the same as a blog-first platform.


      @manton When I was looking at Fediverse instances the other day I noticed that one of the biggest platforms within it was Write.as, which are more blog centric. Is there a better/easier way for m.b. to federate/interact or serve as a reader for that part of the ecosystem? Perhaps worth exploring?

  3. Aug 2022
  4. Oct 2021
    1. Hover over your username at the top left

      Discoverability/accessibility issue, as noted in https://discuss.write.as/t/how-do-i-back-up-my-site/3296/5

    2. Would be cool if you could export it as a static site

      Dump out a ZIP with a viewer similar to the Google Takeout archive browser.

    1. You have 3 posts that aren't synced to your account yet. Sync them now.

      What does this mean?

    1. I’ll put that on our roadmap.


    2. The JSON / “prettified” JSON is mostly meant for people who need their posts in a format that’s more easily read by computers. If you’re just creating a backup, the normal “JSON” format should be fine for this.

      Polish the UI on this to eliminate the confusion. Communicate that the JSON option is for people who know what JSON is. If you don't know what JSON is, it's not the option you want.

    1. Something related to this would actually work as a good springboard for the convolutions involved with the New Post Emails Not Being Sent to Email Subscribers problem.

      Direct manipulation via manual overrides and explicit feedback, etc.

    1. I know I would love the ability to add plausible analytics. They’re a great ethical choice for site analytics.

      Looks like it's AGPL, so it would not be possible to use on write.as...

    1. I’ll open a bug report for this


    2. this is an issue with our Markdown parser

      Let's rev it. Let's port Bob Nystrom's Dart package.

    3. pasting in the Markdown directly won’t work – instead, you’ll want to use the “Insert Image” feature

      This is an opportunity to delight the user by intercepting their "bad" behavior and steering them in the right direction.

    1. Good user support case study.


      • premium versus gratis support
      • rude, abusive, or demanding users
      • Discourse as a medium for handling support requests
      • asking bad questions versus how to ask good questions
  5. Apr 2021
    1. Edit

      Why does the Edit link point to /contact/edit, but the Unpin link point to /derp/contact/unpin?

    1. Publicly display the number of users and posts on your About page.

      What is this referring to? Can't tell without diving into the source.

    1. localhost:8080/derp/
    2. shortcodes

      Link to docs on this.

    3. our guide

      "the write.as guide"?

    4. Dates are shown

      Inconsistency here between "Dates are shown" and "No dates shown" (and "Latest posts listed first", for that matter).

    5. Only you may read this blog (while you're logged in).

      Change the "mood" (?) here for unselected options so that it's quasi-subjunctive(?) so we'd say e.g. "Only you will be able to read this blog [...]". (Should probably also eliminate ambiguity about "while you're logged in qualifier".)

    1. herp

      This links me to /derp, which returns a 404 ("This page is missing. Are you sure it was ever here?")

    1. view post

      When dark mode is enabled, both this link and the "now" link appear as blue-on-black, which is too hard to read.

    1. qo1uj5qae3

      For "untitled" posts, this should probably be the post date, or maybe something like "April 20, 2021 (qo1uj5qae3)", where the autogenerated ID is de-emphasized (greyscale or something).

    1. ```go package main import “fmt” func main() { fmt.Println(“Hello, world”) }

      gaps between lines is off here.

    2. ```go

      No close fence?

    3. ![Cosmic radiation](https://i.snap.as/T05UTpx.jpg)

      Since a lot of this is guaranteed to be seen as arcane magic, maybe this is an opportune place for the UI hooks for a conversational/palette-based UI? Maybe >> to set it off?

    1. one more


    2. -g

      bad hygiene; unnecessary

    3. install LESS compiler

      This step prompts me for superuser privileges (it shouldn't; probably installing lessc as a global utility (it shouldn't)) and then still fails.

    4. Need to eliminate the overlap between this page and the Getting Started page.

      See also: https://hypothes.is/a/DyLhNKLsEeufFONBnjpvDw

    5. make build

      These aren't declared as phony targets in the Makefile.

    6. generate some assets and successfully run an instance

      How about a writefreely probe command that performs basic checks for this stuff?

    7. github.com/writeas/writefreely
    1. @2:00+ Subscribe widget not shown on index pages. Should be replaced with an inline deep link that addresses the widget on the actual post (shown in the video immediately afterward) by a fragment identifier.

    1. Take inspiration from the mailto URI scheme here; ideally, we should be able to re-use almost exactly the same style of URL construction.

    1. I'm very interested in this, but it's a lot of work — at least if you want to get it "right" (and I do). That would involve:

      • parallel implementations with perfect feature parity, one each in golang (for the backend) JS (for ProseMirror, which may itself need to be hacked to support our alternate impl? don't know—I haven't dived deep on ProseMirror at all, but I have some reasonable suspicions, based on some familiarity with marijnh's past work)

      Having looked into this before for my own reasons, I would probably not use any existing library from the Go or JS ecosystems. I'm pretty sure what I found the PowerShell folks settled on was the best at the time. Written in C#; would need to be ported. I expect this to be at least a couple months work, full time.

      (Not a good first bug, or even a good undertaking right now—which is why I hadn't already done it on my own.)

    1. Your data on herp is always free.

      Is this the kind of claim we want to be making at the WriteFreely level? Ideally, this statement is true on all instances, but I fear a cavalcade of hacked together versions powering instances where various promises like this get broken.

    1. Try it

      This "link" (and the "Make default editor" button) are "broken" (presumably because I don't have a pro account, but there is no clear call-to-action here).

    1. This matrix is confusing. I'm not sure I get it even now. (What's the last line "user + blogs + posts" about?)

    1. please use it only for bug reports

      This is a good place to prompt people to use Write.as itself as a way for voicing other kinds of feedback.

    1. I'm using this tag fo keep notes about the changes that need to be made now that Writefreely exists in its own organization on GitHub. See https://discuss.write.as/t/moving-the-writefreely-repo-on-github/2568