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    1. With that in mind, I'm trying something new, the guided tour for Mu. Ironically, it atomizes my previous docs by linking repeatedly into anchors in the middle of pages. Proceed if you dare.

      The current incarnation of the tutorial (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/akkartik/mu/7195a5e88e7657b380c0b410c8701792a5ebad72/tutorial/index.md) starts by describing "Prerequisites[:] You will need[...]", and then goes on to list several things, including various software packages—assuming a Linux system, etc.

      This is the idea I'm trying to get across with the self-containedness I've been pursuing (if not with triple scripts then at least with LP docs).

      That prerequisites list should be able to replace with two requirements, i.e.:

      "You will need: (1) this document, and (2) the ability to read it (assuming you have an appropriate viewer [which in 2021 is nowhere close to the kind of ask of the old world])"

  3. Oct 2021
    1. Around @0:25:52

      Krouse: Another subset of "shit just works" would be—

      Leung:"No installation required"?

      Krouse: Yeah. "No installation required". [...] as I was just telling you, I spent the last, like... I spent 5 hours over the last two days installing... trying to install software to get something to run. And it's just ridiculous to have to spend hours and hours. If you want to get Xcode to run, it takes— first of all you need a Mac, which is crazy, and then second of all it takes, depending on your internet connection, it could take you a whole day just to get up and running. Why isn't it xcode.com/create?

    1. I no longer know how it works. I don't care to maintain it. It needs big changes to handle something like embedding a Jupyter notebook. And it depends on Python 2.6(!).With hundreds of pages, and its own custom URL layout that I don't want to break, I dread migrating
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